Transcendence vs Evolution

Transcendence is a massive topic, the entire universe as we know it was in fact created to teach us and guide us toward this very point. As such, I cannot do this topic justice in one page, this entire website is about transcendence. I will add a few more directly related links to directly interconnected topics for your convenience.

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It is widely believed that evolution is still occurring within our race, the human race. It is imagined that in the distant future, our teeth will become less sharp, perhaps our fingernails and hair will no longer be needed as we grow and evolve. It is also romanticized that we would use a greater portion of our brains as humans, in future generations.

For the purposes of my writings, lets toss all of that handed down supposition out the window. These ideas are false. They seem to stem from the fact that we believe we are the product of evolution, rather than deliberate engineering. We are so sure that we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder in this physical plane of existence. The possibility of other beings in this universe terrifies us so much that Hollywood makes quite a lot of money with that theme, of aliens coming to attack us, because of course from our limited vantage point, what would we do if we were as advanced as these aliens? Attack and control everything.

If you were to achieve an enlightened state of mind for just one moment, the entire fallacy that surrounds us would disintegrate before you. The amount of “energy” (dubbed “nerve energy” by Anthony Robbins) required to reach this state of higher consciousness is already present within our body. However, our current eating / smoking / drinking / medication habits and base methods of interacting with our surroundings wastes most of this energy. This leaves us to function as we are naturally within the lower planes of consciousness. If our awareness is limited, but the information is there, we might as well try to read a magazine as a blind person. If we were blind, we couldn’t read it, even if someone rolled it up and hit us with it, we would only be frustrated.

Einstein says, problems created at a certain level of lower consciousness cannot be solved at the same lower level of awareness which created them. Einstein is not the only one to say this, but he has a certain level of credibility with nearly everyone. So, here I am with a rolled up magazine.. telling you to read it.. but this magazine is not written on physical paper.. and the words even if you could read them would not make sense to a person stuck in a lower state of awareness.

GPS (Gross Psychological States)

Let me explain where you are in a simple to understand evolutionary context: Imagine that a race of beings has already evolved to the point of transcendence, and is immortal, omnipotent, and completely one with the universe and all of its inhabitants. Then imagine, they have already figured out and in fact quite possibly set forth the mysteries of reality, nature, music, chemistry, time etc. Imagine they are older than you can even begin to imagine, and they have also by way of their nature, inherited all wisdom and knowledge from the very beginning of existence. Now, imagine that they have thought of a clever way, largely through trial and error to reproduce offspring that are initially limited, so they may be tested first and judged to be fit or not to be included in the larger reality.

If you are waiting for evolution to raise us, or some other technological marvel to conquer death (transhumanists), or travel time and visit the stars, then you are out of luck. If you are ready to poke your head out of the box that has been made to contain you in a false construct until you are ready to emerge, then you are perfectly in luck.

The very next stage of evolution, is transcendence. Transcend space, time, death, and the lower levels of confusion and thought. Transcending all boundaries is possible within one lifetime if one is ready and willing. The first step to any approach is to get a big garbage can.. then fill it with your traditions, religions, half-truth phony faux philosophy, aliens, gender biases, science and all your fears. A bowl that is already full cannot be filled again, so empty it. It’s time to find out who you are, and not back down until you do. Is it your right to know what is going on? Do you have a right to know who you truly are? Are you interested in meeting your true parents?

Child’s Play

One of the forty different classifications of the great pattern, which is a hidden context that applies to all literature and art that I have revealed is called Transcendence. However, the entire group of topics can easily be classified under the heading Transcendence.

With each death, is a new birth. The death of the ego happens very subtly, it happens each night, we die. When we awaken in the morning, we piece it all back together and resurrect it again. However, during our dreams, certain beliefs were dissolved, transcended and or merged. This is why we sleep, and one main reason for dreaming. We heal. What people commonly refer to as ego death, is the exact same procedure, but usually not while asleep, and the beliefs that are shifted are fundamental beliefs that force one on a conscious level to recalculate the entire conscious belief structure which comprises the entire waking conscious state. This rocks the ID, who we thought we were, where we thought we were, and all questions of a higher spiritual nature. It can be quite painful to experience this especially once our belief structure has become calcified.

The older we are, the less likely a permanent evolutionary transcendental emergence will take place within this life, and the soul must instead make preparations then for another reincarnation cycle. Ring around the rosey so to speak. However, this shift of consciousness that is befalling us all right now is pushing for more than simple ego death. Ego Transcendence is on the menu, and for some, its their last time around the mulberry bush. Surrender unconditionally, love unconditionally, give unconditionally, and you will be repaid in kind. Letting go of your entire subjective belief structure is the key, and hold nothing back. Women lead the way in this, their gentle nature is being rediscovered and reborn. Who and what we thought we were, we are not that – at all.

We become children again, and return to the Great Mother, for She awaits us at the end of this tunnel we must all now pass. Only Children re-enter the gates of Heaven. This is the true death, done properly, we will transcend into true life, ever more, no more cycles of reincarnation. You can keep all your suffering, trials tribulations fear not. It’s what made you who you are, and who you are not. But.. you must put it under you, stand upon the shoulders of giants, upon the mountain of suffering, and look up, never look down. Forgive, do not forget. This is a beautiful song this band wrote and dedicated as a beautiful letter to their suffering as they stepped from the sea to the shore, and chose to suffer no more.

There are some basic scientific principals that are good to have a grasp of at this point of your journey. Mainstream science will always fall well behind entheogenic studies, as it must. It is merely driven by commercial viability, and experiments are funded as such. A well known idea from Einstein, that when our technology exceeds our humanity, we will swiftly destroy ourselves. If science was everything that it strives to be, we would all be dead by now. If a forest could speak to us, it would agree that a simple saw blade is an example of this.

The Schrodinger’s cat principal

This is a quantum based theory which Einstein was resistant to at first, but later accepted. He called it spooky action at a distance. This principal describes the scenario that particles are neither here nor there, but they are moving faster than the speed of light, and are both here and there at the same time until the experimenter actually decides to measure or observe said particle, at which time they appear where the experimenter expects them to be, moving faster than the speed of light in order to do so. In other words, if a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? By science’s own current theories, no, it not only makes no sound, it is neither here nor there, it doesn’t actually exist in this physical plane of existence if there is no physical observer. If this is the case with a simple forest, then this principal alone disproves all of the big ban theories to date, with their own quantum science.

If in the beginning of the creation of the universe, there were no physical based conscious life forms to witness this event yet, then no, there was no bang. In the end of all of this, there will also be no new big bang, for when the last sentient being passes from this realm, this physical realm will simply cease to be, having been merely a construct within our minds this entire time, and having no further observers to witness it. Another point I am making, is that our eyes are not just seeing the physical universe, but actually taking part in projecting this place. We are far more miraculous than we allow ourselves to believe. This principal is behind the understanding, he who believes he can do something, and he who believes he cannot, are usually both correct. It would seem to me, that the higher reality is therefore comparable to a digital nature.

In Genesis it states, in the beginning, there was the word. It would seem that modern science has confirmed this, however simply has yet to comprehend it. A materialist, is not a philosopher thus cannot think outside of linear constructs. The next level of quantum comprehension, is any thing but linear, so their advancement forward cannot continue until they rethink their entire personal relationship with information itself. Everything in this universe, is already known, except what you will do next. This is the only true variable which we are all here to witness. Everything else, every single thing and concept is already IN-formation. You cannot hope to understand the answers if you do not yet know the one and only question that the universe is actually currently asking you: Who are you?

A general method of determining this, is for us to not try so hard to be smart and/or cynical, just be yourselves.


The universe in Latin means one-song, all of us, all of creation all of poetry, songs, psalms, literature describes and reflects but one thing only. This is the Symphony of Transcendence.

Transcendence is not about how many years you can go to an accredited school and collect several degrees and call yourself a Doctor. Transcendence is about opening your perception past where anyone you know has ever gone, and past the limits you have ever in your wildest dreams imagined. I have added articles into this mystery school to attempt to put into words, that which is well beyond words, so in part, you will need to incorporate new understandings and undertake journeys into the medicines to fully reveal the great veil, and learn to remove it with a proper sequence in the proper time. If you both read these works, and do your own follow up in your own world to undertake the last leg of your great journey into transcendence, you will end up with a connection to the Great Spirits who has made this place, and who’s children you all are, and you will have 360 degrees of perception bestowed upon you by the great Universal University.

The true meaning of this verse has been argued over for millennia. However, if you have nothing to try to prove to anyone, you do not waste energy getting dragged into every such argument with those who are spiritually illiterate. Here is a simple example demonstration of 360 degree extrapolation of a verse of the book of Thomas: Verse 18: The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us, how will our end come?” Jesus said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is. Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death.”

Answer: In the beginning, there was the word, and in the end all there will be left is still the word, this world having been merely a construct and a shadow of the word. This material existence will all end where it began, with the word and so if you shall learn during the period of your own sentence in this grand hall of mirrors to seek the true meaning of the word so you may then measure and keep your word, so in the end you shall be kept as well.