Chapter 4 – A universal theory of everything else

So, when are we? We are currently in the past, our past. Where are we? We are residing (in the physical sense) on the edge of a giant black hole. What are we? We are currently a non-physical entity in a preprogrammed time machine, within an interactive hologram known as the time / space continuum. For some reason, I don’t think this is news to some of you, just more of a reminder. We as a species have known many of these things for thousands of years, and some of the world’s religions and ancient teachings clearly reflect this. Our modern society has simply forgotten. Shakespeare said, “all the world is but a stage”. What did he mean by this? Most people assume he was speaking about his plays, and performances. However, if you casually examine his works, you might notice a theme he was presenting. He was clearly writing about the human condition. So, did he mean that all the world was but a stage of evolution? He meant both. Literary geniuses commonly engage in this type of multi-contextual wordplay. In modern western society today, it is we, the commoners who have lost the ability to be able to interpret literature as it was once intended by the author to be conceptualized by the reader. We have lost this intimate connection with our artists, and our own language as we have spiraled ever so deeper into the Dark Age from which we are just beginning to re-emerge. When scholars speak of the Dark Ages, they mistakenly talk about it from a vantage point that misleads one into believing that it is an age of the past, and not a current affliction. The Dark Age is a concept used to describe a worldwide disconnection from our roots, and the source of creation. We as a group have never been further from enlightenment as we are right now. Unfortunately, the problem recognizing that we are experiencing a Dark Age, is that our minds are too dim to be able to acknowledge the true state as described aptly by Plato thousands of years ago.

It is beautiful how the English language has been constructed to allow us to embed different levels of context within each statement if we as the writer or reader are aware of this type of stegenographic wordplay. If we make ourselves become aware of this multi-context, we soon begin to see the entire world anew.

It is as though there was a hidden level of communication being used across the entire world throughout the ages. However, it is not as though, it is fact. People have been deliberately communicating like this on their own concealed frequency of thought. There are jokes, puns, insights and secrets hidden in plain view. As you get better at the art of comprehension, and if you care to practice and study it, you will eventually begin to find the original source of their inspiration to communicate with each other in this way. With enough study, you begin to discover that the very languages that we use today have been deliberately crafted to be used precisely in this way. To understand and practice this ancient art demonstrates an understanding of the art of human perception and predisposes one towards the realms of creativity and compassion. There are certain people who are not pleasant company for one reason or another that happen to share our environment and also have access to what is shared between each other within our societies. A common trait among them all and perhaps the underlying reason for their maladapted state of mind, is that they are not usually able to perceive the finer levels of thought, or achieve a higher frame of mind. Such people are stuck in a lower mental orbit than the rest of us.

This leaves the intellects, poets, artists and musicians to communicate freely and openly, without the less refined beings of the world eavesdropping in on the conversation and converting their good intentions into malignant manifestations. Had Einstein practiced this art with his famous equation E=mC2 and encoded it into a painting, or a poem, perhaps we would have had a different experience with our first nuclear applications. This event is precisely why we shouldn’t tell fools and warmongers about the secrets of nature and existence. They will use them to destroy everything around them. Four of the most famous books ever written use this multi-contextual method to obscure the true insights they contain. These are the Bible, the Quran, Torah, and the Bagvadhgita. None of these books can be interpreted correctly and completely without the correct context, but this doesn’t stop the masses from attempting to do so, or just making up whatever they want and injecting errors, paradoxes and conflicts within their fundamental belief structures. There are two stories being told in those books, one is for the uninitiated, and the other for the initiated. Where each religion seems to leave off, and where science leaves off, is either the perspective, context or both. None of these institutions are willing to stand back far enough from what they are focused on to see the rest of the picture.

The Gnostics will teach that the entire bible and the stories therein were all nothing but a metaphor, depicting merely the alignments of celestial bodies in the sky, a great collection of scientific and esoteric wisdom encoded in ancient parables. The Catholics will teach the opposite of this, that the stories must be all treated as literal historical events. The Perennial Philosophy expresses the idea that there is no single true religion, yet all in their original forms are true, but not the whole truth.

One very big issue that is difficult for us to come to terms with is that we as humans are largely blind. Reality as we know it comes blazing into our brains at about 400 billion bits of information per second. However, the brain can only utilize about 2,000 bits per second. This begs the question, which 2000 bits are utilized, and how do we choose? What about all of the rest of that extra data, where does it go? These numbers are calculated based upon the number of neurons in the human brain and their physical capacity to fire at a certain speed. But again, science it telling us that we are our brain. They have not added the mind into this calculation, because they cannot measure it. Just because you cannot measure something with our current tool set, does not disprove its existence, or negate its effect upon its surroundings. Stand upon the shores of the ocean, and gaze out at the horizon. Your mind is projecting it, and processing the reflection. Your mind is sub-infinite; all of this reality is contained easily within it. I say sub-infinite only because we are inside of another truly infinite mind. However, let us not discount the role of the human brain. Our brain is very instrumental in projecting our reality to our minds. Of all of the physical information that is being selected from and utilized, the brain has a very limited ability to process it. However, just like the new super computers that use huge banks of preprogrammed calculations, such as code crackers that have massive libraries of codes already to choose from, our minds have a similar caching capacity to create and store memories, images, emotional responses and concepts. Although our brains ability to process information is kind of slow compared to the computers of today, our brains limitless immeasurable ability to store information makes it possible for us to construct an entire world in our brain, and pre-program possible outcomes and events as it learns them once. In this way, we don’t need a lot of speed to select a scenario or concept from our massive database, and replay it for our mind. Although this is a fantastic technical ability of our brain, it is also a terrible liability. When our brain sees something that is not supposed to exist, or that it cannot recognise, it substitutes the unknown with a familiar image or concept that we already have stored in our brain. The undisciplined mind can become trapped in a universe-sized construct of illusion and assumptions in which we can never discover the borders. To some degree this is the crux of the human condition. The operating system that runs the show can become the ego, and it will close the doors of perception upon us and keep us in the darkness as its prisoner until we perish in the vast corridors within our brain. To quickly recap, we are not our ego, our brain is not our mind, and assumption is the poor unqualified, uneducated cousin of extrapolation.

It would seem that there is still an enormous amount of data unaccounted for with respect to our physical perception and physical limitations of our brain to translate it to our minds. However, this calculation is not taking into account the rest of the physical universe, which we are not even aware of at any level, the unseen infinitum as it were. Everything in this physical plane of existence is made up of photons, light. We interact with this energy at a denser level known as the electromagnetic spectrum. Our main scientific interest in this area is largely with radio waves, and the visible spectrum. However, our ability to construct measuring instruments is severely limited still. If we can measure such things, it’s also possible to harness them as well. At the wider end of the spectrum (longer waves) we have radio, microwave and infrared. Then we have the visible spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. At the narrower end of the spectrum, we have ultra-violet, x-ray, gamma rays etc. As we go past the point of currently known and utilized frequencies, we come upon a finer and finer electromagnetic wave the scientists call zero-point.

A curious thing to note is that as the waves get longer and longer, they have less intensity in direct proportion. Zero point energy constitutes the majority of the energy we are being constantly bombarded with in this physical reality. Did you ever notice how all things that have a solid mass just happen to be visible? We are taught that these physical objects are matter. We are also taught that the word matter refers to things of importance. In other words, all that matters in this world to human beings seems to be matter, this concept is built right into the language, and corrupts our values. The things that truly matter, are not matter at all. The correlation between the visible world and solid objects is more clear evidence, that these bodies are the hardware created to deliberately compliment the physical plane, and the universal software running it. These bodies we have are designed to see only what is of immediate physical use to us. What I also find interesting is that these physical things we see in their natural state, including us, are naturally subject to gravity. Only matter within that narrow band of the visible electromagnetic spectrum weighs anything of consequence, or has a solid form. If we cant see it, we wont bump into it either. This provides a strong hint, that gravity is a complex electromagnetic frequency exerted specifically upon matter within the visible spectrum of light or electromagnetic field. One other interesting line of thought we already covered earlier about wave physics, is that when you throw a stone into a pool of water, the waves increase in size the further from the source of the stone hitting the pool. This tells us, that the source of the electromagnetic emanations that make up our physical universe, is clearly within the zero-point band. This further tells us, that nothing is something. The void, or the black emptiness is a pool of non-moving raw frequency not unlike the concept of m-state (matter before it becomes an element). What then is this so called stone that is impacting the void and causing the ripple, which we know as the electromagnetic spectrum? It is a paradox that we know as a black hole, or point singularity. It exists in this plane and the next at the same time, an intersection.

The bridge between these worlds causes the ripple in the void that allows us to experience the physical plane as the electromagnetic spectrum. Is it possible that we are already in the clutches of a black hole? At this point I would say yes, it is quite possible. It might be as though we find ourselves within an entire universe situated within a giant black hole, within another and so on like a set of infinite wooden Russian dolls. We have just covered some very intense stuff here. We discover the nature of gravity, the source of reality, and even the reason why we can see what we see all by simple analogy once we accept a few basic facts about our origins. The entire scientific community has still decided not to allow such forward thinking into its official proclamations, largely because they are too busy squabbling over who will receive the credit for it. In-vent by the way, is a compound word. It means to reveal what is already within. It seems preposterous to assign such high status to individuals for merely pointing out something that is already there. So, true human creation is only within the realm of the artists, poets and musicians. Everything else is already pre-fabricated, as John Lennon already pointed out a long time ago, there is nothing you can make that cannot be made.

We are still left with a couple of all important questions though: 1) physically speaking, what resides within the rest of the invisible electromagnetic spectrum, and how can we access that information in order to increase our library of human comprehension and interact with it at some level? 2) If this great void is not nothing, which we seem to be able to prove with simple wave physics, then from where is this void itself emanated? These combined two questions regarding all that is unseen, unobserved, and largely unstudied constitute a line of reasoning, thought and speculation which I have dubbed the Infinitum.

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