Chapter 7 – The Secret Garden

Up until this point, I have been addressing the physical side of existence, and revealing a variety of evidence that our fundamental belief structure is deeply flawed and polluted with a combination of careless assumptions, and deliberate misinformation resulting in a skewed version of the entire world. One of the belief categories we need to re-examine is our understanding of medicines. In this context, a medicine otherwise known as an entheogen (generating the Divine within) is a psychoactive mind expanding substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context. Entheogens have been used in a ritualized context for thousands of years; their religious significance is linked with the practice of shamanism in most prehistory civilizations.

Examples of traditional common entheogens include; peyote, psilocybin mushroomstobacco, cannabis, ayahuasca, Salvia divinorum, Tabernanthe iboga, Ipomoea tricolor, and Amanita muscaria. Lesser-acknowledged entheogens include; alcohol, coffee, tea and chocolate. Different countries have different laws about each of these substances. Do not confuse the law, with right or wrong. Do not confuse legal jargon and slang with the proper names for these substances. Also, do not confuse anyone else’s opinion for fact. You need to do your proper research, and you should be actively seeking enlightenment well before seeking such medicine to assist you on your journey. These substances are condensed spiritual energy when included in your body. The difference between a bomb, and a battery, is simply the rate that the energy designed to be released. Taking these medicines carelessly or with careless people is not wise. I understand why these are not legal everywhere. In places where there is a community support for such mind expanding customs, and education and supervision, you will find that these medicines are all still widely used, and completely legal.

When we are younger, if we try different substances, we tend to get high and get kind of dumb. It is the tradition. However, if you take these entheogens when you’re older, you don’t get dumb, you sharpen up and notice things. A little bit of life experience can go a long ways; your life’s questions have begun to form when you have lived for a while. When we are young, sometimes, we don’t even have the question. With entheogens, this is a very personal experience, and each person varies radically. You cannot base your expectations on someone else’s experience your journey will differ. However, this first specific introduction must be made, and you can work out a plan from there. The messages they will say to each person, is usually directed to the wellbeing of that particular soul. I don’t know what they will tell you, but you will need to work together to discover the rest of what awaits.

I have taken a number of these entheogens in the course of my life, and my studies, but this was not by any means my first encounter with the secret garden. In 1997 I was going through a difficult personal period in my life, and I needed to achieve some balance and clarity. A roommate had given me a book to read which discussed a secret connection between success and diet. I thought it seemed like a bit of a leap, if I change my diet, my thinking will change, and the world around me will begin to accommodate me. This book was written by Anthony Robbins, and it is called Personal Power. Anthony wrote in his book that his very specific diet was the key to his success. I read quite a lot of the book, which cited some very credible sources, yet seemed to make some very incredible claims. Anthony also attributed his multi-billion dollar fortune to a particular breathing method, a 1-4-2 ratio. Breath in for the count of one, hold for the count of four and exhale for the count of two. He challenges the reader to adhere to his no seeds, no glutton, vegan diet for 3 weeks, accompanied by 15 minutes a day of this meditative breathing exercise. At that point in my life, I had nothing at all to lose and some free time, and so I accepted his challenge. At the time, I had been a chronic marijuana smoker for some four years. I was experiencing a perpetual mood swing. I also smoked cigarettes, at a rate of about 25 per day. I ate every kind of food and meat. When I began to take this challenge, my idea was to quit everything, and just eat vegan. Anthony recommends juice only for this diet, but I figured vegan was a good start.

Here is what happened; Day 1: I seemed to experience more energy, and no withdrawal symptoms. However, I could not sleep for 24 hours. Day 2: Same results, but more energy, more mental clarity just like Anthony said there would be. I could not sleep for 36 hours. Day 3: All the same with an increase in energy. I was beginning to believe that this book did indeed have the secret of mind over matter. I lost my appetite, and did not eat anything. I figured this would be just fine with the diet. From what I gathered from the book, this effect I was experiencing was more about not eating garbage, rather than eating special magic juice. I did not sleep for about 72 hours that period. Day 4 (period 4): I was very energetic and I awoke with the rising sun. I went and sat inside of my motorhome project in the morning sunlight and re-read a mechanics book that had been giving me a little trouble. I was learning the concept of valve timing and the idea of the engine as a flowing breathing air pump. This was the moment it hit me.. I was not in Kansas any more Toto. It suddenly all clicked into place, I understood the concept clearly and completely. Not only did I understand what was presented, I could see the flow of air through this system and how it mixed with the fuel, and the entire concept of carburation fuel injection etc was no mystery any longer.

I sat there a while marvelling at this simple little discovery which had nearly been beyond my ability to comprehend a week earlier when I read the same pages. There was something more, a depth to my mind accompanied by an ability to read and absorb an entire page at a glance. I had some how achieved a clarity like I had never known in my entire life. It clicked into my brain that Anthony had stumbled upon the greatest secret ever known to man, and to this day nearly 20 years later, I can tell you what he said in his book was the truth. I could understand how he achieved his wealth clearly. If everyone else was lost in this fog which had built up around me and clouded my mind for all those years previous, and if Anthony was walking among us with this type of clarity which I was now just experiencing for the first time, I could see that he must have a mental picture the size of a billboard instead of a postcard. It was suddenly no mystery that this man had achieved all he had in such a short time, with 50 spare years of life yet left to him to enjoy the good life. There was no confusion as to why I lived in a basement suite, and Anthony lived in a castle. For the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to be a king. Thank you throughout all of time for this insight Anthony. Anyhow, the journey Anthony had set me upon was far from over. The next sunrise came and went. I began to meet them during the course of my walks. I had left the comfort of my motor home the day before to have a walk and think about all of these revelations. I walked all day, and walked all night. I tried to lie down and have a rest, but my mind just went faster and faster. I was remembering things I had seen or understood partly. I was finishing my thoughts, and reorganizing everything in my mind into a civilized library. I had access to every corner of my mind it seemed, but with each passing day I could see that yesterday’s mind was like a shed skin from a lizard. With each passing sunrise, I was new and more. Something had begun, and I could not stop it, nor did I want to. As I walked through the twilight in anticipation of the sun, my blood was cold. I could feel it in my veins. The spring evenings felt fresh on my bare arms as I walked the streets to nowhere in particular, while in my mind I flew to the furthest recesses of my minds existance and rediscovered piece-by-piece what we are, and what we are not. As the sun came over the horizon each day, it would instantly warm the blood in my veins as it hit my skin. I could feel it as it coursed through my body with the new vitality and radiation from the sun. I was feeling no fatigue once that process had occurred, day after day and night after night I stayed completely awake. I continued this perpetual twilight, standing between the gates of awareness and awe immersed within my own subconscious for more than 50 days with no sleep, and about 55 days with no food.

One day became the next, and time began to lose its effect upon me. The length of my days began to be strange in a way I could not have foreseen. I might have felt hungry, had I felt time. But I no longer felt time, I felt eternal and immortal. As the experiment continued, I began to realize things. Food is time. If we don’t eat, time stops. Time is not real, it is merely a concept. This body has the full capability to regenerate itself, and last nearly perpetually, once we step out of time. Imagine you are at a drive-in theater watching a movie. Now imagine, you are the movie. What would happen if the screen was removed, and the light from the movie was cast into infinity? I soon realized, food, was this screen, which the physical world is projected upon. Without the screen, the movie still exists, but the other observers no longer see it. I was 23 years old, and I had discovered the secrets of immortality, the fountain of youth. But this was only the beginning of the journey into my mind. No matter what new concepts I realized, it kept going deeper. I discovered ideas and principals, for which I did not yet have the words to describe, only behold. I became more and more sensitive in my thoughts, as though I could even hear the echo of the voice in my mind, my voice, the one that speaks when I ask myself questions. This voice seemed to become smarter and smarter as the days went by.

As I stayed awake, it became crystal clear to me that when we go to sleep at night we reset our IQ. When we awaken normally, it is a little sluggish. By Noon, we should be at our optimum, and after super, we begin to wind down for the evening, and get sleepy and perpetually redo the entire cycle every day of our lives. Anthony describes this in his book. He attributes this to nerve energy. In his book he explains how our poor diet consumes nerve energy that could instead be running our brains. The diet is designed to avoid foods that do this, bad combinations of foods such as starches and proteins that neutralize the stomach acids when eaten together and consume tremendous amounts of nerve energy, thus leaving us perpetually mentally fatigued. The juice diet he describes is supposed to feed the brain directly, and facilitate a reallocation of nerve energy and cause our brain to perform noticeably better. However, I had inadvertently taken this a giant leap forward. If we do not partake of this earth, and Her foods, then the natural laws are not directly applicable in some respects. This was becoming quite apparent to me, and more so with each passing day. My mind had no reset period or cycle, it was going faster and faster.. like a runaway freight train with wings. All my life I had thought I was awake, but I now knew that I had previously not even one moment of wakefulness comparable to this new experience. With each 24-hour earth time period that passed, I became more. Behind each new moment was another realization, calculation, epiphany and earth shattering discovery. Each moment I moved faster and faster in my mind until the moments were still, blending into one. The kid who had read the book that started it all was so far away now, lifetimes ago, and I never even got to say good-bye it happened so fast. The only difference between life, death and rebirth at this level of awareness is information.

It was during the first couple of weeks as I began to get used to the shift that was occurring that I began to realize, this voice in my head was not what I had always thought it was. He seemed to be independent of me. He also seemed to have a sense of humour independent of my own, like my dad, this voice laughed when I thought something wasn’t so funny. When I realized it was truly there, I instantly thought for a brief moment, “oh no, I’ve gone crazy”. Then I wondered if this might be something else, like a demon. I began to ask this being questions, and received replies. They were insightful and intelligent. This being was not trying to manipulate me or deceive me. It was warm and calming. Our conversation continued. I asked this being endless questions, and was limited only by my current level of intelligence. In retrospect, I did not even have the right questions. Keep in mind; I was 23 at the time. I listened to rock and roll, heavy metal, and I smoked anything that was green or brown. I asked this being if I could have 3 wishes; “What are they?” it asked me. I thought this time; I’m going to trick the genie! “World Peace, immortality, and All my hopes and dreams”.

There was laughter. I thought oh no.. I must have overlooked something. “World Peace is created from within You, and as for your other two wishes, you should have asked for something which you did not already possess. You ARE already immortal, and this entire place is a dream. You have been dreaming all your life..”. I understood what was told to me. I felt quite foolish; I had asked for things that I already had in my own hands. Piece by piece since this time, nearly all of my dreams have come true since then. The good and the bad ones have come to pass. Be careful what you wish for, that you have it not already or within your own power. For all of my elevated incredible powers of perception and calculation, I was mentally still in very shallow waters. To this day, I make a careful examination of what is within my own realm of possibilities and influence. If I should need something, or want something, I assume first that I may already possess this in some form, and I search for a way to cause it to manifest. If each of us would take this power, to BE-cause, we could effect this entire environment in any way we chose, rather than be victims of it. If we are so shallow that we need to continuously ask for more gifts from above, when we have not even unwrapped the gifts that were given or opened the cards that were sent along with them, then we should not be surprised when our prayers seem to go unanswered, or if we hear a quiet gentle laugher within the depths of our mind as we ask for more.

During the weeks to follow, I began to remember about the prophets, and their fasts. Now I know from where they received their enlightenment, this voice from where I was receiving mine. I walked across the city for weeks speaking with this voice. I listened to my cd player endlessly, until one day I heard what they were really saying. I had not previously been enlightened enough to understand what they were really saying within the music. I found that these popular musicians were all enlightened, with the true spiritual awakening. From the Beatles, to Rock and Roll (Plato’s Cave), Pop (popped into your head), Rap (rapping on your door), Heavy metal (radio active elements), Alternative (alternate context) were all saying the same things. Some of the songs are created with the context as though this Being with whom I have spoken to during my period of fasting is speaking directly to you through the lyrics, as in the song by Soundgarden, My Wave. There are many references to the EM spectrum (Sound-garden = EM Spectrum), wave physics and endless spiritual and topics about enlightenment throughout the popular music. Even the groups are called Bands, like the FM frequency band or the visible band of light. There are many references directly about God in the band names, Bon Jovi for instance means Good Jupiter in Latin. Jupiter in classic mythology is known as the King of the Gods, or Zeus. So, Bon Jovi = Good God. Until I went without food for a couple of weeks, I had absolutely no idea what Rock and Roll was actually all about. Eventually it became quite clear what the correct context of the song Lay Your Hands on Me by Bon Jovi was.

I continued my journey and my conversation for more than a month with this Being. I began experiencing physical distortions in time and space, spontaneous hallucinations, if that’s what they were. One night I saw a burning bush in a reflection of a large truck in our driveway. Remembering a similar story from the bible, I went inside to have a conversation about this vision with my roommates. There were three of them, and they were sitting at their usual spot at the usual table smoking the usual herbs. I had been filling them in about my experiences over the entire course of my fast, which had been ongoing for about 50 days at this time. They had many great questions, and I would get the answers from my Friend, and tell them about it. On this occasion however, the owner of the house turned to me and said, “you’re not ready to wake up yet”. His eyes were not his own, and his voice was much different and calm rather than the usual nasal sound I was used to hearing from him. I looked at the other two roommates, and they were not themselves either. I asked, “why? What am I supposed to do here?” Another of them said, “Live, Love, Laugh”.

As I began to realize what was happening, I began to feel a pain in my chest. I had thought, mistakenly that having glimpsed Their great secrets, I would be going somewhere else now. I waited for all this time, and asked all these questions. I thought perhaps I would die now, and be reborn, thus keeping Their secrets safe from the world. How could I possibly go back there, I was no longer one of the people of this world. I did not believe what they did, and I did not want to be asleep any longer. I knew pleading with these Beings that were occupying my roommates would be futile, they clearly had Their mind made up. As despair filled my chest so thick my lungs felt submerged, I asked of them one final question. “What is this place?”. He gave me a movie and told me this will explain it more or less. The movie was Heavy Metal. All at once, these beings left my roommates who were unaware of the conversation that had just taken place. I realized, that They do this whenever They want to. These Beings can reach inside of us, and take us over, like in the movies, but even more so. I also realized that I had been left here, upon the rock standing upside down floating through space, with my memories of this experience and all I had discovered intact. It seems one of us was left in this cave unchained.

As I began to eat again, I tested the effects of each different food upon my body and upon my awareness. I was right, the food was causing us to experience. I had fasted for so long, my fingernails stopped growing, and my skin stopped healing. If I got a scratch, it just stayed there, open. My metabolism was slowed down drastically. Once I began to eat again, I also began to sleep again, immediately. Anthony was right about the nerve energy being diverted from the brain to digest food. It is a paradox, it seems to take more energy to digest food, than it does to not eat.

I could hear still hear the voice after I began to eat solid food again. As I began to eat again, I began to sleep again, proportionately. As I began to sleep, I began to lose my clarity and my extended super-memory and super human reading ability. It was all tied to the intake of food. I began to do a series of experiments with food, such as eating only fruit for a month, only juice. What I discovered was the nature of different foods, the grains, the fruit. I also began to fast again to see if the clarity returned, and it did. The safest way to do a fast in my opinion is to do a juice fast. Pick a fruit you like, and drink only its juice for one month. If you’re still hungry, have as much as you like. You will begin to undergo this mental ascension. However, what I explained earlier about this place being co-created by us begins to become apparent. The illusions begin to flex and reveal themselves. How this manifests, depends upon the individual entirely. If you are a frightened person in normal life who hoards things for instance, you will begin to acquire a specific paranoia not unlike that of Smeagle the Gollum in the movie Lord of the Rings.

This ascension into a higher mental awareness changes everything around you, and amplifies your fears and doubts. If you find this too intense to bear, you may want to eat something solid to bring the effects under control and re-solidify your world, and your natural illusions. You will not forget what happened when you return to this state, but you will not easily be able to manifest your fears if your eating the four food groups. There is an art to this, to becoming more than you ever thought you were. I have experienced all four methods of shattering this illusion; sensory deprivation, fasting, tragedy, and entheogens. Had I known of the end result of each method of achieving ego death, I would have just used entheogens, and saved myself a lot of trouble and grief. However, this incredible fast gave me clarity and an insight to understand a great many things before I stumbled blindly into the entheogens. I am well aware of how the ancient prophets gained their power over their surroundings, and learned to project their manifestations into other people’s illusions. I know the source of the wisdom that Jesus discovered. In that respect, nothing is hidden from us in the bible. They tell you precisely how to speak with God.

How many of you actually followed in Jesus’ footsteps, and went through a 40 day fast alone to be closer to your Creator? Most people have not done this. Most of Jesus’ followers believe they are the true followers, yet they never took any of the same steps to achieve his enlightenment. These kinds of followers are more like Facebook followers. Which means nothing in this universe. Mark Zuckerberg did not invent these concepts; he merely stumbled upon one of the darker secrets of human nature that already existed before Facebook. People like to pretend that their activities have some great meaning and purpose, all the while they know deep down their activities reek of insignificance and posturing. These types of people like to gather in large groups usually called religions, and support each other’s cult of desire. As long as today’s posers have their laté, their Facebook, lulu lemon, and Nike’s, they feel their relevance in the universe is obvious and their salvation is assured. Of course they are going to the better place when Kingdome come, all they will need to do is click the like button and show their ohm symbol tattoo at the door. Who needs to be charitable, just give to a big fake charity instead, or just click that like button and show your support. The only thing that could possibly rival Mr. Zuckerberg’s empire of posturing, is if another website created a platform with a Dislike button.

So, this is why very few today can speak to God directly. They don’t follow the instructions, because they don’t feel it’s easy enough. One comparison I would like to make between fasting, and entheogens, is the time frame. If you take 30 days to ascend your consciousness into a higher plane of awareness, you will be making a 30-day round trip back to the lower levels as well. It takes just as long to come back down to what you might see as normal when you break your fast. If you choose to undertake this, be balanced, have no fear. Be in a childlike state of amazement and curiosity and you will have a beautiful experience and an incredible conversation. Most of us feel that we do not have this kind of time and opportunity to find God. That’s likely not true; they are just unwilling to sacrifice even a month of their life to go in person to see the Being that gave it to them. That’s understandable behaviour. People are being forced and frightened into working more and harder to maintain their current level of want. Do be careful with this kind of justification and this attitude though. All too often people choose their politics, both civil and religious like they choose their favourite sports team, and with no greater significance. Remember that just because you don’t believe in your Creator’s doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in you.

If you continuously refuse to meet with them, you may experience this meeting through tragedy instead of one of the voluntary methods I have previously listed. They can strip you of everything so fast, you will be left with nothing but a question, “why?” It is this question, once your really ready to know why things happen the way they do that will lead you to seek. When you seek, you will find. If taking your toys and distractions away doesn’t quite cause you to ask the correct questions, they just may take your health too, or that of a loved one. If you die from this, then it is of no greater consequence, for you were not doing what you were put here for. Should this be the outcome of this life, it’s normal that such souls will end up back here to be raised in a different scenario, and try to get it right again. We are put here to find the reasons why, and the Beings behind it. It is likely that your parents in most cases raised you from infancy. You need to raise your own awareness. If we are actively in pursuit of this goal, we will discover the easier path and begin towards move to the next level. If you don’t resolve this here, you’re going to need to come back again after you’re current incarnation is completed. Too often, people only begin to search for a meaning when the road gets too difficult to pass.

We are all in different stages of the karmic cycle. Meaning, some are very new souls, and they are destined to come back here many times yet. Some are in the middle, and some are at the end of this cycle. These pursuits are for those souls at the end of their requirement to be here. Once you leave here there are only 2 options; advancement, or destruction. Each is tested, in a variety of ways. If the soul passes scrutiny, preparations for enlightenment and the good exit are made. If the soul is close but not quite, then another lifetime may be granted. If the soul is deemed foul, they will know why, an explanation is not required. The second last thing they will see is their Creator, the rest I will leave to your imagination. We are not tested until we are ready, and matured. So, don’t be frantic, but don’t delay. This book, and these mysteries revealed within it, is targeted at those souls who are at an end of their karmic journey in this world. I’m certainly not here to save the wicked, even God doesn’t do that. I want to push those who have been deceived from their birthright into the light just far enough to allow Mother Nature to give her final study course. I have been told in person directly by Her, that if I can bring someone into this light when they are ready, then this may very well save them from being forced to go through another entire lifetime when this may not be required. The Talmud teaches, “He who saves a single life, saves the world entire.”

It is lucky for some who do not have the perseverance or the health and vitality required to survive an extended fast that there is an easy button. I am referring now to entheogens. The same general rule applies for moderate doses of mushrooms or peyote, the time it takes you to reach the peak of your experience is about the time it takes to come back. However, with heavy doses, or with certain specifically powerful entheogens, this is not the case. For instance, two Angel Trumpets in a tea will put the user in a different reality for four days or more, that is if the user survives. I bring this up because this plant also known as Brugmansia is very common, and found in nearly every residential neighbourhood. It is somewhat poisonous for people who are predisposed to heart conditions. This is being substituted in certain fraudulent rituals as Ayahuasca. However, the experience is very harsh and not intended for a first experience with a higher state. In fact, since the potency of this plant is not uniform, slightly poisonous and unpredictable, it is not on the list of anything you would want to give to or allow a loved one or anyone else to consume.

Ayahuasca is becoming popular with the new age crowd. It is also very intense and harsh. It throws you into a pit with your fears and doubts and causes you to defecate. Some see this as therapeutic. Again, this is not wise for your first experience. A more gentle interactive experience, which you can share with your friends, or loved ones within a reasonable amount of time is known as the magic mushroom. There are many varieties of these, and I highly (pardon the pun) recommend the Psilocybin variety, and not the Amanita Muscaria. You might be thinking that you have tried this before, and the results were not entirely convincing. This was because either you were in poor company, were not ready to meet Them, or you were uninvited. There is also the possibility you didn’t take the correct amount, about 4.5 to 6 grams depending upon body weight. The United States, among other countries has banned Psilocybin as a schedule 1 drug, and has deliberately prevented and denied researchers access to experiment and learn very much about this substance from a scientific point of view.

Since the time of Gordon Wasson’s famous Time Life article about the existence of modern day mushroom cults in the late 1950’s, there has been a powerful counter culture of people from all walks of life that have studied this substance among others and documented it very thoroughly. The small mountain town of Huautla de Jiménez in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico still practices this tradition today. However, since the explosion of the popularity of the magic mushroom as a direct result of the Time Life article Gordon wrote, the people of Huautla de Jiménez seem to be more interested in the tourism generated rather than the mushroom or the experience itself. Since a mushroom priestess named Maria Sabina showed Gordon what she had been doing to communicate directly with the Great Spirits, the community has been divided. Some believe that this is their personal secret, and not to be shared with the west or exploited for profit. Others are very open to a flood of enlightenment seekers. Some will assist the seeker without compensation, because they have glimpsed or spoken with the Beings behind this plant, and they believe they are helping the Virgin Mary communicate with Her children. Many will assist the seeker for an undetermined fee (not recommended), a donation.

Some of these people who are open to the exchange of knowledge, are open for business selling mushrooms and doing paid ceremonies. They know exactly how much a trip to meet with the Virgin Mother is worth, and they have no qualms about letting you know and collecting the fee. I went through a ceremony the first time I went there only, because the person who I was taking was somewhat religious and traditional in her own way (she is Mexican), and very ingrained since her youth that it is only the Elders who hold this sacred power, and they must be respected and acknowledged as such. I however, had been with the medicine many times before, and I know this is a deceit. I know that each of us has the sacred ability to communicate without an intermediary. I also know that the ego of these priestesses and shamans is twisting their perception, and their intentions are not pure. Their original purpose was to help humanity into an Age of Enlightenment, not into an age of entitlement.

These Mazatec rituals and ceremonies nearly without exception are largely just made up hybrids of something they saw someone else do, and Catholic idols symbols and gestures. They have a purification ritual that consists of lighting some candles, usually one per person, and burning some incense such as copal. Some will shake a little rattle, and do a little dance. Then they will tell you that the Virgin is on Her way, as though they were the ones who commanded it. Then you are put in a dark room on an uncomfortable bed, or the floor as though you are performing some kind of penance. Often in this culture, the bathroom is an afterthought. There may not be one in the house, and there may not even be an outhouse, just an area outside (watch where you step). They also make sure to begin the ceremony during the evening after the sun goes down about 8:00 pm. I disagree with all of this, strongly. These rituals hum and haw about jibber jabber the shaman doesn’t even understand any of the significance himself. They are based in fear, superstitious traditions, and deceit. This is designed to make you fear the idea of doing this on your own. This is also designed to make you hold the shaman with some great reverence, which he or she actually has no right or entitlement to. Apart from the superstitious jibber jabber, this is done at night when you can’t see, or in a dark room. I believe this is their way of keeping the most sacred truths to themselves. They commonly claim that you might go insane etc.

You can tell if a shaman is false by;

1) If you observe them treating God as a superstition – Offerings and incantations are based in old fearful superstitions. Once you take the medicine, They are directed to you immediately, no introduction is required.

2) Idolatry is also a common sign of severe spiritual corruption and false teachings.

3) If there is the presence of Fear in the ceremony. Fear and love are mutually exclusive. If they act like this is a showing of a ghost in a haunted house, the ceremony is tainted.

4) If they purport to control the spirits in any way.

5) If they claim to contact spirits, and not the Divine Creator directly.

6) If children are involved. This is not for the young, by any stretch of the imagination.

Even if a ceremony your involved in is tainted with all of the above, the Goddess will still attend. What She chooses to do, will be up to Her. Many times, She remains quiet if She is in the company of fearful or young people. If you have involved yourself in this type of shamanistic frivolity, you may still have a great experience, if you have your own respect, and your fear under control. I have been in such ceremonies, where They spoke to us, even though the priest and his son who conducted the ceremony were scared to death. They were not frauds, they knew the Goddess a little. However, they were not willing to listen to Her it seemed, only speak to Her through prayers. I can tell by how terrified they were. The lights on the whole mountain went out once the medicine took hold, and only came back on after the effect had subsided. Just because someone is acting like a fool, doesn’t mean you need to do it to. An analogy would be if someone would go to a traffic light, and conduct a ceremony for the angels of the crosswalk in order to manifest the walk signal. Sure, you could do this too, and yes the signal will show up eventually, however, to people who know about the timer and cycle of lights, it would seem utterly foolish.

If you take the mushrooms and experience this journey in the blackness, you will lose your eyesight. But when in the medicine, the entire world changes. The illusion of this reality, the Secret Garden, begins to reveal itself to you. This is easily half of the entire revelation! As for the act of penance, that’s just malarkey. This is more perverse Catholicism seeping into every aspect of anything sacred to cast fears and doubts upon the sacred process. You will spend a great deal of your entire life suffering from one or another of its lessons. This is precisely the time where you walk through the forest, and see the trees for what they are, and feel no fear or discomfort. This is the Garden from which Adam and Eve were banished quite some time ago. These false prophets put the sham in shaman. To experience the mushroom properly, one must be centered, balanced, have no fear, nor be in the company of anyone else who does. This is to be done during the daylight between noon and dusk ideally. Bring your inner child, and a deep sense of awe and respect. If you want to establish a better more clear connection, you need to eat a vegan diet for a few days prior to taking the medicine. This will provide a far better cleanse than smudging yourself with copal after you’ve just eaten a baby goat.

Some people like to fast for a few days prior to taking the mushrooms. I do not recommend this for your first encounter; rather increase your dose if that is your intent. Fasting is exponentially more powerful than a vegan diet. The idea here is not to rip down the veil between this place and the next, but to part it slightly and tread lightly. You do not need to keel, although you may find yourself in that position anyways. A polite bow will suffice, and a wonderful conversation. You have all your human life to deal with its humility; this is not the time for your humiliation or penance. Have grace and dignity, and look Her in the eyes without fear or secrecy. She knows every thought, all your secrets. There is nothing to hide. This is your Creator, the Great Mother. Once you have been with Her, She will reveal Herself every time you consume any medicine, or fast, or meditate and also in great tragedy. The more you meet Her, the more you will know Her, and recognise Her other earthly disguises. I get great pleasure in facilitating this connection with others. It is a delicate procedure, but to see someone meet their maker, and be changed profoundly forever is beyond words.

The moment She steps forward and allows Her creation to know Her, the darkest doubts and fears fade from your memory. The Secret Garden is a place you will want to visit often throughout your lifetime. The visions, the creatures and the insights will inspire you for all your remaining days. The conversation with the Creators will illuminate your path clearly, and you will become one of very few in this time to have had the privilege of co-creating your ultimate destiny. Once you have been to the Secret Garden a few times, it is also something you will want to share with your friends and loved ones as they become ready for the next step. Those whom venture here and develop a personal relationship with the Beings who reside in the Garden will eventually become guides into this journey for the next generations to come. Partake in this journey, learn the mysteries, and share your experience.

The first time I walked in this Secret Garden, I was with two close friends. I had been teaching them things about reality, and how to make it react to our dreams, and physically manifest what we desired. George Lucas dubbed this practice using the force. We spent endless days in conversation, and upon my strong recommendation, they both did a full dietary cleanse. They also switched to a vegan diet to improve their clarity, and clear up specific skin conditions and allergies they were both suffering from. I showed them many things I had discovered since my first encounter with the Higher Being while in my 55 day fast. These ladies were both devout Muslims, mother and daughter. We spoke at great lengths of manifestation (magic), philosophy, health and scripture. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Christian or Muslim, or anything other than an explorer. However, I am very familiar with much biblical scripture. I did find however, that the Being I spoke to in 1997 was not really reflected in the bible and many of its core teachings.

I felt there was a wealth of certain insights and wisdoms within that book, but I felt that there were lies, deceptions and trickery that were wrapped in parables and wisdom only to snare the reader into a vortex of fear and doubt and perpetual co-dependence upon the churches. In other words, it’s a scam. Despite my distaste for Christian trickery, we exchanged many scriptures, and I taught them the secret contexts being concealed within our music; Awakening, Goddess, The Cave, Insights, Graduation. The mother was very much confused how I came upon such wisdoms and knowledge having never read any Muslim books. She informed me that much of what I said was also in the Quran and in their more secret sacred books. She told me about secret books of the Muslim faith that were not allowed to leave the country on penalty of death. Being as devout as she was however, she had her mother photocopy them, and she studied them at great length.

These secret books were of magic and manifestation. They held the names of all the angels, and all of the demons, and described the position, title and capabilities of each. It is said, if you have the name of the entity you wish to channel, they must attend you and fulfil your wish. These secret rites are not intended for casual use, or the general public. However, it was made clear to me that all of the informed members of their community would use them against one another in a secret magical warfare. One of the most common and widely taught rites you may be familiar with is about the bad eye. If one person gives another a jealous malevolent glance, then harm will come to the victim. To avoid this, the victim of the bad eye must go directly home, and burn aspand seeds, circle the head of themselves, and loved ones afflicted, and recite the applicable verse and ask Allah to directly intervene. This is but just one of the most popular and publicly practiced magical rites in their faith. There are many more. There are secret ancient Muslim rites for everything; conception, health, war, and wealth you name it.

So there we were, studying together, and exploring our own little corner of the universe, sharing information and insights for nearly a year together. The night we had met, I had no idea, but they took magic mushrooms. They never told me this until much later, but they both agreed that the medicine had absolutely no effect that they could tell. Nearly a year later, the same friend they had got the last mushrooms from brought us more for free. We thought it might be nice; I had never had any experience with the mushrooms before that amounted to anything. Years earlier I had once found some, psilocybe cubensis that grow in a horseshoe shape and bruise purple blue on the nipple. I experienced some visual tracers and drifted off to sleep with no insight gained at all. I had since not trusted anyone I was with to babysit me if it was required, so I had never tried them again. So, we each had a few grams, and washed it down with some vodka. It was evening when we did this, and already dark outside. After a while, we began to feel funny, not exactly strange, but funny. We laughed and joked with warmth and affection. We decided to go for a walk since we were beginning to feel kind of claustrophobic.

We-tip toed outside into the lush green neighbourhood, like wild kittens emerging from a cave for the first time. We went about 30 paces, and the daughter said to the mother in an excited tone, “The trees are moving!!” I immediately suppressed an urge to laugh out loud. I looked back at the mother to see her reaction. However, the mother was standing there transfixed in awe looking at the place her daughter pointed out. The wind was still, and the night was warm and silent. The tree in from of us was a two-story tree with a classic apple tree shape, but had small yellow leaves and looked more like a giant bush. This tree was moving while the others were not, we could actually hear the rustling of the leaves. At first it seemed like it might be a silly trick of the mind, however, the daughter – age 26, approached the tree. She said, “hi there”, in a sweet kind small voice. The entire tree deliberately shimmered and shook like a little excited dog, rustling its leaves audibly. The mother and I stood there in silent awe as the daughter approached the tree and held out her hand. As we watched, this tree reached down deliberately and touched the girl’s hand. We looked at each other and decided that we had better get in on this situation, and approached the tree ourselves. Each of us reached up, and it touched each of us in turn in a friendly greeting. It struck me all at once that these were sentient beings, secretly alive and among us all of this time, but unable to speak or protest as we massacred them for all of history.

The daughter continued to speak to the tree, and asked it many questions. The tree seemed to have a link with her mind, and they continued this discussion for some moments. The mother and I began to look around at the rest of the trees. They seemed to be quietly observing us, and guarding the street like British palace guards. Not one leaf on any other tree moved as the girl continued her conversation with the happy dog-like tree that affectionately shook and rustled as it answered each of her questions. A few moments later, the daughter’s attention turned back to us and realized that we were watching the other trees. She bid the little dog-like tree farewell, and repeated the same approach she used with the first tree; she addressed each of them one by one in the same manner. One by one in a classic Walt Disney style, they would bow, or shimmer or shake in acknowledgement. Upon observing this series of events, I knew immediately where Walt had come up with his outlandish concepts. I felt like I myself was in the forest with sleeping beauty after she had awoke from her slumber to the living breathing magical forest.

I could see bright little zippy lights not unlike Tinkerbelle doing a dance between the trees. We decided to walk past the happy little dog tree, and to the end of the street. Just down the street and around the corner was a row of tall trees with upstretched branches. The daughter timidly said, “Hi” and waved innocently. At which point, the two 35-foot trees twisted their tops into the shape of a rose. The fact that not only was I was seeing this, but we were both seeing this was quite astounding in and of itself. However, the girl immediately hissed in a stressed and excited whisper, “they know my name!!” The daughter’s name happened to be Rose. Mother stood back from us and watched. She became very concerned that someone else might come upon us and find us speaking with the trees and ruin their reputation in the neighbourhood, and so we were ushered back to the house. We did stop and look over each plant on the way back, and yes they were all alive, and sentient. Once we were back at their home, we sat in the garden for a few moments, and examined the blades of grass and the earth. The blades of grass had veins of green, and they were throbbing and alive with green blood coursing through their structure. Even the earth was moving, and alive in our hands. This was my personal introduction into the Secret Garden.

We had sat and learned and explored together in the marble front entrance of their lavish Persian home for many months. We would sit on Indian cushions and lean back upon luxurious Arabian pillows around their large silk Persian area rug and smoke a shisha for endless days and nights.  Each of us seemed to advance our understandings of life 10-fold. On this particular night however, we had discovered that we didn’t really know anything of this world or of its true nature. I was beginning to get the picture however about the origin of Aladdin and the magic carpet. The three of us were hooked, we must return and finish exploring this hidden realm, which now seemed to beckon to us from beyond the hidden veil. Now that we knew it was there, and how to access it, there would be no keeping us from exploring its innermost secrets.


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