DiscographyHave you ever known an Aficionado of music, one of those people with the biggest record collection? They would keep track of all the special releases, bootlegs and collect those rare disk sets only released in Japan? Did they ever tell you what all of those bands had in common? Probably not. This is a classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. From time to time, I add more bands to the discography area of the site. Wikipedia often (but not always) has the same information, but its not organized the same. This section is designed so you can scroll all the works of a musical group, and see the band’s entire vision at a glance. You can see the common spiritual thread that weaves through all of these bands, and many more not listed. You can see a spiritual significance in the band’s name quite often. The album titles are usually also within a spiritual theme, as are the song titles.

There is a distinct deliberate order to the songs on each disk, usually the beginning of the awakening, and the journey to follow. Most often this will lead down the long path of enlightenment, and the many stops along the way, culminating in a second more profound awakening (graduation) at the end of the journey. On occasion, even the specific song number and track length also has relevance depending upon the particular band. I also suspect that the exact length of each song may in some cases deliberately correspond to certain verses of the bible or other Fibonacci series etc.

Band after band has followed this specific template, these bands I am working on below are organized so you can browse the discography of an entire band on a single page, and see this pattern for yourself. As you begin to unlock doors of your own perception, you will find many insights disguised as hard rock, heavy metal, pop, alternative, punk etc. Eventually, I will make an effort to decode some of the more interesting and cryptic steganography from their lyrics. Not all of it is apparent to the untrained eye, even if you know the context, some of their lyrics are simply mind blowing if you know what and Who they are actually talking about. If there are links to the song added to the discography of a band, this will lead you to the lyrics, if I have commented on or decoded them, these comments will be upon that page as well. Of course you can also Google each of the songs I have not yet added links for, and with some practice, interpret and discover the hidden context on your own. If our database here is lacking, which it is because it is only intended to give you a start, not become a database of all music, then you can use this great site as a tool to lead you to your own insights for all of your own favorite bands: http://www.discogs.com.

The intro to the song on the Black Sabbath  Nativity in Black Tribute album known as Supernaut is voiced by Art Linkletter (host of children’s TV show and Nixon antidrug advisor; his daughter had committed suicide near the time that she had been experimenting with LSD) (1969); Practically, every one of the top 40 records being played on every radio station in the United States is a communication to the children to take a trip, to cop out, to groove, the psychedelic jackets on the albums have their own hidden messages and symbols as well as all the lyrics of all the top rock songs, and they all sing the same refrain; it’s fun to take a trip – put acid (L.S.D.) in your veins!

On that note, let us see if there is any truth to this rumor today with a short but powerful list of some of the all time heaviest rockin bands of all time, and we will see if they are really hiding secret messages or not, once and for all..

A Metaphysical Discography:

The Beatles

Black Sabbath

Bon Jovi

The Cult


Judas Priest


Snow Patrol


Collective Soul


Simple Minds


Nine Inch Nails

Meat Puppets

Faith No More



I Mother Earth

Our Lady Peace

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Doors

Screaming Trees

Alice in Chains

System of a Down



Kings of Leon

The Tea Party

Crash Karma

The Watchmen


Stone Temple Pilots

Warrior Soul

Maroon 5