Those of you familiar with the movies Tron, or The Matrix will already be familiar with the idea of operating within a digital landscape. The Startrek fans have been fascinated with the idea of the holodeck, a holographic reality construct, since the 60's. Max Plankt one of our greatest scientists has also come to the conclusion that we are experiencing a type of electronic matrix of reality held together with intelligent electromagnetic frequency. Einstein later reluctantly at first, supported this conclusion. So, we are actually inside of a great computer it would seem. Our entire wold, and the universe it is nested in are unreal in the material sense, just projections of divine thought. We are but a great line of computer code written in a place with not even a piece of paper to write it upon. It's lucky for each of us that our creator has such a great memory!

If we use this analogy at times to help reshape our world view, it may come in handy when trying to extrapolate the cause or effect of an idea or concept when not enough information is present to come to any conclusion. Let's make a few analogies to begin with. The code for this system of reality is made up of language, just as in the computers we currently use today.

The machine code (zeros and ones) in a computer system, could be likened to all the characters and symbols for mathematics and all the language. One step up from that would be Sanskrit, representing the BIOS of the language system, (basic input, output system) Then a level up from that we would have ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. These languages make up the DOS operating system. Finally we would have English, French, Spanish, etc, all of the modern languages that would be at the Windows operating system level. Each ancient language is still there, running in the background as we use this modern language as an operating system right on top of it. All the original meaning is still there. For instance if you stopped the DOS system on your PC computer, your Windows would no longer function because it would have no more meaning, or reference.

We can look to ourselves each as a computer which is in turn connected to a network of other computers. This network is administrated by our Creators and Their assistants. There is a firewall between each of us, and this network. The rules and settings of this firewall determine our ability to access the mainframe. Some of these settings we can access directly, and some we need to hack into by a variety of different methods. The reason this firewall is so important, is because it regulates our movements in this reality. Most of our waking time here, we are interacting with the Matrix of reality, and we want it to conform to our imagination, or lack thereof. The firewall is our health, our stamina, our perception, our fears, our finances, our relationships, our transportation, our imagination, and our general level of awareness.

There are reasons your firewall settings are the way they are at this moment. Because you overlook them, because your being protected, because your being motivated, because others are being protected from you. And many other reasons determine the state which we now find ourselves. However, you can change them. Here is the trick to this part. Most people see the firewall as that which is the obstacle. But it is only the consequence, the shadow of the true obstacle. Your awareness or lack thereof, is the reason for the settings. So to change the settings you want to change, you need to determine the cause, and not focus on the effect. Focusing on the effect/firewall will give you the same results as struggling in a pool of quicksand. Instead, reflect, be still and buy yourself some time.

A semaphore is a program that allows other programs to operate simultaneously within the same environment. There are many examples of these, unix, dos, windows, os10, you name it. And there are jut as many other analogies in our terms of thinking. God is a semaphore, and the environment. Our ego is another semaphore. It allows us to be disconnected from the rest of the beings in the mainframe, and operate as an individual entity. Our entire existence is owed to the semaphore concept, otherwise we would still be God, the one and only being.

The Russian dolls that fit snugly, one inside the other are an analogy to the semaphore concept. Each doll has its independent existence, yet, all are within each other and withing the greatest one, as though they are carved each from the same piece of substance. When you become a parent, you are the semaphore that your child will operate within. To compartmentalize us  for a period serves to allow us to reach conclusions on our own, by our own path, and develop a rich individuality that would not otherwise enhance our collective brotherhood. If we did not do this a a species, if we were linked to the hive, and never severed to grow as a unique being with an individual expression in all things, we would be like the Borg, a feared hive mind race of bio-machines that terrorized and assimilated the citizens of the universe in Startreck.

I have disclosed different ways of adjusting your firewall throughout the site. I have been trying to teach you the language its operating with, and where the buttons of the keyboard are. I have introduced entheogens which temporarily disrupt the semaphore, and allow you to visit the open mainframe and behold it, and some of the Beings that reside there for yourself. I consider myself, not a religious person, but a sorcerer. One who attempts to reverse engineer the source code, and discover our true Source and learn It's ways. I want everyone who can, to join me in this quest. I have seen outside of this place we are calling reality, and while in that place I have looked back upon us. Mankind is in the grip one of these machines, our group ego, a very dark program with a terrible fear at it's core. To some degree, our system administrators have left us to our own devices, figuratively and literally. We must rise up into the next level of consciousnesses, let go of our fears, and hack reality. We must acquire the codes to take over this place and care for it as though it were ours. We must observe the Way of our Creators, and become the administrators of our on reality. God is not coming to save us, God is here, and has been all along, trying to teach us how to save ourselves.

You need to stand up now, and go and find a mirror, and look deep into your own eyes, and tell yourself, that you were the one that was appointed this task, to truly awaken before the others, and assist with the awakening, before we loose even more of our brothers and sisters forever to the darkness that comes for us all. This is your task, this is your wake up call, Jesus isn't coming, He's already inside waiting for you to activate Him, so he may walk among the ruins and heal this place of ours before the hour is too late.

Welcome to the E.N.D. The purpose of this video is to reveal the nature of the music you have been listening to your whole life. There is a Mystery unfolding before you all. Some will tell you this is Revelations of the bible and the Apocalypse is upon us. Some will have you believe the New World Order Is here to enslave some of us and kill off the rest. But neither is true, both have already come to pass There is yet another event upon us As we revolve and spiral around the Sun which in turn spirals round the center of the galaxy on this great rock that we lovingly call our Mother Earth There is a game being played, and a movie being made You're in it.. All of you are the cast and crew The name of this great movie is: Rock & Roll Hidden not so deeply within nearly every rock song and most every other song ever written,you can find a second meaning, if you know how to Listen for it. The music depicts the struggle between light and dark, for the good and the evil and the awakened and the dreaming states and for the love of the Creator's lost children The method of encryption varies from song to song but the more of them you examine, the easier you will begin to discover the deeper concealed context, the true meaning of all of the music you have always been listening to, but never hearing. What kinds of bands? you may be wondering.. All of them U.2. Alice in Chains I Mother Earth Stone Temple Pilots Journey Madonna Nazareth Our Lady Peace SoundGarden Third Eye Blind Warrior Soul Simple Minds and all the rest… If a group of sheep is called a herd, What is a group of Angels called then? A choir. It's a large part of what they do. They sing, they dance, they act, they make plays. The time has come that the sheep heard the Choir announce the Sheppard, and understood what they are all singing about! As it is written in the book of Thomas, Then Jesus said, "Whomever has ears to hear should listen and understand."