Mental Illness

Mental illness is the inability to reconcile two or more competing models of reality within one mind. The causes are as varied as the symptoms, but the root of the reason for the dichotomy is always the same. We are not this, what we appear to be, and we are not where we appear to be either. What and where might these be you might wonder. We are aspects of what some call an egregor, a being that is best described as a hive mind, made of pure thought, immersed in a false reality which appears to be solid, but is little more than a simulated illusion. This simulation or model of reality is portrayed as 3 schizophreniadimensional in which events follow a linear progression. The circumstances in which we find ourselves is even more disturbing still. We are in the middle of a psychic war between two omnipotent egregors who are competing with each other for utter domination of this entire plane of existence. On one side, is our maker(s) which created us, nurtured us, taught us, and created this simulation as well. On the other side are the unmakers, lords of chaos, destruction, and decay.

If we are to believe the tales of old found in the scriptures, these two beings at war were once part of one larger omnipotent egregor, and created this place jointly, and everything within it as well. Humanity was the last of these joint creations, which in turn sparked a debate as to whether or not to allow them to attain immortality, and awaken into the infinite quantum realm and participate in all of creation to follow. What happened next, was a division within the divine egregor into two parts, one of creation and one of destruction. This story however may merely be an allegorical parable describing the birth of duality, the birth of one of nature’s most often used instruments, death. These two factions at perpetual war depict nature’s design perfectly, survival of the fittest, to protect the herd from mass extinction by a process of super natural selection. When combined, these forces work together to forge immortal souls, and recycle that which is unfit to pass into higher realms. I believe it is both, the legend and the aspect of nature.

Humans are taught from birth a single model of reality based upon Newtonian physics and literal interpretations of allegorical models of creation. It is little wonder that when one lifts the veil and sees for the first time glimpses of just what is really afoot in a much larger completely inverted model of reality, that they are sent reeling back into this reality desperately clawing for some kind of mutually agreed upon solid ground. And so, they believe they have witnessed some type of temporary madness, and seek to rebury the truth, and the gate that led them to it by any and all means necessary. Unfortunately, there is still the actual issue that has always plagued them and scratched at the periferi of their minds eye, we are not this, and this is still a simulated illusion. The truth, is not a democracy.

The perfected mind is able to travel to different realities, and perceive them as they are, regardless of how different they are from one another. A mind such as this knows when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do, and does not attempt to apply context and rules valid in one reality to a different reality where such rules are not applicable. Such a mind has within it a variety of preconstructed models of reality along with their corresponding rules, contexts and truths, from which to draw upon as they travel from realm to realm, dimension to dimension. These other realities are already in existence and must be experienced repeatedly in the correct context and from the correct perspective in order to develop such a catalog. Some of these realms are very awful places which were created as traps to confine each soul at its own level. Even the pleasant realities are merely stepping stones to the highest ones which are well out of reach of this war of nature’s design. One who has achieved enlightenment has made a map of these models, and passed through each of them without stopping short of the ultimate goal of the soul, immortality and relationship with the divine.

The traps are completely alternate models of reality, which trick a being into thinking they possess the truth, and thus no one searches for what they believe they already have, no matter what state of mind they find themselves in. You have never seen a psychotic, or paranoid, or schizophrenic person searching for their head, even though the cannot really see it without a reflection. They require no proof they have it, even though they have only ever seen but a reflection of it. These trap models have every piece of validation and evidence lying like bread crumbs for the wayward souls to think they found at great effort, and with great intelligence, and not a shadow of doubt will remain, that they have indeed found the truth. Thus, they stop searching for the actual truth, and continue the rest of their lives to discover the missing pieces that help them to continue to validate what they already believe. These pieces are indeed there waiting for them to go deeper and deeper and further from enlightenment, whilst being thoroughly convinced of the exact opposite. This model they have found is not non-existent, nor is it untrue. It was there all along, waiting for them to find it like a Venus fly trap. These models of reality were constructed by our makers to separate the wheat from the chaff. These realms are the psychotic realms. The earth of the Newtonian physics is one such realm, a psychotic realm of inverted truths from which few emerge.

This doesn’t mean one needs to freak out, and pull out their hair screaming the sky is falling. Learn the rules here, assemble all the pieces of the puzzle you can find, and out grow it, and move to the next. As you learn new levels, you do not completely discard all you have learned in the previous model, although you may very well modify your behavior significantly due to a larger understanding and relationship with divine law which permeates each realm, the unseen hand of justice humans call karma, which is often little more than a divine chemical reaction, a predefined consequence with its true direct psychiatry truthcause often hidden from the unaware. You put this realm away when you shift to a higher one, and learn the new model. When you are there, you will use that model, context, and truth, and when you are back here, you will use this model. When in Rome takes on a new meaning when you begin to roam. As you begin to lower the veil and all the different techniques to do this, you will move from realm to realm, collecting models and out growing them, on an endless journey from psychosis to psychosis upon the path to enlightenment. If you want the full truth right now, there is only one being here, and you do not exist independently of it at all, and if you were to stare into the face of it, you would be immediately undone.

And so, just like they warn you in the time travel movies, you do not want to go back in time and meet yourself or you will negate your very existence. This is the fate of the sorcerer, pursuing god itself instead of the relationship to god and discovering what they could be rather than what they are. You are who you are to others, not who you were. Move forward, not backward as you collect your models, and play nice is my best advice. To move forward from where you are, to where you need to go, you will encounter every form of what humans call madness. Don’t be too concerned, humans call everything for which they do not possess an intellectual concept, madness. This doesn’t make it so, its just their ignorance, it does not need to be yours as well. Each type of madness has for arguments sake, two perspectives. The physical model, and the quantum (spiritual) model. A psychic medium does not advertise their services as a psychotic schizophrenic who specializes in the art of infecting you with their delusions. The prophet is not called the paranoid merely because the truth of this model of reality and its war upon us isn’t what people want to hear.

One who has achieved enlightenment knows a great many things, one of which is that every single being who has not achieved enlightenment is psychotic, of varying degrees. Even the psychiatrists? Especially the psychiatrists who have built their entire model of reality around Newtonian physics, Darwinian biology, who have no idea of alternate, very real models of reality thus rendering them psychotic, seeing everyone else as separate from them but not aspects of the larger whole that they truly are which is the text book definition of schizophrenia, all the while when ever presented with any new model of realityinformation contrary to the status quo refuse to publicly disclose it in the interest of the betterment of mankind due to acute paranoia that they will be frowned upon by the establishment, in addition believing they have a far more complete and advanced map of the human psyche more so than anyone else less educated in their field which is a perfect example of delusions of grandeur. Trust one such as this with your mind? I think not!

As we begin to see through the veil, these madnesses are introduced to us in a very real and direct way to test whether we are fit to transcend to the next realms, or not. If you have not experienced this yet, either you are not yet at that point, or it is being hidden from you because you are not scheduled to leave this realm in this life. This experience is commonly called the abyss by psychonaughts. You will be tested thoroughly, there are no exceptions and no way around it. If you see it for what it really is, then there is no problem at all. If you resist, your entire reality will begin to revolve around the untruths which you harbor, and it may fly out of control. I spoke with the spirit they call Mother Ayahuasca about shamans. She told us, she is behind all of the medicines, and to stop seeking knowledge from the shamans we came upon and sought out. She informed us They do not work with shamans any longer, for they have been corrupted. We are to take a medicine that is comfortable to us, go into nature, and She will teach us directly, and this is how it is done now. I have met a great number of people who have used plant medicines to attain knowledge.

Few shamans have wisdom, and fewer still had ever spoken with Mother. I found that most of them were locked into a trap model of reality in which they believed that we were all creating this on our own, and these great spirits were figments of our own subconscious, in essence, they think we are god. They had no relationship direct or otherwise with the spirits, and merely put on a show for money. I know people who have taken very serious medicines more than a hundred times, and never discovered the Kingdom, nor spoke with the King. Take heart, and go alone, to find the spirits, and make this connection, lest you be left to wander in some trap pocket dimension and never emerge. Entheogens have a cumulative effect, and taking too much may permanently remove it before you are ready to face the abyss, which by what ever means this has happened is the cause of persistent symptoms of what is called mental illness. Once you reconcile what is actually happening, it is not an illness any longer, but an ability possessed by all the enlightened masters who ever were, and ever will be. In scripture, the transcendental models of reality are called Revelations. In scripture the permanent removal of the veil is called the Resurrection. Its a very good thing, if you are ready to face the truth. Through this process a soul achieves enlightenment and immortality, you cannot have one without having the other, they mean the same thing in higher realms. No matter how far you progress, remember, God is us, yes. But we are not God.

Common Models

Many models of reality exist here upon this plane we call earth, many of which are mutually exclusive. The highest realities include context for all the others beneath them. Each of these realities presents itself as a self contained theory of everything. This article is one such theory of everything psychological (TOE) which presents a higher reality that includes them all, and puts each of them into perspective.

  • Scientific realities called TOE (theories of Everything): geocentric, heliocentric, Newtonian, Quantum, flat – hollow – round – holographic earths.
  • Conspiracy realities, Zeitgeist, Masonic, Illuminati, Federal Reserve
  • Alien realities: ufos, abductions, Vegans, Peledians
  • Metaphysical realities: mediums, healers, seers, sorcerers, witches, impaths, empaths, telepaths, ghosts
  • Mentally ill realities: Schizophrenics, psychopaths, delusions of grandeur
  • Shamanic realities: Spirit worlds, religious encounters, angels, demons, Gods, mythological
  • Murderous realities: War, hell
  • Classes: First, second and third worlds, upper, lower and middle, educated and ignorant
  • Physical and non: Dream worlds, vision worlds, physical reality


What happens if you are thrust into this process, and do not complete? You will die here, and return to complete. If you never complete, you will never gain psychiatry model of realityimmortality, and eventually be recycled into new energy with nothing of your current essence left.

What happens if I need to halt the process because I really cannot handle it? Go slow. Once you begin, there is no going back to the model you were born into. If you are having a crisis, this article can give you tips on how to manage that, and help someone else:

How do I know if I am enlightened or not? You will know. It will be explained by beings far greater than I. Do NOT stop short of this, do not except anything less than full disclosure. Keep returning to the river, until you are the river.

What about my family? We are all family. Many times, they are the first obstacle holding you from the truth, out grow them, create a new one, who wants to walk the path as well. Many achieve higher awareness and return to share it with others. You can tell if they are ready at that time.

What if I really am crazy? Of course you are, the human condition is insanity. The path of enlightenment is the only true cure, know thyself.

Symptoms of the Awakening / Revelation / Apocalypse

Paranoia: annoyed with the paranormal, such as repeating patterns, and glimpses of other realities where everything and everyone is indeed plotting against them, discovering the butterfly effect you have over all of creation.

Psychopathy: having no idea what is truly significant, and vice versa, and the belief that physical reality is not the manifestation of consciousness.

Schizophrenia: Telepathy between other aspects of the hive mind / egragore of which we are each a facet.

Delusions of Grandeur: The belief that one is more important than they actually are. We are what we thought god was, but god is so very much more than we can conceive. When people begin to loosen the veil, they begin to discover abilities and secrets that only the prophets could have known, and then believe that they are the one Christ, rather than understand that this is just a level of awareness we each have opportunity to achieve.

This article presents a gateway into quantum psychology, a new path into eternity which must be navigated to achieve any significant awakening


Once someone has been exposed to a number of these models and realizes that others have been to the same spaces and beyond, the ego can begin to acknowledge there really is a master pattern, and a master universal plan. Each mental illness is currently being treated as the source of the problem, and not a symptom, which is going to have a very predictable result failure.

My personal experiences have resulted in an enhanced ability to analyze patterns in everything and draw links between everything, microcosmic / macrocosmic & fractal. I have spent years researching and studying the sciences mythologies and scriptures to be able to put my experience into words and linear concepts that can be shared. Everything is consciousness, which means that every science can be reduced to psychology: geometry, chemistry, quantum, mythology, religion, alchemy – all studies are maps of the psyche when interpreted in the highest context, simply because all matter is illusion generated by quantum consciousness. I know Im not the only one with these understandings, but I don’t know any others personally. Im glad I can help some people, discover the larger pattern of quantum psychology.


There are a couple of recent series that depict certain aspects that I have mentioned in the above article.