I would like to address a few health ideas. When people guess my age, they are off by well over a decade most times. People ask me how do you keep so young? How to you come up with some of these ideas? How do you think the way you do? How do you 'connect'? There is a simple solution to all of the questions that I had discovered by accident in 1997 that started a chain reaction of all the events that led me to this point right here. I quit eating all animal products and took the Anthony Robbins juice challenge. I was sick, irritated and in a state of aggravation I couldn't shake. My roommate loaned me an Anthony Robbins book called Personal Power, and I read it. Over night, I gave up smoking, and all animal products. In the beginning, I just fasted for a long time. I lost my appetite.

This was the point of contact for this spiritual energy that dwells inside of us. I began getting a much more clear intuition, until it became like Third Eyea voice in my head, that wasn't mine. I could tell it was not my voice, because it was able to tell me things I did not know. Before long, I was able to communicate directly with this being, and I no longer slept. After a very long fast, and extensive communication, 55 days, I began to eat again, slowly. As I did, this link with my 'intuition' became softer and quieter. Had I never fasted, I would have never known it was there, or what it was. I would have spent most of my life wondering if we were here alone, wondering if we are going to meet our maker, or if it was all a mystery that was just too deep for me to go into. I might have always believed that little voice in my head was nothing but my own subconscious, no matter what anyone told me.

My experience has allowed me to know about things most people just wonder about. I don't recommend trying anything so extreme for anyone, but I'm glad I did it. I discovered that by extreme fasting, you can activate dormant genetics in your body. The fact that I have aged very little since those months has attested to that. I have also discovered that by maintaining a vegan diet, you can expand your awareness naturally. There is a natural analogy our minds have to the computer. Imagine we normally use 16 megs of ram when we are awake and functioning. Fasting, and or veganism expands this amount to gigabytes, drastically. I had once reached a point where I could read a page at a glance, and remember everything I had ever known. There was no more 'tip of the tongue' memory limitation, I could access it all. My intuition would also answer any question I could construct instantaneously. I no longer required sleep. The longer I went without sleep, the faster my cpu would cycle.

I learned, the thicker I ate, the less horsepower I would have in my mind. Thicker meaning, processed foods, flours etc. As I grew and studied I would learn different concepts that I had been unaware of when the flood gates of my mind were open. I had unrestricted access to the universal mind, and yet I knew none of the questions and very little of the implication that were being presented to me. All this time later, I am still discovering concepts that allow me to put words to the ideas I had once been shown. I have discovered, these bodies truly become what we have eaten. I have also discovered, that as a result, how we see the world is influenced by how we eat. Everything we eat becomes a lens we must view the world through. It also opens or restricts passageways in the brain.

against the grainIs it wrong to eat dead animals? Yes and no. There is a very famous passage in the bible that reads, thou shalt not kill. Those who interpret the bible so literally always seem to make sure that they have a work around for every single thing they find themselves doing that was expressly forbidden. Some people believe that they can just interpret any kind of messages or understandings to suit them, and their current behavior. Your priest has a BBQ on Sunday afternoons at the church picnic. So it must be OK. If there were something fundamentally wrong, there would be a public alert wouldn't there? Part of the awakening is to leave behind your prejudice, and realize, that even if every single other person you know is doing something, that doesn't make it right. It is likely that you have an opinion, because you knew someone that got too skinny, or was cured from cancer, etc. I can assure you that if you have not fasted, you have no valid opinion of fasting, even if you agree with everything I say. The same goes for everything. If you have not done it, your opinion is not valid and your understanding of said exercise is solely academic at best.

At times I feel like the child that sees dead people in the movie Sixth Sense. Except, they are not exactly dead. There is a new movie, World War Z, that actually depicts the masses that are currently over populating the earth, swarming our resources mercilessly, and wanting more more more, as they strive to infect every other being they touch with their endless hunger, greed and lust. The plot in this vegan bull cryingmovie is slightly exaggerated, but only slightly. All of you might want to just slow down your unsubstantiated opinions and look around. Ask yourself what your really doing here, on who's authority your doing these things, and just where your heading. Just because there is no license requirement for having children, does not mean that you are entitled to teach them to kill and justify it. It is glaring contradictions, hypocrisies built into our minds that are the computer viruses of thought. If you believe two truths about the same information, you will replicate this pattern in other areas. Possibly many. This is why people get mentally sick, this is how they infect others. If you can take a step in the direction of removing such paradoxes from your own mind, you are on your way to healing yourself. Resolving the food dilemma can go a long way to heal your heart. You can awaken in the morning knowing you did not kill anything today, and you did not kill anything yesterday, and you will not be killing anything tomorrow. The release from this guilt, this paradox, will free parts of your mind you did not even know were caged.

I am not going to advise anyone to make huge dietary changes without doing their own research. I am here only presenting the information that is not in circulation, and a few warnings from my own experience. When you switch to fasting, or vegan, you will experience a change. If you have been eating meat your whole life, you body operates differently, and will take some time to adapt. For many of you, parasites will be playing some part in your physical make up. Certain parasites can get into your brain, and actually cause you to feel the emotions and cravings that cause you to eat the foods they need to multiply. So who is really at the controls? There is a TV episode of Futurama that exposes this in a humorous way. But in your body, your brain it's not very funny. When you interrupt their food supply, they travel, they die off, etc. At first, for a while, you may experience some symptoms of toxic shock. The toxins you have been retaining, release themselves when you stop ingesting them as well. Having pH strips on hand can help you monitor and re-balance this situation. You can find a food pH chart here.

At a major intersection of a person's well being, there are many ads and companies who claim to have just the supplements. They are lying. vitamin supplementsSupplements may have exactly what your cells need, however, the cell walls do not open up for these supplements, because the rest of the natural food is not there to give the signal to do so. Many supplements are flushed right back out of you, placing an even higher load on your system, because the rest of the components that usually accompany them are not in the processed powders. Many of these companies are all out scams, and operate on a pyramid MLM scheme. The owner of the most exclusive and expensive company currently doing this, sunrider, was even sentenced to two and a half years for making such false claims. They still exist, and so do others, but they watch their wording much more carefully now. Don't fall for any of it. Enzymes are the building blocks of life, and you must get these from fresh food and not from a can. Sugar kills enzymes on contact, so if you want your body to get all the nutrients it can from the food, stop drinking sugar drinks and eating sweets with your meals. Get your enzymes fresh from the foods that they come in naturally.

You can get all your essential oils from hemp seeds, etc. There is no logical reason, or any benefit to continue eating animal products, unless you are willing to operate at a reduced mental and physical capacity, and a reduced life expectancy. Unfortunately those who will continue to eat dead things will also be operating at a substantially reduced spiritual capacity as well. This is one of the secrets of life and our creator. Those who do not purify themselves will not be able to discover this Kingdom within very reliably in this world. This is why I say that it is neither right or wrong, it depends upon where you are at, and if you are ready to go to a higher level or not yet. Don't get me wrong, you may have and still can live a great and moral life eating meat products. Your diminished awareness will not be realized at all, if you have never yet experienced anything higher.

I do recommend the book Personal Power by Anthony Robbins highly. He sources many official scientific studies as well to support his conclusions. For some reason, (he attacks and exposes the meat industry thoroughly) the book has since gone out of print. I have not listened to the audio version that is still in circulation to see if it is the same as the print version. If you can find it, grab it.

To summarize, I discovered the real Fountain of Youth, and the River of Life by fasting. No gimmicks, no drugs, no illness, no super foods. Fountain of youthYou don't need a single thing to discover your inheritance. Any thing you do add, diminishes your experience, contrary to the advertizing. Don't believe anyone who is relying on their own diminished awareness to guide you into their light. Don't listen to anyone any more!  Follow my lead, go Home, and have a chat with those who put you here. Ask them everything you can think of, and heed their advise. Then come back here, as difficult as that may seem, and find your new balance. Reassemble a new version of yourself, and if you can, slowly teach others who might have ears to hear, as you enjoy, perhaps for the first time this gift of true awareness you have been given. It's time to open it up now. Please keep in mind, no one told you to go running into the streets preaching in bare feet once you have this new  awareness. Small things, small steps, small people. Remember that. If you make a spectacle of yourself, you will frighten the people from the truth, not lead them to it. You will need to blend in to a certain degree, and disguise yourself as one of them. Then quietly lead by example. Answer only questions which have been asked.