In the Quran there is a verse which describes the makeup or the context of the entire scripture. In other parts of the Quran, it confirms that the other holy books were indeed dictated from the same source, however they had since been changed which facilitated the need for the Quran to document yet another account of the word send from above to guide those below. In this verse of the Quran it reads:

Quran 3:7 It is He who has sent down to you, the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise (literal) – they are the foundation of the Book – and others unspecific (allegory). As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow (take literally)  that of it which is unspecific (allegory), seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except God . But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

Allegory of the mindIf one examines any scriptures from any religion or any spiritual passages handed down from above, it is obvious this is at play in all of them. This was the way of sending a coded codex which all could read, but only the true seekers could understand. If one were to examine every day events, not as ordinary, but ordained.. one can see the same patterns in the events that are manifesting in our everyday lives as well. Some of these events are allegorical in nature, they call upon the semi-awakened ones with reflections that can illuminate the best path, or the inner obstacles.

The method to comprehend what is allegorical and what can be just taken at literal face value, is to have a deep sense of inner awareness and honesty. For each scenario that one finds themselves immersed in, and especially the ones that seem to repeat, they should try it on so to speak, to see if it fits, or if it is an external literal event or a reflection of another’s allegory within your perception. If one is not honest with themselves, or is not engaged in the pursuit of enlightenment at any level, one will accept only the rational logical literal interpretation of every event that comes into their lives, and will find themselves nowhere near the gate when their life is at a close.

Religious scholars debate each passage and scripture relentlessly to try to establish some kind of public record of the true interpretation of the scriptures, which was never the intention of the original writers as it is clearly stated in the Quran passage above. In many passages, the being dictating these books demands that nothing be added or removed. Would this not be mans modern attempts to add their own interpretation to the scriptures? Militants call such thinkers apologeticists. It is as though they are implying that divine contemplation, temperance, empathy and gnosis require some kind of apology. While they argue about the interpretations of scripture, the very nature of their own reality escapes their notice.

In the Kabbalistic religions, they were aware that each story in the bible was playing out in our everyday lives. So it is written, so it shall be done, it is said. Some people ask, but if this is already just a pre-written story, then where is my free will, and why am I even here? If you can determine which is your own reflections here, you can determine which story is playing out before you, and even which page of the story you are currently upon. You can also see who is representing each character, and you can know how it ends for each character in the story. Although, you may not be able to significantly alter the story, your free will and your power comes from being able to recognize what is unfolding around you, and to choose the character whom you will represent in the story. One large aspect of Karma is the reaction against those who try to solve an internal problem by interacting with the macrocosm, or the reflection, or the allegorical scenario rather than discovering the internal source of the misunderstanding. This is the reason it is said, those who break a mirror will receive 7 years of bad luck. Those who do not know HIS-story are doomed to repeat it. In this understanding, lies the secrets of foresight, and free will.

We are here to make a series of choices which will determine whether or not we will be granted immortality. Most people believe everything moves through time, in a linear fashion. In a physical sense to some degree this is noticeably true. However, we are also embarked upon a spiritual journey. The scientifically minded person can call upon many worlds theorem to help them imagine what is occurring on a spiritual level. For each decision we make, an entire universe is created within which the consequences of that decision will play out, inescapably. As we go throughout the days and years in a seemingly linear timeline, what escapes our notice is the trail of universes we leave in our wake. If one becomes awakened to the true nature of reality, then one can move sideways in time with deliberate intention, bouncing from decision to decision, eventually learning to navigate a course through the multiverse that will result in the best conclusion for the individual and the group.

In much the same way, billions have read the scriptures, few have bothered to follow any of the instructions, Jesus’ ascension / awakening was described quite literally and vividly, 40 days and 40 nights of fasting. People choose convenience rather than knowledge or connection. Let us not become spiritual tourists, but endeavor to discover the entire stone, not assume the first facet they come upon from the comfort of their armchair.

For example, when I investigated Exodus, particularly the fabled Ark of the Covenant from this battle story among others, I built one myself, a working full scale model from instructions and measurements directly from the pages of Exodus. It was some time later that I discovered the deeper meaning of that passage, that the true context is not the first weapon of mass destruction, but someone who had achieved Christ consciousness. Each article is in order of my investigation.

Physical Ark:

Metaphysical Ark:

There are many different contexts for each allegory, as in a multiple choice exam. Each context is indeed valid at its own level, and each level is but a facet of the entire truth. When I decode a scripture, or music etc, I go to the root. I have studied science, Chladni patterns, and read about ultra sonic experiments that can indeed knock down a concrete wall from a distance with a giant pair of 6 foot police whistles and 300 psi of compressed air like the fabled trumpets in the story of Jericho.

However, this scientific superficial conclusion is premature, and entirely out of context. The scriptures are designed to fool the profane into believing in the wrong context, that they destroy themselves. So, if you can understand that these texts are designed to trick fools into war, then you know that you need to keep digging for an alternate context that is in alignment with the spirit of this book, which is a peaceful ideal. 10 commandments, 7 virtues and 7 vices are perfectly literal.

If one begins with the understanding, that not one leaf falls without permission, then one begins to understand there is a reason for every single thing without exception. Only then can you begin to ask the right questions, when you begin to inspect your surroundings. Understanding these concepts and acting upon them can take one from being a leaf in the wind, to becoming the wind that blows it. If one has no understanding of the true nature of spiritual navigation, then time for them is just the never ending daze of the weak, nothing more.

Here is the legendary allegory written thousands of years ago by Plato called Allegory of the Cave