Chapter 10 – Drawing conclusions

Philosophers have searched long and far to find the commonality of all belief systems and define this in a basic simple context as an underlying truth of our situation here on earth. In this site, I believe we can dispense with much of the mystery enshrouding philosophy almost entirely. Traditionally the philosophical study, and exercises handed down by the masters have actually been posing more questions than answers. That was the design, a mind exercise for those minds who chose to follow the trail of illumination to discover who holds the keys to this universe, and who guards the gates of the true knowledge and wisdom. So it has been done this way for thousands of years. Only the initiates would gain any true insight into the mystery teachings while they were alive. However, as we approach the dawn of a new level of awareness, and as our collective conscious arises from its ancient slumber, it is bombarded by lies and deceit perpetrated by those who were entrusted with the secrets of our Divinity. To put it crudely, the baby sitter has been molesting us, and enslaving everyone. In light of this betrayal of the sacred trust, there are some of us who have been given the true insights, and it is now time to share it with anyone who will listen, that all may have a fair chance at freeing themselves of the psychic bondage that has confused and all but strangled the children of this age.

Few have ever thought to question if we were born into death, or into life. Even modern science admits quietly they do not have the answer to that. Few also question if we are naturally awake, or if we are actually born into a dream state. If you come here, to earth, and mortal men hand you all the questions of this life, and you accept these thinking limitations, you will never find the answer to the questions never asked. Again, the paradox.. just invert the way you see certain things, and stop struggling against everything you might discover that is unexpected. You might be surprised how far you can go by simply re-examining what you thought you knew by flipping it upside down. That’s the simplest way certain truths are concealed from us as humans. The truth may be the very opposite of what we are deliberately lead to believe by those around us.

The important thing for us to have, is not always the right answer. There is a duality of truth, eventually our answers can come apart as we experience evolution. We must grow conscious of the duality of truth and which topics and beliefs might possibly apply to that category, and when to dismiss the possibility that there is or is not a duality in each truth. If we never allow for the possibility that some of our truths are false, we are lost. As we make your routine personal audit (R.P.A.), we must re-examine certain points for their duality, and revise ours, and in certain circumstances, accept someone else’s opposite truth from the perspective they are at, rather than make war. Sometimes instead, the most important road to the truth is to begin with the right questions. These are the important things in you must uncover first. If you have the wrong answer to the right question, consider it a curve in your evolutionary path, not a divergence. You can also consider a learning curve, meaning around a corner you cannot see yet until you pass it. By maintaining the right questions, your answers will progressively adapt to your awareness. Buda has said, “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting.” But if you ask foolish questions, you can never expect anything other than a foolish answer. The most enlightening answers are conceived by an enlightening question.

 If a false belief is a curve, what naturally forms if you maintain a group of false beliefs? A circle. Topics can be considered debates, but a circle of thought originates in the center of our fundamental belief structure and runs up through many other beliefs to form a tree of thought with its own little ecosystem of emotions, waves and storms. If our circles of thought are polluted in any way, the entire chain of thought is contaminated. Even if it produces fruit, it will likely be poisonous. Where the false is nurtured, the truth will not enter. This is why the creators do not dwell within the monuments man has built, they dwell in their own fashion, in their own nature, which by large, modern man has yet to behold. Just because you, or you allowed your church to define, defile, or create idols of your Creator for you, doesn’t make any of it or the resulting entire chain / circle of thought a small bit accurate. It does not make the church guilty of your error either. All sides and arguments were presented for each belief you allowed to shape your own world. There is a song about such an insight by Creed called My Own Prison. There are many such songs that relate this exact concept. Bob Dylan sings of this particular type of scenario in his song, It Aint Me Babe.


Have you ever considered, that what we consider the living might be dead, and what we consider dead, might actually be the real life? This would explain the verses in the bible, which foretell of the dead rising. Isaiah 26; But your dead will live; their bodies will rise You who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy! Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead. If you have ever watched the movies Sixth Sense, or The Others you likely got a very strange sensation the first time you watched the ending to these movies. Is it possible that you can relate to the main characters more than you might have realized? Is it likely that we are those who dwell in the dust? We are their bridge into this world. Will you be one of the children who allow them to manifest through you? Or will you return to the dust from whence these bodies came forth? Johnny Cash has a song about this very question called The Man Comes Around. I know “manifest through you” sounds like some mumbo jumbo horse crap until you experience it yourself. Again, I recommend the entheogens area of the supporting website for this book. Don’t knock it until you tried it folks. Use the correct amount of medicines for the correct intentions, and which medicines are appropriate for which discoveries and communications.

For those alien conspiracy theorists, yes They are back to pick us all up, but there is a small catch. They are evacuating us through our minds. These Beings do not reside in the flesh here, or anywhere else. They are made of pure light, and infinite balance. This is not their native plane of existence, because it is a construct, Star-trek fans might call it a hollow-deck. So, by our definition, yes they are alien. We are like the wooden Pinocchio doll trying to become a real boy but this entire place isn’t real, it burns. In the most ancient alchemy, there were only three elements, earth, fire and water. Air was added later as a sub element of fire. We are already on fire, and slowly burning alive like a box of wax candles. The next place, the thought plane is real, and the physical is illusion, or Maya. Each of us needs to develop a serious relationship with our mind’s eye. We need to be able to see what truly exists there. The entire industrial revolution Nikola Tesla embarked us upon had a dual purpose. One purpose was so the Creators could sing to us all at once through the radio, and connect to one another again and begin to merge and awaken as a group, yet allow those non believers to become fascinated with the trinkets and machinery that also resulted. This revolution was an opportunity, and our test. This has all been done before in other places, this guided industrial revolution over the course of thousands of years is not unique or untested. The idea of compilations, electricity, songs and records predate this entire globe. This is all built upon analogies of such things right from the very beginning. Pop sensation and ex-gospel singer Katie Perry has a great song called Extra-Terrestrial that vividly describes this encounter with the Alien. Joe Satriani has an album called Surfing With the Alien, David Bowie touches this subject with his major hit song Major Tom.

It has been said, all angels don’t speak, they sing. Even the 4 beasts of Revelations sing. Is Jesus’ staff, a musical staff that the Great Sheppard uses to tend the herd? There are 7 notes in a musical scale, and 7 notes from our Creator’s about deadly vices, and 7 further notes from our Creator’s about redeeming virtues. 777 is said to be God’s number in earthly form, if you can recognise it that is. The deadly sins are called as such because if you continuously engage in these, and make them a part of who you are, God will kill you, and not bring you back. (and no, he doesn’t require mortal judges and murderous volunteers, those will get cut down by their own swords) Johnny Cash and friends have a nice little song all about this process called God’s Gonna Cut You Down. Look deep inside of your heart into your own seven seas, and observe and audit what swims within their depths, before someone else has to assist you with that. We are all connected; if you have seas full of trash they will overflow and contaminate the others. Those who do not self regulate, will and must be externally adjusted by lets call it, Karma or The Adjustment Bureau, for the good of everyone else. The twisted elegance required to justify a bad behaviour always exceeds the simplicity of just doing what is right. The Divine is called the vine for two primary reasons; 1) The Vine is alive, it grows as a vine in many directions as it interconnects us all. 2) The Vine gets trimmed regularly, and the dead pieces or terribly misshapen shoots get removed. Even by man’s law, ignorance of their law is not an excuse to break it. God’s law is not any different in that respect. We should all endeavour to get to know it before we experience a tragedy of a cosmic proportions.

If those who were in a position of human power would stop to at least formerly agree on certain spiritual principals, we could embark on a regulated spiritual education program. Each different faith does this in their own way and pushes many people who will not swallow all the dogma and now or never attitude, to the wayside, where they learn it is better to believe in nothing, or just casually wonder about it all, rather than become one of the clearly insane individuals pushing their idolatry or murderous ritual killings upon them. Let us rule out a few religions as having it all together with a couple simple obvious points, and make a beginning note for a regulated spiritual reform (R.S.R.). If they have a bunch of idols and engraved images defining or embodying the Creator, they are not the ones to follow. If you need to kill or rape someone to get in, or stay in to a specific religious group, also, not the ones to follow. Come on people, I shouldn’t have to say this, right? Apparently it bears repeating. This is why I suggest a cooperative R.S.R. so we can at the very least get the basics down straight and go from there. What could we really become if we just stopped the wars? What if we fed the hungry? What if we agreed on just one of those commandments, and stop the killing? The true essence of our Creators is entirely against killing each other, its children. The violence of the world is entirely beneath our Creators, not on behalf of them ever.

What if each of us is a manifestation of an entire star system seen in the night sky, playing out our entire cosmic physical existence at a much accelerated speed here on this plane, together? One of the universal laws of the universe, the law of analogy states as it is above, so it is below, and is also known as the microcosm, macrocosm philosophical line of reasoning. In addition to this, what if we take it one step further and suppose each star system has its very own inhabited planet, and each of those beings are represented here with beings of flesh as though planet Earth was some kind of reverse planetarium, and 6 billion little movies were projected upon this small space? This would mean, that our individual awareness is so large, it needs to be split into millions of smaller beings so that the larger being can actually evolve with parallel strands of life in the fastest most effective way possible, and create as many new souls along the way as we can. Again I would like to mention the Talmud teaches, “He who saves a single life, saves the world entire.” Take a closer look at the world, is it possible we have been duped into killing our very own descendants? Are these our own cosmic children we starve, terrorize, brutalize, segregate, and murder for sport? Twinkle twinkle little star is about as close as western philosophy comes to these truths. There is only one divine entity that has divided itself among all the rest. Each new division is the birth of a new soul. Divine = De Vine or The Vineall of us.

It seems to me that we are all to sensitive about the wrong things that cause us to war with each other, yet we are desensitized about the things that would unite us all. This idea reminds me of a Dr Zeus’ quote, “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” The simplicity of this tiny string of words is the definition of genius. Not all of us are reading far enough between the lines today, it’s a lost art to read and write like this. I could write another cryptic book that only 2000 humans alive today would understand and appreciate, but its time someone decrypted this whole thing for anyone who wants to read it and dropped the bomb. This is not a religion, tradition, or superstitious rite, this is they way back home, and it will cost you very little to investigate everything presented here on your own.

As I wrote down nearly 20 years of insights decryptions and decoded topics ranging from movies to music, the mind verses the brain, I couldn’t help thinking about the Movie The De Vinci Code. The main key to the cypher in that movie was the word Apple. By the end of that movie, Mary Magdalene so happened to be concealed under the pyramid in the Louvre Museum in Paris. By chance, just before I began this book, I was standing in a store one day noticing a rainbow pattern from the sunlight dance upon the floor in that very spot they indicated at the end of that movie. I wondered if anyone else was noticing this as well, and it seemed they did not catch any significance. Then I happened to notice what store and what logo bisected the entire area right through the center of the pyramid. Did Steve Jobs have a sense of humour, or was he quietly adding another piece to the puzzle? I think Apple Inc. is implying that Isis (Mary – under the pyramid) is behind the famous Apple in the Secret Garden. I believe the trademark bite out of the Macintosh apple always has represented the biblical reference to the fall of man. I took a photograph of the logo in the Louvre (pictured below), as it was likely intended to be observed, superimposed upon the pyramid, atop a spiral staircase reminiscent of a Fibonacci spiral suspended by cables. The code word that those in the know use for this entire world illusion known to the ancients as Maya is known above as The Apple. One more note about Steve Jobs, did he also wear black most of the time for the same reason as Johnny Cash did? To represent the downtrodden that live among us?

Some final thoughts for this book I would like to share with you about the truth; another meaningful quote by Albert Einstein says, “Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” If you have discovered some truth within these pages, please do not keep it to yourself, share it. In the end, the power of the truth is within our minds, and we will draw our own conclusions. Don’t forget that the Divine pen is also in your hand, and you direct your eternal fate with it. Your soul will literally and ultimately draw it’s own conclusion upon the pages of the book of life as well. Do not be surprised as you delve deep into the mysteries of life where many are afraid to follow, that you feel a little isolated at times. In the end, you will need to make your own friends, literally, teach people a higher level of thought so you can communicate with them. Do not let this discourage you; learn, share, teach – live, Love, laugh.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through my mind and begin a new journey through your own!


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