Master of Ceremonies

There is one tradition that crosses all cultural boundaries, and links them. This is known as the Ceremony. In Latin, cere meant to impregnate with wax, and mony means the result of an action. The ceremony is very often, even still today linked with the candle. Many of the traditions that have been passed down are heavily linked with superstition and magic. From the witches of old Europe to the marriage to the funeral, certain ancient rites are being carried out whether we still remember the origins or not. There are literally Christ Jesus Mushroomthousands of different types of ceremonies for as many different purposes. In this day and age, we seem to have little time for such pursuits. As I first went into the medicines,  I brought with me no shamans, no predispositions, just an open mind and usually at least one friend. As I progressed down this path, my journey went down many different roads. I tried the medicines in the house, outside, in nature, downtown, in crowds of hundreds of thousands of people, at work, in clubs and events, on riverboat cruses, in the theater, in traffic, alone, on cross country adventures, atop of ancient ruins, holy mountains, and in many different settings around the world. I have seen during my experiences orbs, aliens, ships, entities, mythological creatures, possession, time loops, wraiths, ghosts, nebula in deep space, other world realms, matrix like hologram realities, quantum physical realms, and our creators. I have observed my default waking awareness move from a dream like default state (akin to alzheimers), into a hyper aware interconnected super being which is one with everything for very extended periods.

As I progressed from my initial condition to the place in which I find myself today, I have spoken with other worldly beings on many occasions. I have also spoken to many other people either directly involved in my adventures, or who have had many experiences of their own. I have had wonderful experiences, and terrifying and dangerous experiences and witnessed others doing the same. When I began with the medicines, I didn’t really realize that there were any precautions one should take. Despite all of my adventures and variety of experiences, I am not a superstitious person. I have a very logical mind, and I take my time and make careful observations before I adopt anything as a truth. When I began to study psychedelic medicines in depth, I brought nothing into the experience except a friend or two. We had a very simple space, and we were respectful to the level that we were aware of. As we persisted, we were visited by the being who made us, and She sat with us for extended periods and helped us put what was happening into context. This being has been with us for all of our adventures, and has made Her / Their presence known, and spoken with us ever since we became aware of Her presence. Those who wish to read more of my personal experiences can visit this page.

If one does not deal with medicines appropriately, the medicines will deal with them accordingly

On some occasions, we were attacked by beings outside of the normal human awareness. On other occasions, the people were battling an enemy within. During each experience, I would learn more and more about the next realms, and about this realm. Each experience would help me to make a map of sorts of the experience, the realm, and of consciousness. Having no human guide or pesky superstitions influencing my experiences, I learned over time of certain elements and conditions that will either benefit us or expose us to unpleasant scenarios. As the years have progressed, on occasion, the Great Spirits have come into our ceremonies and told us and / or showed us about the different elements that were important for us to understand. Part of the ceremonial context is to cause an effect. This is how each ceremony begins, even at the planning stage, with an intention. In this context, there are more subtle causes of effects that need to be discovered by those who choose to go along this path.

During my experiences, what I noticed was important was the intention. What I also discovered, was the people I was with had a massive impact upon what the ceremony would be like. As I began to create ceremonies with more and more specific intentions, I would try to recreate the conditions that would result in a positive ceremony in which we could connect with the Great Spirits, and spend some quality moments learning about Them, and ourselves. I do not have music in the ceremonies, no magical incantations or chanting of mantras, no dancing or distractions of any kind. I am aware that nothing is required to speak directly with our creators, so I do not DMT geko geiko reincarnationindulge in any superstitions or old ideas. I have written a section about ground rules in common with all ceremonies to creating a basic and respectful ceremony which often does result in a direct and positive connection with the divine. In the area below, I add the different types of ceremonies for a variety of specific intentions that I have learned either directly from our makers, or through trial and error.

There are two kinds of mystical students. The kind who comes into such practices to learn to maintain their lives in a better way, and the kind that have an earnest desire to achieve enlightenment and transcend this reality. In the old traditions, they did not teach transcendence. This is where my interest and teachings diverge from their ancient paths, into a journey that will result in the seeker learning how to achieve immortality and discovering what obstacles lie between them and their ultimate goal and intention. For this reason, I disregard many of the passed down traditions and ideas and search out an even older path. I have discovered many modern deviations built into religions to merely guide people around the loop of reincarnation endlessly. I see this type of spiritual teaching as spiritual tourism. The spiritual tourist takes a look around, and then goes back into the human level of awareness to live out that existence. My intention is to break free of this ancient cycle, and move into the next realms of existence and awareness. This is the main difference between my discoveries, and the ancient teachings.

Rules of conduct:

The following rules and guidelines have been handed to me not from books or from other humans, but learned during the ceremony or lack thereof. Many of these insights I now have were by trial and error. Trust me, this is not a trial you wish to undergo if you hope to have a smooth transition. I am well aware, there is a world full of fools who want you to believe some hokey superstition based in fear and ignorance. What follows, is not of that variety.

Lesson number one: The Goddess told me, “We do not work with the shamans any longer. They have all become corrupted, and they do not know Us.”

This means you need to make your own clear connection. Acquire your entheogens, and ditch the dealer / priest / shaman, whatever they call themselves, and find your own safe place in nature.

Lesson number two: The ceremony can only rise as high as the lowest participant.

This means, if you have an idiot shaman talking crap, and wretching and carrying on, he himself is preventing God from openly revealing its self to you, and the ceremony is doomed before you even begin. If you have a confrontational spouse or goofy friend, they will lower the ceremony, and it will become what I call an empty ceremony. Do not bring earthy questions of relationships, or money into the ceremony. Leave what is of the lower sphere, in the lower sphere. They specifically have thanked us for doing so during our ceremony. They told us, they are offended if we do otherwise, it is a waste of their time.

Lesson number three: Create a circle of participants, and once you consume the entheogens, do not move the circle. If you do need to move the circle, you need to ask Their permission. It is very rude to get up and walk out when you are in the presence of higher beings. This is mandatory if you desire direct communication. It is also required for any ceremony which deals with the higher realms and beings. At the end of the ceremony, you should respectfully close the ceremony.


  • If there is a great sadness, play a pre-selected playlist of inspirational music. This will help lift the sadness or fear. This is a very heavy ceremony, and although each participant has smoked with others perhaps thousands of times, if you have never done it like this, then you have very little experience with this plant.
  • Do not assume anything, open your mind, your eyes, and your heart. To help ensure your safety, one would not do this with others near a kitchen or tool shed, since there are very old ties to very old circumstances that can arise during these sessions.
  • Any time you are dealing with other participants, set and setting is very important. Treat the set as though you are in a psychiatric ward, no pencils, plastic cups, this type of thing. You are opening the doors to the deepest psyche, and the people you though you knew, you don’t actually know them at all.
  • Many of us find ourselves in this reality not with our best friends across the universe, this is not how karma is resolved. When you wrong someone in a past incarnation, you can bet that you will face them in subsequent incarnations, as you are given an opportunity to learn to love each other again.
  • Do not make a habit of using psychedelic plants recreationally (outside of a ceremonial setting) if you want to be able to experience the full medicinal effects of them.

These precautions are to be taken even if you are alone. There are frightful urges which can overcome someone as they open doors which have been sealed for their own protection. These precautions apply to all medicines. Your reality, and the context of your relationships to one another can change instantly. One should never take this lightly or underestimate the power of medicinal plants.

Types of ceremonies I practice:

Spiritual Picnicquantum awakening

Marijuana Ceremony

Guadalupe Ceremony

Invitation / Reunion Ceremony

Awakening Ceremony

Melodia Ceremony

Moon Ceremony & Eclipses

Severance Ceremony

New Year’s Ceremony (Dec 31st)

Couples Ceremony (February 14th)

Vernal Equinox (Ostara)

Resurrection Ceremony (Good Friday)

Midsummer (Litha)


Autumnal equinox (Mabon)

Day of the Dead Ceremony (October 31st)

Remembrance Ceremony (November 11th)

Mary Christ Mas Ceremony (December 24th)



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