Alchemy is the secret tradition of the redemption of the spirit from matter. – Terence McKenna

Alchemy is an ancient philosophical tradition that had incorporated science, philosophy and intellectual ideals into one field. The word alchemy comes from the ancient Egyptian word Kehm as does the word chemistry. Kehm was the ancient word for Egypt, the place where our current forms of chemistry and medicine have originated. The defining objectives of alchemy historically have included one or more of the following goals: Brooding Alchemistthe creation of the philosopher’s stone; the ability to transform base metals into the noble metals (gold or silver); and development of an elixir of life, which would confer youth and longevity.

Western alchemy is recognized as a protoscience that contributed to the development of modern chemistry and medicine. Alchemists developed a framework of theory, terminology, experimental process and basic laboratory techniques that are still recognizable today. But alchemy differs significantly from modern science in its inclusion of Hermetic principles and practices related to mythology, magic, religion, gnosticism and spirituality.

The ideas of ancient alchemical tradition centered around the Philosopher’s Stone. As legend has it, if one was able to produce that substance, then the transmutation of base metals into gold, and immortality were assured. Alchemists believed in the beginning that there were three basic elements of which everything on earth consisted, earth, fire and water. Later alchemists added a fourth element, air. To this day, this Philosopher Stone has eluded modern day alchemists and physicists alike. However, there has been one homeschooled scientist who has discovered by experimentation with radio waves, that the physical representation of the Philosopher Stone is very likely sound or frequency.

This is the missing ingredient often overlooked in chemistry experiments, and hidden in plain sight for all of this time, frequency. Since the 1970’s a little Known scientist, Hutchison has been levitating non metallic objects and transforming base metals into metals never before found on earth with high frequency harmonics from Tesla coils and radar equipment. George Lucas made a movie many years ago that will never be forgotten. One of the main characters as named “Yoda”. This was a short alien being with the wisdom and insight of an ascended master. This was the master who taught young Luke Skywalker to use the force, and how to access this unseen energy.

When I eventually came across the Emerald Tablets of Thoth during my research, one of the narrators began reading the text while imitating a Yoda voice at a certain point. It struck me, given the subject matter, and the fact that Thoth claimed to be an alien, and the fact that it is all written in old speak which is exactly how the character Yoda speaks, that these tablets were indeed the true inspiration for The George Lucas film character Yoda, this is also why he is portrayed as completely green. It also strikes me that the main character might well be called “Lucas” Skywalker. The film seems to be a loosely based description of George Lucas’ personal struggle with the dark side. This is not the first time Hollywood has portrayed this struggle between light, dark, human, and the alien. It is also possible that the Emerald Castle in the Wizard of OZ was also inspired by these tablets. If you pronounce the title phonetically, you might also spell it Wizard of Awes. Superman and his home world, Krypton also use this extensively, they use the entire Gnostic theme. Even the logo represents the souls redemption into a diamond. The “S” within the logo could also stand for Serpent, or Spirit. I imagine however, “Spiritman” wouldn’t be so marketable.. so they went with Super.

The ancient alchemist-philosophers had it correct when they described the outer search for the Philosopher’s Stone as a analogy to the inner search for the spiritual gold that lies within our hearts. The spiritual philosopher stone, simply put is an inner frequency of pure Love. As legend has it, when the alchemist discovers the substance Regulus, they are very near the formula. Regulus happens to be one of the brightest stars in the night sky,it is located exactly in the heart of the Leo lion astrological figure. The physical tasks we encounter here in the solid reality of this outer world in our own personal search for the elusive philosopher stone, is the individuals journey of life here on earth, filled with tasks designed to bring us ever closer to this inner attainment of spiritual completion.

Sir Isaac Newton investigated the archetypes of consciousness which are reflected within the periodic tables as they related to ancient Greek mythology. However, the hidden link which a good many alchemists ignored was that the periodic table also directly reflects the composition of consciousness itself, not only the periodic table. I believe that the ancients who wrote these mythologies were aware of their dual materialistic nature, and also simultaneously revealed the consciousness of mankind.

Our creator has deliberately crafted this entire reality to give us an opportunity to experience the tests and opportunity to complete our inner selves. We are here to experience disconnection from our source, and for our creator to see which of the children come wandering home by instinct. Two vines were planted and arranged before mankind. There is the vine which has it’s roots in the material plane, the other in the spiritual. In the end, one of these will turn to dust.

Gold is the analogy, and immortality is the prize. But this is not a physical immortality, this is a spiritual immortality we are here to earn, and the spiritual gold is a metaphor. So, this is the plain truth of why we are here, without the bells and whistles of accepted dogmas and the scarecrow of Jesus Christ standing in the field of spirituality obfuscating the truth with fear and guilt. If your faith demands your fear, it’s false!! If your organization requires an oath, it’s a cult based in deceit. If anything you’re doing makes you feel guilty in any way, simply stop doing it. But there comes a time in our journey when we must awaken to higher laws, and a bigger reality which does not revolve around us. The truth of this reality is,  that it has been deliberately created for us all to grow and learn and teach within it. The path of alchemy is simply an allegorical path of enlightenment. An older version of this journey is described in Exodus as the Ark of the Covenant.

In the beginning, there was one law, Love. This was further divided into 10 laws, the commandments. In addition to this there were outlined 7 virtues, and 7 vices. The virtues put one upon the correct path and allowed the soul to ascend to the higher realms. The vices and the ego held one back, in the lower realms. All of man’s subsequent laws have very little meaning in the greater scheme of things.

This link on the left is an outstanding one hour video that encompasses the essence of much of what we are putting forward within the secret of the vine.