The Ego and the Veil

The human ego is one of the most mysterious elements of mankind. Few people will allow another to point it out, and fewer still will ever realize its size, shape or boundaries. The ego can be seen as many things, the ID, the shell of the egg we must break through, a parasite, the devil, our pride, etc. When our essence is stripped of this ego, through one of the four paths to enlightenment, meditation, fasting, entheogens or trauma, our essence is left feeling very exposed. Like a hermit crab who has lost its shell, we feel very open and vulnerable to attack, and very quickly scurry to acquire yet another suitable shell. Our essence in its raw form is a very delicate thing indeed. Most of war on drugsyou will never truly know this feeling in this life, except for the true seekers and adepts. I will put this idea into words, though words can never do it justice. If you were suddenly stripped of your ego, completely, and did not know who you were, or what you were, the entire universe around you becomes a frightful place indeed. This is to do with the nature of this universe, what it is, and what you are, and your complete misunderstanding of it.

The universe is a quantum place, neither real, nor imagined, neither a particle or a wave, neither here, nor there. There are many many universes, of which, you are but one. You are both surrounded, yet alone, everything and nothing. Scripture and philosophy describe the veil, as a curtain or barrier between this place and the next. This ego, is the veil. Each of the aforementioned four different paths to enlightenment are divided into different subdivisions each, and each subdivision suppresses a specific part of the veil. There are many types of fasting, it is the act of not doing something normally done. You can stop eating, or talking, or sex, or drinking etc. For the entheogens, there are a variety to choose from, and each will suppress very quickly different aspects or combinations of aspects of one’s ego / veil. There are different types of meditations, and of course for all who refuse to take up this call of the Spirit, there are endless types of traumas which ideally are designed to put one back onto the spiritual path through humility, and guide them to seek one or more of the other deliberate paths to spiritual reflection.

The trap

When someone consumes the entheogens, it momentarily suppresses a specific part of that persons ego, then if they don’t apply the understandings, it then re-enforces itself. When one goes deeper into the study of plant teachers, they engage in a battle with it to decide, who will control their perception, them or their ego. Having seen for a moment a glimpse of what is beyond the veil, many fall victim to their new improved re enforced ego. They then mistake their arrogance for enlightenment. This also happens naturally, with people who have never taken any entheogens, though much more slowly. People learn as they grow, and in their arrogance mistake their body of knowledge for enlightenment as they understand it, such as intellect, or intelligence. Modern yoga, by use self hypnosis techniques continuously re-enforces the false belief that one has indeed already achieved enlightenment. In all cases, the fool has become fooled, and been swallowed by their own ego, and are now unable to see past its confines, or through its veil. If the victim of these types of delusions does not persist in finding their true nature, they will be held its prisoner until they die, and must then be reborn so they will have another opportunity to defeat it. Not many people look for something the believe they have already discovered, and this is the primary trick of the “enlightened” ego. This is the primary reason for reincarnation and for the ego, to learn such lessons, and develop such strengths over many lifetimes.

The truth

One’s belief can facilitate their entire experience here. In this sense, we can say that the ego is made or manifest primarily by our belief. The brain, and the body were designed to lie to the awareness that identifies with them. There are many psychological slippery slopes that will help facilitate this physical illusion. Fear constitutes much of the ego, because it shapes our belief. The seven deadly sins are all ego driven. They are called deadly sins, because if one indulges in them, they begin to become disconnected from and unprotected by the Source. This protection from outside violent forces, and from even one’s own full measure of their own repercussions is called Grace. The gradual practice of becoming enlightened takes the person through the levels of the veil, and begins to bring the magic into the physical world. There is a concept which was practiced for a number of years by Terence McKenna, as well as his inspiration into his philosophical dwellings, and many insights. This concept is known as Transrealism. In the end of Terence’s life, it is reported by his brother that he became conflicted, and it would seem that his ego had won the battle, or at the very least knocked him out of his orbit around the truth.