Ground Rules for Safe Consumption of Entheogens

Basic Guidelines to the ceremonial process

  • Note: One of the most dangerous things you can do with any illegal substance is get caught. Know your friends, keep your business to yourself, find a natural supply and be careful not to let anyone know what you do.

1) Set and setting, as Terence McKenna used to teach is very important. It is important to be safe and comfortable from the beginning to the end, and prearrange anything you need to deal with beforehand. After a hellish experience in Palenque in which a great number of dark spirits bombarded us with the intention of destroying and or imprisoning us, in our very next ceremony the Mother Goddess asked us why we would go there? She said that these monuments are not monuments to Them, but monuments to the men who built them. She told us we can find Them in nature instead. We do not need to travel vast distances, and visit so called holy temples to be closer to Them. They are as close to touch as the nearest tree, and with us always and in all things. On another occasion, the Grandfathers said something similar part way through a very miserable day in the first part of our ceremony. They said it is important to make ourselves comfortable, be it in our hotel room, or in a sunny meadow, for this is all “The room” no matter where we find ourselves in this realm, we are in the room, so be comfortable for these experiences. After asking their permission, They allowed us to move our ceremony back into the protection of the jungle from the exposed mountain top on which we had perched for our initial ceremony, but insisted that we did not leave the mountain until the effects of the medicine had subsided.

2) Do not move the ceremony mid-way. This is considered by the higher beings you will be interacting with as disrespectful. Imagine if you were to be called across a vast distance to attend someone who asked for your assistance or presence, and then they just acted like you were not even there, and in fact, just got up and left the room without even an acknowledgement, and maybe even laughed and giggled like it was some kind of prank call. You must humbly ask for permission to move your ceremony (the circle), and then only if your set and setting has been compromised by unforeseeable circumstances.

3) Choose your classmates carefully. First of all, the magic of the ceremony will only come up as high as the lowest participant. Secondly, if you continue to bring idiots into the presence of the Divine, this is considered disrespectful. At higher stages of awareness, if you bring psychologically malformed persons, or egomaniacs into your ceremonies, you can expect them to become dangerous to themselves and to others, and even possibly they will launch a psychic attack upon others in the group. In other words, ideally one would do this alone in a safe place undisturbed in nature, or if you are unable to be alone for some specific reason, ensure you are the lowest member of any of the other participants to ensure you will receive the most benefit from the ceremony. If you include anyone who is less advanced, you will certainly diminish your experience, and possibly even be subjected to a dangerous situation while you are in a vulnerable state.

4) Decide upon your intentions in advance, clearly outline within yourself and with the others that may be present your clear intentions before creating the ceremony.

5) Elements are important. Study the different types of ceremonies, and choose the elements that best match your intentions. There are a variety of spirits that are attracted by the use of entheogens. Some are dark, and some are light. To have a light ceremony, one should not have open wounds, or be in the process of menstruation. Im not going to tell you why, but I will assure you if you disregard this warning, you may receive unwelcome guests that you cannot psychically contend with. One should not engage in intercourse during the effects medicine, and possibly for days after. This is for the same reason as the previous warning, I cannot elaborate, only caution you strongly. Some people fast for a period of up to 4 days and or abstain from eating all meats for two weeks or more, again to prevent unwelcome guests while in the medicines. I personally feel that this is but a half measure at best. I am a vegan, and I have a much more potent and direct relationship with the highest spirits than I have seen among non vegans. All the people I personally teach in this art are also vegan. One thing we all share in common is this very close intense personal connection. Another thing we share, all of us, is that we don’t wretch when we are doing DMT based medicines like we observe meat eaters to be doing when we share in someone else’s ceremony.

6) Do I really have to say, NO CHILDREN in the ceremony? Yes, apparently there are some fools masquerading as shamans that don’t care, as long as they get paid. There are a variety of reasons for this, one of which I already mentioned, the ceremony only comes up as high as its lowest member. A more important reason is the possibility of psychically scarring a child within a ceremony is absolutely huge, and in some way measurable or not, entirely unavoidable. If you want to see the Goddess angry, go ahead and expose a child’s mind to that for which it is unprepared. She made it very clear in more than one way, on more than one occasion that this is FORBIDDEN. She also made it clear that those who would intentionally harm a child in any way will be receiving Her personal full attention.

7) Leave your preconceptions, superstitions and your relative dramas outside of the ceremony. It is also considered extremely disrespectful to bicker within a ceremony, or to lower it to the human level. Leave ALL human concerns outside of the circle. Regardless of your intentions, you are exploring this to receive the lessons They have to teach you. On occasion, they have invited us to ask them anything that we would like to know. They will answer what they will, and simply tell you that “I’m not going to answer that” if they feel it is not for you to know, but rather to find out in time.

8) Listen to your guide. By this statement, I am not in any way implying you should follow your guide. Listen to them, and try to determine their motive, their ego and their nature. Look around at the others in their group, was this group assembled with intention? Or is this a purely economic scenario. If you go into this experience deluded in any way, for a time, these delusions can become amplified. Are there any children who will be present at the ceremony? If there are, this is a strong indication of supreme idiocy. Are they drinking alcohol? Only very advanced or very green persons would even consider mixing entheogens. An authentic guide would not participate in a beer bash before during or after a ceremony. Have they actually sat down and had a conversation with the Mother Spirit Goddess? What did She say? Is She coming to this ceremony? If they cannot coherently demonstrate a connection with this being, or in any way are reluctant to pursue this topic, they are at best a student, at worst a parasitic imposter. It is the job of the true shaman to guide you safely and directly into the full presence of this divine Spirit, and then quietly excuse themselves from the rest of your journey. It is the job of the healer simply to entertain the patient while the Great Spirit performs the actual healing. Some of the lowest of the low will often gravitate into scenarios like this, and masquerade as priest, shaman, healer and full and completely take advantage of their victims by positioning themselves as a middleman. It is your best course of action to directly make a connection with the Great Spirit yourselves, and to put your guidance into Her hands, for She is the one who created you, and there should be no other being as an intermediary between you and your creator if you are to make any true lasting advancements toward true enlightenment, transcendence, or personal healing.

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