• a peak experience
  • a divine transformation
  • a state of Samadhi
  • Dionysian madness
  • psychedelic entrainment
  • the Apocalypse
  • the Resurrection

Transrealism is the concrescence of the waking world, the spiritual / psychedelic world, and the dream world. There is a state of awareness akin to enlightenment that one may enter upon certain realizations, and upon certain un-realizations. This is the place sought by the alchemists, monks, sages, yogis, gurus and masters. This is the true meaning behind the legends of El Dorado and the fountain of youth. When one is within this state, time is at your command, and so is the entire environment in which you find yourself. Gravity is merely a concept or belief, and no longer a force of nature but a force of will, levitation becomes a mode of motion. The five senses become doubled with their metaphysical counter parts, and metaphysical trans dimensional beings make themselves known to you. In your mind, there are voices, all the voices, there is only one mind, and we are all sharing it freely. There is a complete Autumn-Cyclingand total sense of bliss and oneness with the noosphere. Precognition is so completely ingrained into this state, that the experiencer cannot tell whether they are predicting the future or creating it all, the latter of which seems to become the truth.

The journey from the default normal waking state, into transrealism exposes one to the understanding that the entire world was always like this, a waking dream. The illusion of linear time and cause and effect were solely within the eye of the beholder this entire time. To watch the world resolidify exposes many of its hidden mysteries and disguises, as well as the methods by which the extraordinary is disguised as ordinary. Although psychedelics may be used to access this state, the world may appear very normal, with the aforementioned psychic connection and manipulation of everything as though the entire universe were but an eternal dream outside of time. The fountain of youth is not a place outside of ones self. It is but a profound state of mind.

To attain this state of awareness, one must begin by beginning. In the beginning, you will not see the end result, nor will you even imagine it or think what is to come is possible. Many modern and ancient teachings of this profound art of becoming tend to go from the beginning, to the end, and leave out the center within which lies this netherworld of transrealism, known to some as Neverland. This all or nothing approach is a mistake, and a missed opportunity to fully explore this realm and its potentials. The all or nothing kind of approach assumes one is done living, and is ready to begin dying. Death is very misunderstood by all who live. It is either feared or revered by nearly all, yet understood by very few. What you have here in the “normal” realm is an opportunity, and a gift. A great screen is cast upon your path through infinity to intercept your light, imagination and projections, and reflect your light back upon you. The art of transrealism is the art of learning how this screen functions, and where the controls are to be found.

Breaking the seals

Behind this screen, or veil as it is called is another, and another. These veils are sometimes called the 7 levels of hell, and the 7 levels of heaven. They are also called the seven seals in scripture, which in the book of Revelation, the opening of which marks the second coming. 14 great veils have been hung before you, and each has a certain level of opacity, and a certain level of refraction. As you tear each veil, it cannot be mended unless one descends into the particular psychosis applicable to the torn veil. It is said that madness is the favored punishment of the Gods. But this is not true, this is no punishment. This is the mechanics of compensation. The veil is the illusion of things outside of yourself. Madness is the illusion within one’s own psyche that compensates the individual with a veil of their transrealismown construction. Many teachings often deliberately direct the student back into the wheel of reincarnation rather than transcendence, the Tibetan book of the dead is one such popular teaching.

As the seeker attains levels of transcendence, or enlightenment how ever you like to call it, they progress forward through the veils as fast as they can integrate the information, though sometimes even faster. A reckless thrust through the veils can lead to psychosis, the essential artificial internal construction of specific illusions in order to make one feel safe. Each veil has its own distinct properties, lessons, archetypes, insights, musics, poetries, mythologies. Time from this perspective can be viewed as such; the present, or the gift, can be considered to be the veil which is currently before you. A truly beautiful transrealistic experience is achieved through slowly unraveling the mysteries of each veil in turn and discovering the beauties that reside within each. This was how this experience was intended to be, as evidenced by the millions of carefully placed facets upon the fabric of each veil awaiting your own discovery. The careless explorer looking for the material gain by such endeavors will be eluded by the nature of the gift itself, and shall be defeated by their own hollow nature and find this reflected back at them, a promise with no fulfillment and a treasure which cannot be touched. This is the result of the pursuit of the ego.

I highly recommend to you, that you treat these veils as sentient skirts of the Goddess Herself. Treat the anticipation and the discovery as a profound psychological and spiritual foreplay between yourself and the divine. The only thing one would need to feel ashamed of is tearing through Her veils whilst ignoring Her obvious resistance, and forcibly fondling Her body, while ignoring Her eyes, and Her lips, and Her expression, and Her thoughts behind Her expression. Have an appreciation for Her design, and establish a communication with Her. You are creating a relationship with one that will last forever, and so do this meticulously, and wisely. Both the sage and the fool will discover understandings beyond their wildest imaginations. But only the sage will form a lasting bond which will lead to their immortality. The fool will open the door to their own destruction, and achieve the complete and momentary level of clarity to fully appreciate even the smallest aspects of it.

Cosmic Law; Karma

This article is crafted to help you understand that we are all living some level of transrealism, and to let you know that this state is attainable by most, and can be made permanent if one has the understanding. Transrealism is experienced initially as the physical plane of existence, with its true nature concealed. Then, after a certain mental rite of passage which different persons undergo by any great variety of methods, the underlying patterns interconnecting everything begin to reveal themselves. Intellectuals are commonly found immersed within this level, realizing that everything seems to be able to become categorized and ruled by these hidden patterns, this secret cosmic law. The smartest among them realize that they can use these patterns as a type of predictive algebra, and predict new mathematical algorithms, principals and inventions, based upon the patterns they have already discovered. Unfortunately, many intellectuals believe firmly that they are far too smart to try psychedelics, and they remain bound within this level, thoroughly pleased with their mastery over the extrapolation techniques they use within the material planes. This is one reason for the death of the body, so this paradox does not become eternal, and the being has yet another opportunity to overcome their fears of the infinite and their cognitive biases.

To move beyond this lower state of faux intellectualism, one can use one of the four cardinal methods of attaining enlightenment; fasting, entheogens, meditation or trauma. Some use combinations of these techniques such as the ancient Sundance rituals, and some of us become unwitting victims of a higher conspiracy that aims to deliberately drive us ever higher towards spiritual attainment, and as such the unaware may reality-layerexperience a severe trauma that pushes them into this higher awareness. Everyone likes to avoid trauma, and these conspiracies to move us forward do exist in the real world at all levels. One way to reduce the chance of bad things occurring for such cosmic and karmic reasons, is to find the path willingly, and embark upon it through a lesser destructive and more co-creational method such as the use of entheogens.

As you ascend through the veils, by way of a childlike insatiable curiosity to know one’s self and comprehend one’s makers, the reality around you begins to take upon a life of its own. The trees are sentient, the clouds portray scenes for one to behold, the babbling brook seems to become coherent and transmits wisdom. At first you begin to wonder, is it all in your head, or has it been here all along and you never noticed. The simple fact is, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Terence McKenna had a very significant brush with this world, and lived within it for quite some time, until seemingly his inner chatter of reason began to kill the magic around him and draw him back down to the planes of the intellectuals and academics, none of which could hold a candle to his level of insight, and so he remained, a big fish in a small pond for the remainder of his days until he died horribly by way of an inoperable brain tumor which seemed to mimic his inner conflict. You do not need to be a linguistic alchemical master to live within the more magical realms for the remainder of your existence on this planet.

You just require a little more faith, and a little less reason than Terence or his brother Dennis chose to attain. By way of reason and rationality, one may gain material worth, and by way of spiritual practice and meditation upon enlightened concepts, one may gain spiritual connection to the highest reaches of transrealism. But by focusing one one pursuit, you must by nature exclude the other. For these two seemingly different pursuits are but the same path, yet opposite directions. This wisdom is reflected by the analogy of a thermometer, which sees hot and cold as varying degrees of the same scale. There is only one degree which the thermometer may rest upon ant any given time, yet it may move one way or the other depending upon the ambient forces exerted upon it.

Notable people who have also discovered transrealism and publicly spoke about it include:

  • Alexander Shulgin, discoverer of the psychoactive properties of MDMA, in the documentary Dirty Pictures, describes this state as a “++++” rating of only 3 different psychoactive substances he had tried in his life. He has mistakenly attributed this state directly to the substance, and to only particular substances. Some people require more psychedelics than others to move their consciousness in a permanent way. He describes his dread after only 30 minutes of this state, that it may become permanent. Once you enter the threshold of human awareness, this is the state. It doesn’t matter how you got there, fasting, cold medicine, psychedelics, trauma. This state, is not within the substance as much as the mind is not within the brain, and for the same reason.
  • Terence McKenna wrote a book called True Hallucinations, which is based upon this state and his interpretation of it. He took the term transrealism and adapted it to describe this state, although he later rebuked this discovery as a type of schizophrenia induced psychosis. Although well outside of the accepted academic establishment, Terence was an evolutionist, and merely uses the word novelty in place of the word evolution in his own attempt to be novel.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche called this state Dionysian madness and in his work The Birth of Tragedy, Attempt at a Self-Criticism, §4, pp. 6-7. went on to say “Might visions and hallucinations not have been shared by whole communities, by whole cult gatherings? And what if … it was madness itself, to use a phrase of Plato’s, that brought the greatest blessings upon Greece?” This seems to be the first modern idea of psychedelic entrainment. If one understands this idea, and has managed to verify it for themselves by some psychedelic method, then one can see that throughout history going back as far as the ancient pyramid builders, this phenomenon was likely in play throughout human existence, for although it is very rare in this age, it has always played a part of this reality.

Shulgin Psychedelic Rating Scale as quoted from his book Pihkal:

PLUS / MINUS (+/-)
The level of effectiveness of a drug that indicates a threshold action. If a higher dosage produces a greater response, then the plus/minus (+/-) was valid. If a higher dosage produces nothing, then this was a false positive.
The drug is quite certainly active. The chronology can be determined with some accuracy, but the nature of the drug’s effects are not yet apparent.
Both the chronology and the nature of the action of a drug are unmistakably apparent. But you still have some choice as to whether you will accept the adventure, or rather just continue with your ordinary day’s plans (if you are an experienced researcher, that is). The effects can be allowed a predominant role, or they may be repressed and made secondary to other chosen activities.
Not only are the chronology and the nature of a drug’s action quite clear, but ignoring its action is no longer an option. The subject is totally engaged in the experience, for better or worse.
PLUS FOUR (++++)
A rare and precious transcendental state, which has been called a ‘peak experience’, a ‘religious experience,’ ‘divine transformation,’ a ‘state of Samadhi’ and many other names in other cultures. It is not connected to the +1, +2, and +3 of the measuring of a drug’s intensity. It is a state of bliss, a participation mystique, a connectedness with both the interior and exterior universes, which has come about after the ingestion of a psychedelic drug, but which is not necessarily repeatable with a subsequent ingestion of that same drug. If a drug (or technique or process) were ever to be discovered which would consistently produce a plus four experience in all human beings, it is conceivable that it would signal the ultimate evolution, and perhaps the end of, the human experiment.


I have indeed discovered a number of methods to induce this state, not only in myself but in some others I have worked with personally. I have discovered a method that takes about 30 days, and lasts for 20 more past that once the human environmental conditions are returned to normal. I have discovered a method through certain combinations of medicinal plants, some known and some not, that will permanently alter one’s ability to switch between this state and this enlightened state in about 25 minutes. I have discovered a more gentle method also through certain common medicinal plants to achieve this state within a few months, or a few years depending upon the individuals readiness to embrace the process. I have also discovered that this state has been written about and misinterpreted by universal-mannearly all who are alive to day who have read these books, The book of Revelation, and The Egyptian book of the Dead are two more popular depictions of this process. As I have mentioned elsewhere, the process of making this a permanent state is commonly referred to as “The Resurrection”, and it does not involve physical death, but a more profound type of ego death I call ego transcendence. Is this process the ultimate evolution? Yes, the ultimate human evolution. Is this process the end of the human experiment? Yes, for those who undergo this process of spiritual enantiodromia, where the outside becomes a vivid reflection of the inside so clearly that it cannot be resealed, it most certainly is.

Although the intellectual may receive degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge etc, and then bestow honors and exhaultations upon each other for excelling in their respective perspectives, you need to think of consciousness, the great mind as a circle, which just of its very nature and without making any outer exertion has 360 degrees, not just 4 or 5. Ideally, your quest in this lifetime, is to illuminate them all, and learn how to become whole again. In the meantime, this very magical garden can be as magical, or cold and solid as you decide to allow it to be. Begin your journey by converting all of your beliefs into hypothesis, and release that which no longer holds to be true as you move through the levels. You will know when it ends, when you find the place from which it began. In this place, at this time, you are free, and immortal. Those who refuse to embark upon this journey, and believe in only the material will not leave this place, they will return to dust, some to begin once more, and others to fade from memory.