Microdosing is the art of taking psychedelic substances in very small quantities on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time. Albert Hoffmann, credited as the father of modern LSD microdosed from the time he created it until his death at 102 years of age. Dr. James Fadiman has done quite a number of studies on prolonged use of entheogens as well. Modern day programmers are commonly using this technique to increase their output and creativity, myself included. Much of the software you use today has been inspired directly by entheogens, even the very hardware we use today was the brain child of Steve Jobs, who had used LSD to enhance his cognitive abilities. Macrodosing, (prolonged heavy psychedelic usage) was done by Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Tim Leary, Terence McKenna to name just a few. I have also done this as well, and consequently learned very much through these intense ethereal experiences. One of my personal favorite areas of study has been studying the threshold of awareness, the over lapping effects between normal consciousness, and psychedelic awareness. I watch the reality come apart, the subtle shifts in perception, and the way it all goes back together. I also study the prolonged effects of this type of experience, and what foods, thoughts, supplements and activities promote or hinder this subtle transreality state.

Microdosing promotes permanent growth of connections between the hemispheres of the brain. The movie “Limitless” is about a synthetic drug that has similar results. If this were a true story, psilocybin, LSA, or LSD would be that specific drug taken in minute quantities that has those specific effects. However, continuation of this exploration does open a door, and just like in that movie, all hell breaks loose around you as you are put to the test by forces beyond most people’s comprehension. I took this to the level of the movie “Lucy”.. that’s how far this pursuit goes. Your mind can achieve critical mass, whereby the understandings begin an unstoppable cascade effect, a chain-reaction of awareness which results in ascension and transcendence (trance end), because you simply realize completely, you are not actually here, and you cannot undo this effect once you have been exposed. Hearing the words are one thing, but experiencing this personally for an extended period initiates this effect. My advice, while microdosing, make it a point to learn everything you can about these medicines, and every so often, take a breakthrough dose so you can communicate with the entities that reside in that space, so they can help guide your final journey, and possibly assist you in regulating your ascent. If you just rocket to the surface, you will get thousands of little bubbles in your system like a diver with the bends, and you can go mad. Conscious is also measured in fathoms, and your depth is measured by what you can fathom. Take your time, assimilate, study, and connect. Some people may prefer to explore their dreams rather than directly enhance their waking consciousness. Lucid dreaming coupled with specific supplements to achieve this may be more to their liking.

As I went from microdosing, to macrodosing, the veil began to wear thin. Suddenly, I went through a door I never imagined was there. It was death. We are born into death.. in a little temporary bubble which breaks over time, and lands us back into a soup we are usually not prepared for. My microdosing, led to moving continents to be legally within reach of medicinal plants. This lead to trying many different types, and wore the veil very thin. What do you want out of this? To be a medium? Start there, and keep going. You will end up a large. We are this place, this place is consciousness, and the closest thing to death that we actually deal with, is the “normal” unconscious eyes wide shut day to day humans call life. If you wish to know yourself, be prepared.. all the words can never prepare you for becoming yourself. You are the universe, not a drop in the ocean as you have been led to believe, but the ocean in a drop. Eventually, you will discover this. To transcend, you must be ready to open the door whilst you are still in possession of a body, and go through the experiences that await you. If you do not, you will return here, and inherit the scenario where you left off or worse. If you knock on this door carelessly, you will be turned back around or ignored, depending upon how the spirit guarding the gate decides you need to be treated.

Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is. ~ Albert Einstein

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