INXS was a very talented band throughout the 1980's and the 90's. They dropped hit after hit until 1997, when the lead singer Michael Hutchense was found hanging in his hotel room. The bands last album title with him seems to have foretold of this event. Their spiritually themed music escaped scrutiny and made it to the top of the charts again and again.




On A Bus 3:49
Doctor 2:35
Just Keep Walking 2:42
Learn To Smile 4:57
Jumping 3:22
In Vain 4:35
Roller Skating 2:44
Body Language 2:02
Newsreel Babies 2:42
Wishy Washy 3:50


Underneath the Colours


Stay Young 3:27
Horizons 6:13
Big Go Go 3:12
Underneath The Colours 3:58
Fair Weather Ahead 4:20
Night Of Rebellion 3:46
Follow 3:52
Barbarian 2:59
What Would You Do 3:08
Just To Learn Again 4:43


Shabooh Shoobah


The One Thing 3:32
To Look At You 3:54
Spy Of Love 3:55
Soul Mistake 2:56
Here Comes 2:59
Black And White 3:39
Golden Playpen 3:02
Jan's Song 3:19
Old World New World 3:37
Don't Change 4:24


The Swing


Original Sin 5:19
Melting In The Sun 3:25
I Send A Message 3:25
Dancing On The Jetty 4:37
The Swing 3:54
Johnson's Aeroplane 3:54
Love Is (What I Say) 3:43
Face The Change 3:36
Burn For You 4:58
All The Voices 6:11


Listen Like Thieves


What You Need 3:33
Listen Like Thieves 3:58
Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) 3:52
Shine Like It Does 3:05
Good + Bad Times 2:44
Biting Bullets 2:47
This Time 3:08
Three Sisters 3:26
Same Direction 4:56
One X One 3:06
Red Red Sun 3:32




Guns In The Sky 2:20
New Sensation 3:39
Devil Inside 5:11
Need You Tonight 3:04
Mediate 2:32
The Loved One 3:25
Wild Life 3:07
Never Tear Us Apart 3:02
Mystify 3:15
Kick 3:13
Calling All Nations 3:00
Tiny Daggers 3:29




Suicide Blonde 3:52
Disappear 4:09
The Stairs 4:56
Faith In Each Other 4:08
By My Side 3:06
Lately 3:36
Who Pays The Price 3:37
Know The Difference 3:17
Bitter Tears 3:49
On My Way 2:55
Hear That Sound 4:05


Welcome to Wherever You Are


Heaven Sent  
Taste It  
Not Enough Time  
All Around  
Baby Don't Cry  
Beautiful Girl  
Wishing Well  
Back On Line  
Strange Desire  
Men And Women


Full Moon, Dirty Hearts


Days Of Rust 3:09
The Gift 4:03
Make Your Peace 2:40
Time 2:52
I'm Only Looking 3:31
Please (You Got That…) 3:02
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts 3:29
Freedom Deep 3:59
Kill The Pain 3:00
Cut Your Roses Down 3:28
The Messenger 3:28
Viking Juice 3:12


Elegantly Wasted


Show Me (Cherry Baby) 4:16
Elegantly Wasted 4:32
Everything 3:13
Don't Lose Your Head 4:02
Searching 4:04
I'm Just A Man 4:48
Girl On Fire 3:55
We Are Thrown Together 5:36
Shake The Tree 4:10
She Is Rising 5:24
Building Bridges 3:57
Shine 3:50


The Switch


Devil’s Party 3:25
Pretty Vegas 3:25
Afterglow 4:08
Hot Girls 3:33
Perfect Strangers 4:11
Remember Who’s Your Man 3:28
Hungry 4:46
Never Let You Go 4:19
Like It Or Not 3:44
Us 4:07
God’s Top Ten 4:54


Original Sin


  Drum Opera 2:56
  Mediate 4:08
  Original Sin 4:21
  Never Tear Us Apart 3:57
  Beautiful Girl 4:08
  New Sensation 3:42
  Just Keep Walking 2:42
  Mystify 5:49
  To Look At You 3:59
  Kick 5:11
  Don't Change 4:16
  The Stairs 4:31


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