Psychology is a delicate topic to discuss. As you read this, your ego reads it too and begins to influence your awareness before you even have a chance to make your own conclusions. But you believe that the conclusions being fed to you by your ego, are your conclusions. Most people don’t see their ego as something that is separate from them. Part of the ego’s function is to be your mask of invincibility and shield of self preservation while you are here learning how to find your own spiritual legs to stand upon aka, wings. For us to begin to perceive ideas and concepts outside of our current reality, we must learn to subdue this ego to some degree. Many use some form of yoga, and or meditation to take a short break from it. Some people fast, some take medicine, namely salvia or magic mushrooms. You must take all precautions and research any entheogen or medicine before you take it. It is all dangerous when handled carelessly. Our Shamanism section has more information on such substances and the precautions.

Your ego is referred to as the shadow in many songs, and it is one of the strongest chains as is referred to by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Imagine a mental projection of everything you think you are, everything you think you know, and a copy of all your memories. Imagine that this being is separate from you, but linked. Without you, this being will die, cease to exist. Imagine that this being knows this, and it also knows that if you achieve true enlightenment, that it will also cease to exist. Imagine that this being has a mind, and an awareness of self. Now imagine that for it’s on protection, it will never let you die, it will never let you ascend, it will never allow you to have any privacy, recording every thought so it can use it to it’s own end of self preservation when the time comes. As you grow more intelligent, it grows more diabolical and cunning right along with you. As you learn to heal, it learns that to reverse that process is to make sickness.

When you first become more aware, and you are able to identify and prove that there are other voices in your mind you have some access to, an you call out Jesus, is that you? It answers, “Yes, It is I my son..” Demonic possession stems from an enhanced ego, and a person who in their mind has been caught in a limbo between the light and the darkness. It is foretold in the book of revelations that the first being claiming to be Christ, your leader in the end of days, will be a false God. The end of days, is a metaphor for the inner awakening we will each experience. As we experience this awakening, we begin to realize the voice in our heads, is not always our voice, it just sounds like it, we assumed that it was. It is often depicted that there are two beings on our shoulders, near our ears. One is the devil (ego) on the left, and the other an Angel (Creator) on our right. These are representing the left and right sides of the brain repectively. Inside of our right brain, we each have this Angel, it is our link to God without any entheogens required to communicate also known as our intuition. Tuition is a key, or fee paid to a university to allow us access to higher learning. In-tuition, is this inner key that allows us access to the Universe, and the higher learning and advanced commutation from within.

Here is something that they don’t tell you outright in books. Each of these voices sounds the same at first. The louder one, is usually the wrong one. God wants your full attention when it speaks to you, so you are in a sate of listening, remembering, acceptance and understanding simultaneously while you communicate with it. It is for this reason that it speaks deliberately quiet. Only when you are ready to listen, pay attention and accept advise will you hear it. Just as you can amplify the voice of our Creators with entheogens, you can also diminish it and amplify the voice of the ego with a poor diet. Everything we eat and drink connects us to something. People used to know that at one time, please remember it in times of great trouble or confusion. We used to call alcohol spirits for this reason. This is another understanding we have recently lost as well.

Your body is a temple, and it is also temporal, meaning of time. What we eat affects us in ways we do not comprehend until we begin to awaken and experiment with our diets. What you eat, is what you will have to work with to rid yourself and defend yourself against this parasite we know as the ego. On our journey, we will need every advantage over this powerful being as we can have. One of these advantages we can learn is to starve it of the foods that make it’s voice louder and grip of fear stronger, and feed our intuition instead. You will come to learn what is meant when he scripture says the body is a temple. You will learn either the hard way, or you will want to cooperate with the process of enlightenment and break the grip that holds you fast in the darkness of the cave.

As your ascending awareness threatens not only your ego, but all the other egos attached to all of those all around you. If you are not discrete, you will have a battle upon your hands. The scenario is illustrated flawlessly in the movie World War Z, as is how he is able to escape the others. In many instances, the ego is the babysitter for the less developed among us. It is difficult to remove this parasite in many instances without killing the patient. Be careful with others, use small moves, or you will possibly cause harm. Your heightened awareness puts you on the bigger radar map. Any harmful interference from you upon the others will be met with swift judgement and reaction by the Angels themselves. No matter how big you get, always remember, there is and always be someone bigger than you who can and does have the authority to pull your plug right out of the socket, right beside you, connected.

The movie Tron, is about an idealistic intellect who ends up caught in the limbo between this reality and the next level. This move is a classic example of how the ego would think and respond if it were given the ability to exist independently of us. It would kill us if it had the chance without even a thought or loyalty. For this being, has no divine spark, and no conscience. It is only a machine. There is a scientific term called ego death that describes an ultimate state of awareness, so clear, that the ego is shattered. The brave among you may seek experiences to bring about this event. Do tread carefully, and research more than just this page before undertaking such a decisive action. Remember, the ego can re-materialize in a single second after it has been destroyed. There is no removing it entirely from the human experience. However, you can over time, learn enough about yourself to become it’s master, no longer it’s captive.

Here is great shroomery article about ego death. And wikipedia has some links to resources on this topic and a little background.


In spite of my enthusiasm for the pursuit of the sacred mysteries including entheogens, I would disagree strongly with the current push for unceremoniously prescribing entheogens, or of consuming them outside of a ceremonial context to treat depression. Those of you who are microdosing, I have done this extensively, and I experienced what many report, its wonderful – the entire world comes to life. In my opinion, this is the exact same effect as the main character of the movie “Limitless” experiences. However, not many people understand, there are beings behind this medicine, it is not a simple compound. These beings have rules for the prescription and use of these medicines, as some of you will find out the hard way. They consider it disrespectful to take these outside of ceremonial context. Putting this ceremony issue aside, who among you has gone to the furthest reaches of the psychedelic experience?

Who knows the consequences of different effects upon the patient? I will give you a hint.. your center of conscious is in motion. It moves toward the threshold of the limit of human awareness. It moves forward, barring any debilitating brain damage, it always moves forward, never back. In other words, the effects of entheogens of any kind are cumulative. Once you begin to breach the threshold, you will encounter what some call spirits, angels, ghosts, demons. This can become a wonderful addition to your life, unless you have fear. Once you move into this place, when you come back down, you dont move back out.. there they are, in your living room. At the supper table. In the bedroom… If what you experience are angelic positive entities, perhaps this is no problem. What if you experience the others? But there is more.. as you begin to pierce the threshold even more, time begins to break apart too, and reality becomes even more strange. If you approach this with a childlike wonder and delight, and enjoy the spirits you have discovered and the magnificent revelation of the reason for all of existence.. great. But you are no longer normal, you need to pretend for the sake of the others who think they still know you.

But that former you, died quietly in your mind as your center of consciousness destroyed one ego after the next after the next until you transcended the human experience altogether. Now you just pretend to be what the others expect you to be, to make them comfortable. Or.. do you tell them about the wonderful spirits you can see and communicate with? Of course you would love to share this experience with everyone if you could.. what a world it would be if they only knew.. Now you dont need to take the mushrooms to move your consciousness even further forward, you have achieved psychological critical mass, and just thinking or meditation undoes the rest of your chains. However, it is likely since you were depressed to begin with, you will see the darker side of things.. see frightful things, and become haunted, and occasionally possessed.. when they found out you were hearing voices, they gave you some other meds too.. and began to confine you, and worst of all.. there is not one person in the entire living world who can explain what the hell just happened, and there is no going back to the way things were before, ever. The end of the dark journey is usually suicide.

So, if someone is depressed to begin with, they need to learn to accept the things that can be accepted, change the things that they can change, and have the wisdom to know the difference. Only once a person has a strong resolve can they go into the medicines without risk of opening a permanent portal to the abyss. This medicine certainly can be a tool in the road to well being, and then transcendence of human awareness, however, not one currently licensed psychiatrist or psychologist has the foggiest idea of just exactly what the mushroom represents, or even what they themselves are. They have absolutely no clue just what this experience really is, or just how fast they will all be well over their heads. They still think they are real people.. which they are not. Humans are not exactly real. It is more a state of mind, than anything, and not a very enlightened one at that. When we get to that state of mind which allows us to see and know what we thought we were was never even us, and hardly reality, some are truly set free, and some go completely bonkers. At fundamental higher levels, you cannot divide spirituality, from psychology, at all.