Divine is the vine, divided amongst us all. Archetype references the Arc, which is a piece of the Divine Circle.

Seven are the Lords of this place. 5 Lords are known as the Grandfathers in many Indian traditions, their color is Maroon (blood red), the Red Sea of quantum particles of all there is. This is the true sea Moses used to swallow the entire army of the Pharaoh (who tried to make of himself a Lord incarnate (latin, means of meat – in-carne) over God’s children), in order to free these people in order to create the nation of IsRaEl, keepers of the light, who have since defiled us all and betrayed the Lords who once protected them and merged with the darkness ruling Amerika to wage war upon the new Children of the Light in every corner of the world (especially their own peoples). 2 Lords are known as the God Parents, Isis (Is), Rama (Ra) the combination of these energies of masculine and feminine is known as Elohim (El). These two are referred to by some as IsRaEl. Their color is Gold. The relationship between these beings is pure love, the highest frequency known to our scientists as Zero Point. There is zero point in studying or accessing these frequencies with science, for this entire place would be gone the very next day. We as humans are already at our evolutionary peak. The Color of this frequency of pure Love is Emerald (emanate + world = Emerald) Green, the color of the Heart Chakra, the compass that will guide the children of the light through the night that is to come.

When so many study the stars to find our home but ignore the space we are in as though it is not a miracle, then we are in the dark ages. We are now emerging from this, and I am permitted to reveal some more of the mystery that enshrouds our lands. Metaphor, analogy, are all around us. In the end, everything is the same thing. But, we are not at the end, we are at the beginning. No, its not the same. Don’t confuse yourself with mixed circles of awareness, this is a trap of the insane, to bring truths from one space into another that do not convert or transcend the levels.

Seven are the Lords of this wonderful family. Seven are the virtues, Seven are the vices, Seven are the days of the week that pull at us with far more strength and vigor than the stars above.

  • Sun-day = The day of Rama, Ra the God of the sun.
  • Mon-day (Moon Day) = The day of the Moon, Isis. It is through her labour we are borne, She is reflected each time we use the word IS. For it is due to Her great sacrifice that this place for the children IS, and everything you see around you, IS because She put it there.
  • Tues-day (Two’s Day) = The combination of of the masculine and feminine = El or Elohim. Man & Woman.
  • Wedness-day (Wedding Day) = The official sanction and merge of these energies into the Divine Archetype. People get Married at a wedding, yet they might overlook that to be Married, is from another name of the Goddess Mary, Married = Mary-d(ivine)
  • Thurs-day (Thirst Day) = There is a great thirst that builds when Two become ONE.
  • Fri day (Fry Day) = Many many souls are destroyed this day because they succumb to their darker urges when the great thirst generated by the vast energies that pour through twin souls flood them.
  • Satur Day (Saturn Day) = Saturn Crosses (+) your birth chart each 27 years. Saturn is what is waiting for us when we merge our sub-conscious with our consciousness. He lies in wait and pretends to be the light. He will merge with anyone who permits him to do so.
  • Sun Day = Back to the beginning, but at a new level. Spiraling upwards through the 52 Weeks (weaks) of the year designed to address 52 weakness of the human condition as we approach the threshold en-rout to our final destination.

Satan has merged with Babylon the Great, in a time before the apple was eaten in fact. Their natural archetype has 2 heads, 4 eyes, 4 wings and four legs. As we approach the threshold, they are waiting there in the darkness, just before the Sun. If you permit it, they will tell you a story. If you fall in love with him or her, and follow their sirens call during your awakening, they will possess you from the inside out. You will become a battery since the Seven Lords Severed their connection from the source, they will use a victim as a hostage, and extract the energy from them. This is one way they do it, and another way is this.. two weak-minded aforementioned victims, a man and a woman will approach an intended target who is near the threshold, and offer something simple like a joint and some company. This however, is no ordinary joint. It will burst your bubble, and send you into a higher consciousness. Then they present you with a multitude of forbidden fruits. Long story short, the number of the beast is speculated about far and wide.. those are lies. 6 eyes, 6 wings, 6 legs merged into one being, the BEAST archetype is borne.

Revelation 13:18

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore (threes – core = 3 souls / heads) and six.”

There is an energy that is blended between partners when we engage in intercourse. This is sanctioned by the 5 Lords, or Grandfathers as the Indians of North America call them. This is to assist in teaching us about connection with one other person, before we approach the threshold of our subconsciousness and blend with our God parents, and the rest of the collective. When two are then parted, a ceremony is required, burn some strong incense, call upon the Grandfathers to assist you in the severance ceremony. Close your eyes, picture the person before you, and cut the ties between you with your hands like brushing cobwebs. Say Thank You to the 5 Grandfathers and your Godparents for their attendance, and meditate until the copal or incense is finished. This will free you both from this type of lingering attachment. Then, you can deliberately choose another, from a very free space.

Narrow is the gate, and straight is the way, and few there are who find it. YOU have important work to do right now for you. The thing about Heaven’s Gate is this.. it’s the eye of a cat, who are the guardians at the gate of the next dimension. When you shine the light upon it, it opens wide for you. But if you approach with any amount of darkness, the round pupil turns into a slit, and you will bounce off.