The fathoms of consciousness run very deep. We can go from the lowest form of awareness, into the presence of our Creator by simply moving our mind, and shifting our beliefs. What are beliefs? Everyone has them, they seem easy to make, and just as easily broken. Beliefs seem so very ordinary, and by their very nature, more often than not, flawed. We identify with our beliefs, rightly so depending upon how we view them, individually or as a collective body of our picture of the universe, and everything within it. Our beliefs as a whole constitute our nature.

psychopathyHow do we arrive at our unique fingerprint of collective beliefs? Often we like to imagine that our beliefs reflect our experience. We observe something, and experience it, then we form an idea / opinion / belief, no? What if our experience was shaped by our expectations? Our expectations are an inherited / borrowed / copied structure of beliefs. We get these from parents, school, books, media. We already know we cannot fly, because we have a series of interconnected beliefs both inherited and by experience that tell us so. However, if our experience is shaped by our expectations, is is possible that we are merely experiencing a largely inherited reality, and not nearly what is true and possible? Max Planck was quoted as saying, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” He was referring to Quantum Physics.

Philosophers, quantum physicists, self hep gurus, psychonaughts, spiritual and occult masters all adhere to this principal. Why? They have discovered that it does work. You yourself must have experienced your own past beliefs limiting your reality at some point, and then when you no longer carried that belief, you began to have a new experience. A prudent student of any serious discipline must go through a serious process of auditing inherited belief structures to be able to have the depth and the reach to perceive what is not apparent to everyone else. It is precisely this process that sets these people apart as “gifted”. Unfortunately, most people view these gifted ones as different, special and extra-ordinary, and do not see this potential within themselves due to their existing inherited belief structures. 

Psychopathy is defined as a persons ability to determine what is significant, and what is not. In other words, your belief structure could be examined and compared to an average model of thousands of other individuals beliefs. This provides a scale model of which beliefs we all find in common, and allows comparison of an individuals belief structure as compared to the group. A very high psychopathy score indicates that a persons beliefs are outside of the ordinary. From a psychiatric viewpoint, persons who score highly on their psychopathy checklist are unpredictable, and dangerous to themselves and others. They are often not seen as wise, eclectic, gifted or philosophical. That said, how should one compare their own beliefs, not to others, but to the highest objective reality? Would this not be the true course to authentic lucidity?

In a world that has traded such concepts as true speech for free speech, and objective reality for virtual reality, where can one begin to find a reference point with which to begin auditing ones own belief structure? How can one audit their belief structure, when anything one chooses to believe begins to cast its own shadows of validation upon the tapestry of one’s own reality? Thus, the true student of consciousness begins their decent down the rabbit hole in search for enlightenment. In the beginning, one will follow another who claims to have achieved this. In the middle, if one comes upon good information, they will discover one or more direct paths to enlightenment, that require no human teacher, only a willing student. These paths are Fasting, Trauma, Meditation and / or Entheogens.

Each of these paths, or combination thereof will lead the student into the process of an internal audit of everything they thought they knew or believed. To fully examine each belief is not always required, as beliefs are in structures and clusters which can be challenged as a whole by examining the foundations upon which the structure lies. Like a cat and mouse game of psychological “jenga” one pulls at the building blocks of these foundations until the structure reveals the secret wisdom, the true objective insight sought after by the seekers and the sages. Often the seeker’s structures will collapse as they realize that it is an inherited self validating structure comprised of assumptions, superstitions, and careless adoptions which do not actually support the mountains of conclusions which were heaped on top of them. 

This sounds so very simple to read about it, even quite logical from nearly anyones perspective. However, this is not so very simple and easy as it seems. Who we are at this moment, what we believe we are is this collection of belief structures. It is quite often no easy task to destroy something you identify with. One single collapse of one single belief structure can be described as Ego Death. A full and complete audit leading to the collapse of all inherited belief structures is what I call Ego Transcendence. This term is used by just me because this phenomenon is very rare, and not documented. Once a person fully reaches this level of lucidity, they discover that being human, is merely a state of mind, and their awareness shifts to a higher plane. Thus, they do not remain here to write the article, and there are few left around to talk about it.

The mechanics of psychopathy is a topic which is of great interest to the seekers of higher wisdom. For those in the middle, between ordinary and enlightened, yet upon the path to self realization must undergo a process. To make this process easier it might help if one were to make an analogy with what is familiar. Imagine if you will a river. This river is pure consciousness, everything real and imagined, true and false, pure potential. Upon one bank lies what is normal, and ordinary. Upon the other bank lies enlightenment, immortality. Most seekers obtain a boat, and intend to navigate to the other side as they drink from the waters and gradually attain their enlightenment in a very dignified methodical manner. This is where most students find themselves, or so they believe. The fact is, there is no boat. They still have one foot upon the shores of what is normal, and they are attempting to build a bridge between the shores. The other foot is in the waters, slowly sinking into pure consciousness.

The problem with this method is that the more of the water one drinks, the more they realize that the shore upon which they were born is made of pure illusion. The more they uncover, the more this is proven, and begins to become the new paradigm. However, they have a very strong reluctance to immerse themselves into the river, and swim to the other shore. They cling desperately to belief structures for which the foundation has already been washed away by the river. As they keep going, they realize the shore itself is also illusion, and they are and always were entirely immersed in the river, the river Styx, the river of souls also known as Hades. The wise will realize at this point what has occurred, and where they are. They will let go of the illusion, and allow everything to pass from their grasp. This is the point when one has let go entirely of all notions and preconceptions of significance and insignificance, and refocuses upon what is, rather than what is not. This process can be described as pure psychosis. Everything is entirely significant, the smallest detail a fractal of the largest patterns of creation itself however, all is consciousness, all is one thing, just one being, oneness, and nothing outside of that understanding has any real significance at all.

But now, come back here and look around you… Maybe you are sitting on your couch, in front of your tv. On one hand, the information beaming at you tries to convince you that you’ve just glimpsed madness, all is normal and as it should be, and where you expect to find it. On the other hand if you listen to what it is saying, it seems as though it is mocking you, and the geometry and patterns lead right back into the river of fractals where everything is one thing. What are you going to do now? Seek professional help? Tell your parents? Dress up like Jesus and make a facebook page to collect followers? This is the part where many keep their one foot upon the shores of illusion, and attempt to dismiss what they have discovered that is inconvenient, a default state of awareness known as cognitive bias. We would like to believe that all is perfect and well as we rise through our fathoms from the depths of the unaware. This is not so.

As we tune into higher understandings, we can see there is a war upon consciousness unfolding around us, each side desperately fighting for our belief in their reality. Like little turtles awakening from their nest, we must climb to the surface and run for the sea, for as nature shows us, there is something awaiting us as we breach the sands of time, and if we have not been made ready beforehand, we will never make it to the sea. As nature demonstrates, not all of us will complete this journey safely. The true seekers and masters will develop a method of holding two truths, one in each hand. In the left hand, is the truth of the level in which you currently find yourself. In the right hand, simply put, you are all of them, everyone, this entire universe. As you rebuild your entire belief structure, what is significant, and what is not, you have these two truths to reflect upon, and you hold the absolute truth in your right hand as you rebuild and adapt the truth of the place in which you currently find yourself. Between these two truths, one can begin to travel back and forth between very different states of awareness with deliberate lucidity. Reality, even who and what we are changes significantly between the truths. When residing in the material plane, it is prudent that you do not mix truths when you communicate. It is wise to have the perspective of absolute truth, but it is very foolish or manipulative to attempt to dismiss the illusions of others and mix both truths into a paradoxical conflicted hogwash.

Only once one finds this balance, this relationship with where they are, and whom they are with, can one comprehend the true significance of sacred texts, allegories and the very significance of this entire plane of material existence, the river and beyond. This place is not made to be broken, it is a nursery, and its purpose is to allow space and time for the natural process of transcendence. If this process is disturbed by accidents incurring great trauma, or misuse of entheogens, someone who has stepped into the river before their time could become afflicted with A.T.I.C. (Acute Traumatic Identity Crisis). One who has understanding must take measures to avoid and prevent this. This type of affliction is rather common, misdiagnosed, and very often leads to suicide. For this reason, those who are aware of our true nature must take precautions with those who are blissfully unaware.

Is the person who identifies things such as status, money, reputation as carrying very high significance a psychopath? From the shores of enlightenment, yes. Is the person who does not value any of these things at all also a psychopath? From the shores of the material plane, certainly. Then where does the master find themselves in this apparent conflict of perception? The master knows the truth of each shore, and understands that they must respect what is significant to the others who have not yet arrived upon the shores of enlightenment, and understand and adhere to similar basic expectations and obligations of the persons around them so they may not cause undue discomfort and distress to those who will ideally one day become seekers themselves as they slumber within their dream of separation. In this light, the light of the purpose, ever holding the reason and the understanding, the master achieves this balance. With this understanding, a true psychopath is not defined by what they personally or subjectively find as significant or insignificant, but whether or not they respect what is significant or insignificant to others.

In the Egyptian book of the dead, it describes the weighing of the heart by the goddess of morality, harmony, justice, and truth, Maat. The heart must be neither too heavy, nor too light. Having a clear disregard for the natural level and unique processes of others upon their individual journey to the shores of enlightenment is an example of being too light. Who we are, in the end is not our temporary collection of beliefs, it is who we are to other people.