The Banned Canon & Lost Gospels of the prophets

Scholars and mystics have long tried to decode the Gospels of ancient times. They believed that if they understood the context, the meaning, and the force behind these writings, their place in the heavens of the next realm would be assured. This was in the beginning. It soon became apparent to the leaders of ancient peoples, the corrupt priesthood, just how frail their subjects mental state really was, and how suggestible people could be. In crowds, in mass, this effect was multiplied. Christianity was once a diverse group of individuals who were excited to share and debate and discuss their discoveries and there were once many different groups. Few have survived to this age. Currently there are over 100 sects of christianity, and each of them now denounces all the rest as heretics. It is of little surprise to discover upon closer inspection, that each of these sects has it’s own agenda, and it’s own reasons for obscuring the truth. And of course, this pattern is not limited to the christian sects, all religions have been infiltrated by corrupt liars and unwitting dupes. When it all comes down to it, the priests who perpetrated this are consumed by power, and greed. They are much more like politicians than teachers.

In addition to the four canonical (approved) gospels, we have four complete noncanonicals, seven fragmentary, four known from quotations and two hypothetically recovered for a total of 21 gospels from the first two centuries, and we know that others existed in the early period. Let us not forget also the The Nag Hammadi library. This is a collection of Gnostic texts discovered near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945. Twelve leather-bound papyrus codices buried in a sealed jar were found by a local peasant named Mohammed Ali Samman. The writings in these codices comprised fifty-two mostly Gnostic treatises, but they also include three works belonging to the Corpus Hermeticum and a partial translation/alteration of Plato’s Republic.
When general Constantine had a prophetic vision of his army taking the Christian cross into battle, and emerging victorious, the fate of Rome was sealed when the following day, he did as the dream instructed, and emerged victorious. At the time Rome was a barbaric society who worshiped any gods they chose, and hunted down and mercilessly, publicly executed anyone who didn’t take part in their paganism. When they became Catholic Christians virtually overnight, they did not see the light, nor did they change their ways. The Christians merely went from being the hunted, to being the hunter. The Romans continued to hunt down anyone who did not believe in Christianity as violently, barbarically as they had hunted the non pagans a year earlier before Emperor Constantine declared them all Christians. Apparently no one had actually read the scripture, just the declaration, and it was business as usual but under a different flag. This was how early Catholic church leaders conquered all of Rome, with the stroke of a pen.
Even in recent times, this blood thirsty mob known as Christians, have hunted down what they called witches, and heretics and burned them while they were alive. But why all the blood thirst? Why such violent opposition to the status quo from age to age? Why the hypocrisy? What is going on in the psyche of the general population that allows for the public murder and torture of innocent people? What made Christianity such a popular faith to cling to for such minded individuals? How did a faith based on tolerance, and love generate so much hate and destruction? The answer is very simple. Fear and guilt. People are easily swayed by fear and guilt. The corrupt church priesthoods throughout history realized this while conducting their business with the masses they dealt with, and conspired to enslave all people in all the lands with this principal. In the ancient times, they had begun to sell salvation to the sinners. The teachings of the Master known as Jesus has been perverted to manipulate people into believing the opposite of what he taught. The idea that one needed to pray to Him, and believe in Him, to achieve salvation is preposterous. Jesus taught that your salvation lies within you, and you need to search to find it and prepare yourself for the world beyond here. The corrupt priests in every major religion have rewritten this fact, and obscured the true teachings. These corrupt teachers have been using Jesus on the cross as their scarecrow ever since.
The original gospels gave indications that the gospels were parables at one level, and an encoded philosophical understanding at another higher level of teaching. Early church leaders saw this as a threat, and called any gospels that mentioned this higher understanding heresy. The church had the non compliant sects murdered, and the banned gospels destroyed. In the name of God of course, so that makes it just. In large groups, people are easily swayed towards corruption, greed, ignorance, etc. All throughout the Christian occupation of Rome, and ever since, the wars and the control has been waged by the church. Governments are run by men, mortal men. These are also men who have fear of the church, scarecrow Jesus, while their immortal soul hangs in the balance. They are also easily controlled by the church who make them promises of salvation and help them justify hideous acts while granting them an exemption.
Large groups of “believers” are also easily led into hypocrisy. Many people’s children have been led into war by supposed Christian nations. But the people don’t rise up in protest, no. They put their hand over their hearts and sing their national anthem with glazed over eyes, like it gave them a patriotic exemption to the term, thou shall not kill. Has anyone lost a son or daughter in a war? Who gave anyone the right to raise a murderer for hire, and send them into other nations to murder innocent people on behalf of their corrupted leaders? Those people lost their child when they taught them that patriotism was above God’s law.
The church will have you believe that you can sin as much as you like, and they can absolve you of this sin. This is a lie. They claim they have a monopoly on God, and anyone who needs to communicate must do so through them. However, no God in heaven or hell has given them any such power. Even St Peter, to whom the church was supposedly entrusted to by Jesus himself was stricken from the bible for stating that the spirit of God dwelt with in each of us. The church will also have you believe that you cannot communicate directly with your creator. This is also a lie. You do not need an interpreter, your creator speaks every language. It created language, before the world was here. The church will also have you believe that God left his only child here on earth, and he was killed by us, but in this way, we are all exempt from our sin now, as long as we accept Jesus Christ as our scarecrow.. I mean savior. This is just the biggest load of garbage ever heaped upon the psyche of man. This plays on our guilt and our fear of God’s retribution for the murder of His only son.
In short, you are being manipulated through fear and guilt. Two very powerful methods of diminishing the true spirit of our creator that lies within us. We have a divine spark in us, each of us. Why? Because we are all children of our creator. Jesus is not an only child, this is just another manipulation tactic to make you feel cut off from your source, from your father. What is going on, and has been since this all began, is a battle for your psyche. Can you guess by now who is behind the church? Do you understand, Jesus is not coming to save you from your own misinterpretation? Some of you have been so afraid of the devil, that you went willingly running into his “loving” arms. He will tell you everything you want to hear. And in this life it may be all you need. But, at the end of this life, you will be in for a big surprise, and you will answer for whom you have served.
So, if the devil is at the pulpit, where then is our creator? How can we communicate, and how can we join forces with it to help our brothers and sisters who are still asleep under the spell of the false teachings of the church? The answer is easier than you might think. All the tools are all around each of us. To begin, we must first forget what we thought we knew about this world. Our ego tricks us into believing things that will make us feel safe and in control. The ego is like a set of training wheels. At first it performs a function, to make is feel safe. Eventually, it must come off and you must see things as they really are, and be ok with what is, and go forward from there.

These are some of the Banned Canon, or books of the bible. It is interesting to note, that at one time, the catholic church had even banned writing, the creation of simplified Latin known today as English, which was created for the purpose of writing down and sharing scripture (Thank you King James for standing up to them), then when the books were eventually written down and shared, the bible was banned from private ownership, and still today, there are certain books they make a distinct effort to keep out of circulation. These banned books were among those discovered in the cave near the Dead Sea with the collection known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, written in Coptic, a derivative hybrid that merged ancient Egyptian with ancient Greek, which authenticated them as the oldest known copy of the bible.

This is part of the collection that came to be known as The Lost Gospels (Go-spell = God Spells / Speaks)