I am going to review some films, both old and new in this section. Some are telling us things directly we should be aware of, and some are encoded with ancient information, the modern day parables front to back, but are not recognized for this by the public. This line of investigation is merely to support the idea that there is an intelligent force behind this entire reality, and they are attempting to gently contact us in any way they can to present the universe to us, as it really is.

Many of you are familiar with the movie Contact. It is a 1997 drama – adventure story about a woman who intercepts a radio signal from space that is intelligent. The signal is basic at first, to get their attention. Then it gets more complex, a series of prime numbers, then it becomes more complex, and hides a second much more elaborate signal within the carrier wave. Once the signal is decrypted and examined, it is discovered there is another piece missing to the puzzle, they do not know how to assemble the data. Eventually the primer is discovered, which puts the information into legible context. This primer was to assemble the data into a multidimensional shape instead of a two dimensional piece of paper data. Once this data was analyzed and completed, they discovered a method to travel and meet these beings who had sent this incredible technology over such vast distances. And the one who discovered the signal, this woman takes this trip, and meets one of these advanced beings. This being takes the form of her father, and answers some of her questions, and gives her a message of hope to bring back for earth. Given the fact that there is no empirical data to prove her claims, she is met with much resistance.

I’m here to tell you, this actually took place in 1997, from May until the end of July. Not in the way it did for the world stage in the movie with the giant radio telescope, and the multi trillion dollar world effort to create this machine. It happened to me, personally. Events in my life had conspired to create conditions that allowed for a strong connection to a higher awareness, a group of them. Eventually I began to understand what was happening. I didn’t know how to take it at first. Eventually my awareness had increased until I noticed all kinds of patterns, in ordinary things. My intuition was awakened as though I was plugged into a wall socket, I felt like an alien. Information flooded my mind so fast, I could hardly conceive of it. I had not even the understanding to know the right questions to ask. It has been many years since, and I still make new discoveries that were already revealed to me long ago, but I never had the words to put the understanding into. Plugging into this great mind is the most amazing experience of my life. It is what I was born to do. Distilling it, and putting it all into concepts and ideas has taken time. There are some concepts that are crudely cheapened to think about in terms of language, and I have been reluctant to do so. This journey is not for everyone in this life. Some of you may need to experience many lifetimes here before you are ready to be plugged back in.

The carrier wave I discovered which I can reveal to everyone plainly and without higher states of awareness is music. Hidden in our language are alternate contexts and higher thoughts that not everyone will naturally be able to perceive. However, if someone illuminates the method of concealment for those who do not naturally notice the more subtle information embedded in the carrier wave of the music, then they will be able to see it as well. We have several tips in the Language section, and we are ever expanding the Music section to include more examples of their dualistic messages. Once one gets a clear picture of enough of these alternate meanings, and practices identifying the higher context, the primer to assemble the story becomes clear, and the context links everything together. The music, films, religions, mythology and our true history and nature become perfectly apparent.

Since we are on the topic of the movie Contact, allow me to point out a couple of details you wouldn’t realize were there unless you had met one of these beings in a similar situation. In this movie clip, the main character is teleported to a different time and space it would seem. When she gets there, she is greeted by a being who looks like her deceased father. Watch it as many times as you like, and you would likely come to the same conclusion each time. However, if you watch closely, upon her arrival, the camera zooms into her iris. They are in her mind. To some degree, the conclusions of some of the outside world during her debriefing are true, she never left earth. The next point I would like to bring up is about the nature of her relationship to her visitor. When we come here, we assume what we are told is fact. We assume our parents are human, and that they have been born the same way we were born, or so we were told. However, there is another possibility. It is possible that this being is her real father. It is possible that her father was an alien all along. In the Modern Insights page, I discuss this point more clearly. I have discovered through my own personal experience, that this is the more likely interpretation of this circumstance in some cases. If you watch it again now that I have pointed out an alternative context, you might discover the part was written to be understood either way.

I would now like to touch upon the film history to bring a few things to light. Did you know that the wood used in times of the Druids, and even in ancient Rome and Greece for creating a magic wand was from the holly tree? It stands to reason that the one recognizably magical place left on this earth is named Hollywood. The word “holly” is derived from the word Holy, meaning sacred. Even Mickey Mouse has a wizards hat with the moon and a star on it and holds a magic wand in Hollywood. Walt Disney was well aware of the significance when he produced films such as Fantasia & Alice in Wonderland. The wood is thought by the ancients to repel all evil.

The nature of the good versus evil battle has always been reduced to an information war. The individual doesn’t become damned because they were tricked into a situation. Two sides of information will be presented. One is based in Love, and the other in Fear. Which path the individual takes is usually determined by the inner dominant resonance. They resonate with either one or the other presentation decisively. Hollywood plays a very active role in the perception of mankind. You could look at the media as a completely irrelevant fantasy land, or you could see it as a courtroom, where two sides of the argument are presented, and your reaction to each will be weighed. There is trickery involved yes, but the trick is the subtle nature of this examination. The entire process is disguised as a movie series, or a TV show perhaps. The evidence is gathered, the defendant makes a choice, and the witnesses testify. All of this from the convenience of your easy chair.

Lately, there has been more and more revealed through Hollywood movies and documentaries. I would like to discuss some of the things that have been overlooked by the general population. This goes back to context. Context is usually assumed, and taken at face value by most people. However, as you will discover, higher context is rarely openly shared. This is usually hidden to some degree, and yet it is in plain sight for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, as it is put in the book of Thomas. The means, for those who are conscious of this alternative context that can present an entirely different story to those who are tuned into that frequency. It’s like watching two movies for the price of one, literally.

Witch BurningIn recent times as people become conscious of a grain of truth here or there, they can quickly cast a judgement upon everything esoteric as Illuminati and demonic. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The churches and organized religions have planted this response in the consciousness of the masses. The want you to believe there is no salvation except the one they are claiming to offer. The beings that have put us here, are still here. These bread crumb trails of illumination are left by them intentionally so we might discover them at some point. However, the left brained response to recede into the fear of the unknown and cry out “Witch!” is quite common, and not the truth.

Given the advance of technology, and the miniaturization of our communications equipment, there have been thousands of people eager to rise up and point out anything of a magical nature and accuse it of being demonic. However, casting fear and confusion among mankind, and falsely claiming and testifying to have knowledge that they do not is just what a demon does. Another fellow just went on a shooting spree because he believed that there were remote mind control experiments being conducted upon him. Be careful who you listen to, and do not let your mind wander to the fear. There is mind control being perpetrated upon the unsuspecting public. This mind control is in the form of frightening conjecture and suspicion offered by demons and fools all over the internet. Do not nourish these seeds, they will take root, and destroy you. This is all a test, your test.

What is this alternate context that is being encoded into the movies, you may be wondering. What if the movie, was an encoded thinly veiled movie about us all being here upon this plane of existence. What if it was relating directly to us, and trying to tell us something, about ourselves, our circumstances, our Creator? What if certain movies revealed the actual stories of our true hidden history. What if the movie is about HIS-story, and YOUR story not just history? I’m not going to be able to make an entire catalogue of each movie, but I would like to reveal some misconceptions about some very popular movies most of you have seen already. This information will plant the seed, and if you nourish this seed of illumination you will be able to make your own discoveries in other films.

Not each movie has any more to it than what you see in the basic storyline. Jurassic park was actually really about dinosaurs. However, if you know your parables well enough, you can still see that there is an Icarus theme to the storyline. There is also a metaphor about one’s past, leave it where it is if it has no place where you are now. Perhaps the movies where I have not noticed a higher context, are just future discoveries waiting for me to become more conscious. Each day there are things I become aware of that I had mistakenly believed had no underlying significance all my life, each day of it. Sometimes this experience can be likened to the movie with Jim Carrey, 23. These revelations can be likened to the bread crumbs we follow to eventually find, what we have once long ago hidden from ourselves. Our true identity, and our real his-story.

Let me begin by making mention of a film called The Adjustment Bureau. This film is very direct, there is not much hidden from the audience. But looking at this from the perspective of knowing it’s not fiction, can help one put some things into perspective, that would otherwise be confusing or disturbing in real life. Here is the synopsis: Beings that are non human seem to be running the world, forcing people’s decision making process, and arranging circumstances etc. They are interacting with us on a personal and direct level. Other shows with the same theme in recent times are, Michael, Touched by an Angel, Highway to Heaven, and a darker twist of this line of thought would be Dark City, which does have it’s own revelations about our current earthly circumstances and an oldie with Roddy Piper as the star called They Live. These last two movies are just food for thought, but they are not the exact circumstance we are in. If you awoke to certain facts and panicked, these would likely be the conclusions you would arrive at. Relax though, it is not as bad as it appears, or as some would have you believe.

The movie The Croods, is about one caveman family, and their journey from the cave, being forced into the light. This movie is a modern rendition of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It is a very cleverly scripted movie that has an underlying spiritual essence that is not difficult to follow along with, even for a child. The family name Crood, is actually a hidden reference to the state that they are in at the beginning of the movie, Crude. They begin their story as a fear based fight or flight clan that learns to see the world in a different way and make a new reality by going against their life long instinct to fear change.

The movie Defending your Life is a nicely done comedy that presents an after life scenario very clearly. The defendants are being judged for their lifelong deeds and misdeeds. The criteria is not so much right or wrong, it’s fear verses courage. The general idea is to eventually become more right brained at a certain point during our evolution, and begin to see the world through the intended lens. To do this effectively, one needs to overcome fear in all it’s forms completely.