The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Literal translation and interpretation of one of the most
ancient and secret of the great works of ancient wisdom.

PrefaceEmerald Tablets of Thoth

Tablet I: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti

Tablet III: The Key of Wisdom

Tablet IV: The Space Born

Tablet V: The Dweller of Unal

Tablet VI: The Key of Magic

Tablet VII: The Seven Lords

Tablet VIII: The Key of Mysteries

Tablet IX: The Key of Freedom of Space

Tablet X: The Key of Time

Tablet XI: The Key to Above and Below

Tablet XII: The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy

Tablet XIII: The Keys of Life and Death

Supplementary Tablet XIV Atlantis

Supplementary Tablet XV: Secret of Secrets

There is another ancient mystery connected to Thoth, and it describes a black box that is said to contain the number of magical chambers and their location. Can you discern the allegory in this ancient manuscript? What was the final result of the Khufu king’s chamber in the great pyramid? The chest found in this chamber, just so happens to be the identical dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant [1], [2]. Have you first discovered the identity and location of the cave of the “Dweller of Unal”, and which sacred mountain it references? Where and what is Unal?

Westcar Papyrus: Khufu and the Magician

Then Prince Hordedef (Djedef-Hor) stood up to speak and said “deed is something known by those who have passed away one cannot distinguish knowledge from lies. There is someone under your majesty and in your own time who you do not know”. His majesty said “what is this, Hordedef, my son? “

And Hordedef said “there is a commoner named Dedi, who lives in Djed Snefru. He is a villager who is a hundred and ten years old who eats five hundred loaves of bread and a shoulder of beef for meat and drinks a hundred jars of beer a day. He knows how to mend a severed head; he can make a lion walk behind him with a leash on the ground; and he knows the number of chambers in the sanctuary of Thoth.

Now, his majesty King of Upper and Lower Egypt Khufu, justified, spent the day seeking for himself the chambers of the sanctuary of Thoth in order to make something similar for himself for his horizon (pyramid).

His majesty said “You yourself, Hordedef my son, shall bring this man to me”.

Then boats were prepared for Prince Hordedef and he went southward to Djed Snefru. After the boats had been moored to the riverbank he traveled over land seated in a litter of ebony with poles of sandalwood plated with gold. When he reached Dedi his litter was set down and he stood to greet him. He found him lying on a mat at the threshold of his as a servant at his head anointed him and another rubbed his feet.

Then Prince Hordedef said “your condition is like that of one who lives before the infirmity of old age (although old age means dying, laying to rest and burial) and who sleeps until dawn free from illness without an old age of coughing. Greeting, oh blessed one. I have come to summon you by order of my father Khufu, justified. You will eat delicacies provided by the king, the food of his companions. He will lead you though a good lifetime and to your ancestors who are in the necropolis.” and to this Dedi said “welcome, welcome Hordedef, prince who is beloved of his father. May your father Khufu, justified, favor you. May he advance your position amongst the elders. May your spirit contend with your enemy and may your soul know the road that leads to the gate of him who shelters the dead. Greeting oh prince”.

Then Prince Hordedef held out his arms to him and raised him up. The he proceeded with him to the river bank giving him his arm. Dedi then said “let me be given one of the barges so that it may carry for me my children and my books”. Then two boats were made available to him together with their crew and Dedi came northward in the boat in which Prince Hordedef was.

After he had reached the royal residence Prince Hordedef entered to report to his majesty King of Upper and Lower Egypt Khufu, justified. Prince Hordedef said “King, my lord, I have brought Dedi” and his majesty said “go and bring him to me”. His majesty then proceeded to the audience hall of the palace and Dedi was ushered in.

Then his majesty said “Why is it Dedi that I have not seen you before?” and Dedi said “He who is summoned comes,” answered the old man; “summon me and, look, I have come.” Then his majesty said, “is it true that you know how to mend a severed head” and Dedi said “yes I know how to, king, my lord”.

Then his majesty said “Let a prisoner be brought forth who is in prison and let his sentence be executed.” Whereupon Dedi said “but not to a human. Doing something like that to the noble flock is not ordained”

Then a duck was brought forth and its head was cut off. The duck was placed on the west side of the audience hall and its head on the east side. Dedi spoke magic spell and the duck stood up, waddling, and its head likewise. Once the head had reached the body the duck stood up cackling. Then his majesty had a goose brought to him and same was done with it. His majesty then had a bull to be brought to him, and its head was cut off. Then Dedi said his magic spell and the bull stood up behind him, its leash having fallen on the ground.

Then king Khufu said, “It is said that you know the number of chambers in the sanctuary of Thoth.”

Dedi answered: “I beg your pardon, I do not know their number, but I know where they are kept” and his majesty said “so, where” and Dedi said “there is a box of flint in a room called the inventory in Heliopolis and it is in that box”. And his majesty said “go and bring it to me” and Dedi said “it is not I who shall bring them to you.” and his majesty said “who will bring it to me?” and Dedi said “the eldest of the three kings who are in the womb of Reddjedet will bring it to you”.

Then his majesty said “I want it. These things you say. Who is this she, this Reddjedet?” and Dedi said “she is the wife of a priest of Ra, Lord of Sakhbu, who is pregnant with three sons of Ra, Lord of Sakhbu. He has said this of them: they will perform this ministerial position (rule) in the whole of this land. The eldest will become chief priest at Heliopolis”. And his majesty fell into a bad mood on hearing this. Then Dedi said “what is this mood, king, my lord. Was it caused by these children I mentioned? First your son, and then his son [but] then one of them.”

Then his majesty said “When will Reddjedet give birth?” and Dedi said ” on the fifteenth day of the first month of Peret (the season of growing)” then his majesty said “but that is when the sand banks of Two-fish canal are are cut off. Might I visit myself so that I could see the temple of Ra, Lord of Sakhbu” and Dedi said “then I will let four cubits of water appear on the sand banks of Two-fish canal” and his majesty proceeded to his palace.

Then his majesty said “have Dedi assigned to the palace of Prince Hordedef and he will be provided with a thousand loaves of bread, a hundred jugs of beer, one ox and a hundred bunches of vegetables and one did everything as his majesty had ordered.

The Dweller is the one who wrote this document, Thunder – Perfect Mind (Perfect Intellect). The cave, which is similar, yet the opposite of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, describes the inner mind, a chamber which is behind a locked door of perception, accessible to only those who are invited into knowing. Thoth accessed this area through likely all four different methods of breaching the threshold, meditation, fasting, trauma, and entheogens. Entheogen, Theo = God, En-Theo-Gen, the study of God, Theo = Thoth = Thought / Theory / Theology and quite likely the word “The” meaning manifest from God, as all things and every thing is, ie: the bird, the stone, the sky. The location Unal is simply an anagram for Luna, the Moon.

Heliopolis “City of the Sun” was one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, the capital of the 13th or Heliopolite Nome of Lower Egypt. The thirteenth house, is the threshold of consciousness, breaching the superconscious collective of the infinite being.

This black flint box with the chambers inside of it is an analogy of the mind of Ark of the Covenant, the enlightened one. It is made of flint, because it contains within it the divine spark.