Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming has played perhaps the greatest role in our day to day spirituality for all of our collective history. It doesn’t matter which denomination or dogma one may follow, at least once a day everyone finds themselves under the spell of the sandman. The dream is the original metaphysical portal to the inner dimensions accessible to everyone, from the beginning, until the end of this life. What is the dreaming conscious experiencing? We are taken to different places within the inner realms of the spirit world, depending upon our journey and out level of lucidity, we may or may not relate to what is going on there.

This place, the solid material world is but a dream as well, although most do not know this. As your entheogenic studies progress, when one nears the veil, these two formerly distinct worlds begin to merge, and become one, just as the normal waking consciousness begins to merge with the inner super-conscious (which is mistakenly referred to by “modern man” as the sub-consciousness). Learning the techniques of lucid dreaming can assist one in bringing these two realities into one wakeful awareness, which was described by Terence McKenna as Transrealism.

The varied techniques to learn how to lucid dream are as vast as the varieties of shells on the beach. Just as described in the entheogens about the four methods of achieving enlightenment, trauma, fasting, meditation, and entheogens, one may divide each of the different methods of achieving dream lucidity (enlightenment) into these same four categories. One may also combine these four methods in any number of variations, and they will also be achieving greater dreaming lucidity. There are supplements one can take to increase chase your dreamstheir brain activity and decrease the mental paralysis that naturally occurs during one’s dreams. One supplement in particular can be considered an entheogen. Galantamine is an extract from the flower family known as narcissus, or more commonly known as the daffodil. Other supplements such as choline and/or vitamin B5 are used in conjunction with this extract to increase acetylcholine production, which increases conscious activity in the brain during the period when the galantamine is actively suppressing the destruction of acetylcholine.

I have bioassayed all of the substances mentioned in this website myself. When I first began to take galantamine, the effects were instant, and prolonged. It was like flicking on the dream switch. I highly recommend approaching the mystery of your consciousness through this method as well. My only regret, as with all my bioassays, was that I didn’t become aware of this powerful magic sooner.

Here is some food for thought that is floating around cyberspace, and seems to be the consensus among those with any significant level of experience with entheogens, as well as my own: