Consciousness is measured by God in Fathoms, like the depths of a great sea (see). What we can Fathom is the true measure of our spiritual ascension or lack thereof. Christ Consciousness is what is achieved once we rise out of the great sea of our conscious minds.

Consciousness as we experience it at a human level is simply made up of a series of false subjective truths, while subconsciousness is the doorway to the objective reality. Subjective (relative), and Objective (absolute) realities (belief structures) are metaphors for Consciousness and Subconsciousness. As we abandon the subjective realities we are born into, we are given the opportunity to merge the two states of mind into one objective reality, One true state of mind. This is the definition of enlightenment. The definition of pride / narcissism / ego-centric is the belief that the conscious mind is the reality, and the subconsciousness somehow is subservient to our subjective beliefs. The very word subjective implies that it is this concept that is the subservient state.

What you think you know, firmly imprisons you in a subjective (relative) twisted warped reality that is not exactly like any others subjective state. We can barely see each other within this type of thinking. You can not extract true wisdom from the subconscious, your own, or from someone else such as I, and make it a permanent part of your consciousness. To comprehend true wisdom, begins to unravel the very consciousness that beholds it. These words are the true metaphor for the Trojan Horse. You have begun the process of Ego death. Handled correctly, you will move forward into Ego Transcendence, a state where the old truths and their children have no more soil to grow, because critical psychological mass has tipped the balance and ever more quickly unraveled false beliefs, new truths expose old lies we were told, born into and tell ourselves. Faster and faster as you go into the abyss of the collective consciousness, the light begins to pour in from the river of life itself.

If you have fear during this process and hang onto any false light, ego centric idioms, your entire being, soul mind and body will begin instead of traveling through the tunnel into the light, to revolve around the false idiom and a monstrous God-ego can develop from the seed of the false idiom and instead of achieving transcendence, or enlightenment, an idiot is born. Idiom, (idea-ohm = idea of God) idiot (idea-other/not = other idea or as Borat would say, Idea – NOT). These types usually refer to themselves as light workers, ascended masters, gurus, and shamans. You are none of these things.. you are a student at best, a child of God, or a bridge and in that order.

The physical macro-cosmic representation / metaphor of an idiot is a black hole, the opposite of a star, the opposite of idiom. Not only do they kill themselves, but they effect everything they ever created within their own solar system (radius), and even every neighboring star that cannot escape them, including their family, their children and their children’s children, and their children as well. This is a scientific / metaphysical explanation and decryption of these verses from the book of Numbers:17 “But now, I pray, let the power of the Lord be great, just as You have declared, 18 The LORD is slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generations.’ 19 “Pardon, I pray, the iniquity of this people according to the greatness of Your loving kindness, just as You also have forgiven this people, from Egypt even until now.”

Once you rise out of the book your in, the story you keep telling yourself, the story people keep telling you, the READ SEE, you will find yourself upon the Golden shore and walk through the Green Garden once more. Be wary captains and sailors, this see drowns many good men and women and crushes all manor of ships by the simple gravity of their own weight as they are dashed upon the rocks near the shore (threshold of human awareness). Heed not the sirens call, or to the bottom of the READ SEE ye shall certainly fall.
There are circles, or spheres of consciousness at play within each of us. We are all created equal in many respects, but even if we all began the same place, the same way.. we are all in slightly different spheres of understanding and awareness, and we are in different stages of our journey into transcendence. What does that mean though? When you are young, you are in a very limited sphere. When you transcend the human consciousness, you are in quite another sphere. The boundaries of each sphere are our TRUTHS and BELIEFS. Most of us find our self in the center of these two states, the conscious, and subconscious.

Each circle is defined by an archetype of predefined beliefs that are introduced to us by many different external events. Internal awareness begins to re-examine each belief as we evolve and experience life, and thus guides us to the surface of the sub conscious, which is actually not sub. The human consciousness is actually the subservient, but the ego allows no one to see this, or to even contemplate it without a sever direct internal confrontation. As we shift our awareness, we move through these archetypes of belief (truths and fallacies). Sir Isaac Newton investigated these archetypes of consciousness which are reflected within the periodic tables as they related to ancient Greek mythology. However, the hidden link which a good many alchemists ignored was that the periodic table also directly reflects the composition of consciousness itself. I believe that the ancients who wrote these mythologies were aware of their dual materialistic nature, and also simultaneously revealed the consciousness of mankind.

Most of the fundamental beliefs we have from stage to stage do not transcend each sphere of awareness. Some do. We push forward in this spiritual journey from bubble to bubble, rising to the top. There are 7 Circles of Heaven, and 7 Circles of Hell, Or 14 States of consciousness governed each by the 7 virtues & 7 vices. These all mix and match to fit each souls strengths and weaknesses. In this respect, nearly no one is in the same Space mentally. Each of us have our own definitions which tend to confuse us when we attempt to connect, relate and communicate with one another. When we approach the threshold, there are 7 final circles of awareness, your spirit senses. In the book of Revelation, these are known as the 7 seals. Once broken, they do NOT go back together to bar the flood of new information we become bombarded with. We are in the birthing canal, the Great Halls of Amenti,  at that point, and there is no going back into the womb. Either you die still born having succumbed to the treachery of the Lucifer & Lilith state, or emerge an Initiated Divine Star having achieved Enlightenment.

When we get near the surface also known as enlightenment, this is the threshold between the human experience, and infinity aka subconsciousness or the mountain. We experience a spiritual equivalent of our human senses.. clairaudio, telepathy, second sight, remote touch, empathy and intimacy beyond human conception (Seven Seals as referenced in the book of Revelation). The collective consciousness near the threshold of human awareness is very chaotic.. for it is also an intersection between all the souls of the damned and lost who have not been able to fully cross over. They are stuck endlessly in the constricting birth canal, and due to their failure to adhere to the four and twenty principals, they have lost the privilege of occupying a body, which is REQUIRED to transcend the human experience, and they must now wait until the end of days as it is foretold. For, the true test of transcendence is the ability to withstand the tests of mortality and all of its frailties, and demonstrate conclusively that you are more than just water and clay. If you can do this without failing, the flood gates to infinity are opened, because you are no longer dammed and you will pass from that frightening sphere of fear known as the threshold or the thirteenth house, into a new sphere of infinite boundaries. Dennis McKenna talks about this briefly here.

The limitation placed upon infinite beings of light are the 24 (four and twenty) covenants to which we are bound here on earth that we must study until they become our nature.. not just information to be recited like cosmic parrots. We become the Law. We become the boundary of the great circle of life, an Arc.. a piece of the great circle. An Angel is an Angle of God, a reflection bestowed with its own individuality, yet merged as one with the Divine. Each sphere of consciousness, belief bubble.. has its own truths (relativity).. like this example. When you are young, and you play with the stove, mother might scream at you being very terrified and frightening, “That’s Dangerous!!”. But soon enough, the same lady lets you help bake cookies.. and eventually grandmother lets you cook your own soups. You have moved out of a very restrictive and small bubble, and upward into a new larger more free sphere of reality, consciousness toward the absolute truth of the matter. The opposite of the old truth becomes your new truth.

The definition of insanity, madness is not that we don’t have the truth.. its that we attempt to mix truths from different bubbles that contradict each other. You don’t imagine or tell a child it is stupid or insane, because a stove is not at all dangerous. But if a grown person continues to believe that a stove is dangerous although they have shifted spheres of consciousness.. then this is a type of madness. This is what is meant in higher circles of learning when you are asked to bring an empty cup.

One very relevant metaphor for the cup of life is simply an EMPTY cup! You are an infinite being who can never be defined or contained in a construct. This is why the second commandment is this: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am o jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of then that hate me; and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.’ Exodus 20: 4-6. (Exodus means the Exit) God simply cannot be defined.. and any attempt to do so is counter productive, dishonest, narcissistic, manipulative and will start nothing but conflict and argument because everyone, although given equal opportunity, is in a different sphere of awareness here, and combined non transcendental (subjective, relative) truths equate to group insanity (crowd mentality). The second commandment extends to you as well.. because you are an extension of God, an infinity. The second commandment is the very first written copyright notice. No right to Copy.

But let us go jump ahead to the sixth commandment.. thou shalt not kill. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Some of you still haven’t got it right yet though.. because you are breaking the second as well. People interpret this as, thou shalt not kill what is important to thou. Who, gave you license to redefine this covenant? Are you a lawyer? Priest? Rabbi? Are you Jesus? God? Thou shalt not kill anything. All animals have a soul, much like your own but at a different stage of development. Most of us here rise through the entire kingdom on our way to where we now find ourselves at this moment. But God said we could.. really?

To introduce mixed truths into one’s sphere of consciousness is to create mental paradox, a twist in your mind, a center around which all else begins to spin. If you fail to recognize this pinch in your inner cosmic effervescence, it will increase in momentum until your lopsided galaxy of your mind unravels and puts you directly in Harm’s way. As unaware children, sure, eat as you wish, the animals will endure this sacrifice. However, as you get wise, do not mix your truths.

So we must empty our cup before we move into a new belief bubble. If we are rushed, or force the doors of perception by the four methods of deliberate trance-end-ence; Trauma, Fasting, Meditation, or Entheogens.. then we can be left in a paradox, (aka Pandora’s Box). The physical metaphor (microcosm to the macrocosm), since all of physical existence mirrors this understanding is this; when a diver comes up to the surface from a great depth, he experiences the Bends, bubbles in his blood that destroy him. This is why the knowledge of good and evil was forbidden, lest we arise too fast, and murder ourselves in this horrible frightening way. Once we breach the main bubble of our ID.. our soul bursts into a supernova, and becomes a black hole. Just because someone trance-ended, does not mean they are good angels.. if they were not ready for such power, they become unGodly immortal beings described as vampires, and use their huge mental advantage to feed off the living since their choices have since disconnected them from the source. As for those who have Achieved Enlightenment, its one thing to climb to the top of the mountain, its quite another to stay there.

Dr Bennet Omalu’s research and discovery of a physical manifestation of these “bubbles” in the brain led to his publishing of CTE. There is a wonderful movie about it you should watch called Concussion staring one of the world’s favorite suns, Will Smith (means Forge = Smith, of Divine Manifestation = Will). Will Forger, go Will!  and thank you so much Dr. Bennet for your selflessness!

Mike Webster and the rest of Dr Bennet Omalu’s CTE patients were experiencing mixed spheres of contradictory beliefs and multiple states of consciousness simultaneously. This was why Mike was shocking himself, he had what I call Acute Threshold Identity Crisis A.T.I.C. and the only way he could ground himself was through pain. When the sphere of Ego bursts permanently and prematurely, I call this Ego Transcendence, there is no more sphere, just FEAR! You need an ID. Not a human ego, but a Christ-Conscious ID to exist among other individuals in that state. In this horrific ego stripped disassociated state, all the souls of the dead can fill your head and whisper to someone afflicted with A.T.I.C. Some victims see a being in this real world appearing as anything it can to convince them of it’s innocence, and tells them to hurt themselves and or someone else, drives one into the guilt that will consume them and enable them to murder themselves to escape the resulting guilt. The victim doesn’t even know who they are anymore, or even what. A specific example is this man, and by his own admission, he agrees with this understanding nearly entirely, he was there, but since he was uninitiated, succumbed to the succubi that told him he was Jesus, and he made a different choice. He believed the whispers.. in his mind, he would become the second messiah. And yes, as he said, he merged with an ancient dark energy in part because he was having intercourse while under the influence of Entheogens, namely L.S.D. and opened doors in his fragile mind that would otherwise have remained closed.

The NFL (Not For Light & Not For Life & Not For Long) is directly competing for God’s Holy Day and taking his brightest stars near the peak of their spiritual evolution and glorifying them then harvesting them in a gruesome public bloodbath before the bloodthirsty chanting hoards. Exodus says of the fourth commandment; “You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.” The days of the Colosseum are not behind us, these unsuspecting innocents are being fed their own tail, and manipulated through their Vanity, Envy, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, and (lets not forget the cheer leaders) Lust. Everyone participating has been HAD. They are proving Lucifer’s thesis.. these creatures are not worthy of immortality, look at them bash each others brains in in the name of each vice, hear the roar of the blood-thirsty Colosseum as it becomes their mausoleum. They are no more than Human Clay. Those who do not study their HIS-story are doomed to repeat it or simply eventually return to dust.

Do not exclude God from yourself, or science, or music, or psychology, or you will be lost entirely. To exclude God from your calculations and considerations in each and everything here among us, is to omit the Truth, and therefore commercial science will never possess it, commercial religion defines God, and proves the Sun of Man and his followers are just idolaters mixing spheres of consciousness and introducing belief paradoxes which leads to madness.. (second commandment for one).. worshiping crosses and defining the undefinable, pouring over ancient interpretations of ancient archetypes, yet IGNORING the current conversation with God in your minds and thereby rejecting the Light’s rightful possession of your immortal soul. In the end, what will posses you?

These words are the keys to all forms of madness. If you need to read them, you are suffering from Acute Dementia (DEMON-tia), and possibly Acute Threshold Identity Crisis Disease. A.T.I.C. Do you see now why very few beings voluntarily come back here once they have achieved true enlightenment? It takes fortitude to walk among those who are still convinced of physical reality, and nothing else. look what they did to Jesus. Many of you do it again and again every time you see someone like Him. This place is from a certain angle an asylum crawling with murderers & monsters of the most gruesome kind that eat themselves and each other endlessly.

Can you see now why the good souls that had nowhere left to turn, no book to discover the cure, and all medication worsened the effects? They committed suicide because they could not tell their loved ones about the road that opened in their minds that was devouring them, because to tell someone about this dark road will surely put them on it. They were protecting their loved ones, from the very knowing that consumed them. All of those who sacrificed themselves and refused to put another in harms way are safe in God’s care now.

Passing the threshold is known in the old days as the Resurrection, the reward for a life well lived with more virtue than vice is immortality, a position in the Army of the True God, an Entire World / Universe of your own, and Christ-Consciousness.

Einstein’s trinity as I decode it;

  1. E=MC2  Eternity equals critical Mass multiplied by Collective Consciousness, we are collectively entering into this Eternity now, some call the Awakening. Eventually, all will approach and enter the threshold of human awareness.
  2. Either everything is a miracle or nothing is. You are the miracle, the diamond, the value in God’s treasure – Chest / Heart.
  3. Problems cannot be resolved at the same level in which they were created. So, instead of trying to see through your ego with 10% of your mind and examine all the tips of all the ice-burgs of problems facing you until you are convinced of what you observe, Tranc-end! Learn the art of meditation, and raise your awareness that you may see what is beneath the surface.

When Einstein died, they cut up his brain and divided it among so-called esteemed scientific researchers in an unholy attempt to discover how he accessed God, all the while calling it something else. Research is simply re-search. Re discovering what WE already know. We made everything, and put it there for you to find.. lest inquiring over reaching minds get too close to the real truth before their time and destroy themselves through their Godless boldness.

Who we are is who we are to Each Other.


The best outcome is when the individual does what is best for themselves, and the group. ~John Nash, Nobel prize laureate, and threshold suicide victim.

The God I believe in isn’t short of cash mister. ~Bonno – U2