Medicinal Tours, Events & Lectures

Our group of three experienced medicinal facilitators provides a variety of private medicinal tours, excursions and lectures in Mexico from the lovely bay and beaches of Puerto Vallarta through the Sierra Madre mountain range of Oaxaca to Huautla de Jiménez, and along the east coast of Mexico in the heart of the beautiful Riviera Maya. We call our group Magical Mystery tours of Mexico. Our experience varies from traditions passed down among the indigenous peoples of Mexico, to Egyptian, and ancient Greek philosophy. Our lecture series spans a variety of mythologies and religious traditions from around the world. Our guides include Raul: a traditional indigenous priest of the Red Way, Temazcalero and massage therapist, Elo: a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist and woman’s counselor, and Elliot: the author of this website who does the lectures and discusses the philosophies behind the traditional uses of the medicines.

Mexico has a rich traditional history with medicines, and communion with spirit. In many places these traditions are still practiced by the indigenous tribes who have been keeping their traditions alive for more than a thousand years in some cases. The Huichol practice peyote and San Pedro cactus ceremonies, while the Mazatecs still practice mushroom, ipomea (morning glory) and salvia ceremonies. These sacraments and their use are protected when used within a ceremonial context in the regions where these tribes exist. Most other plants considered medicinal have been decriminalized up to the amount of 5 grams. For these reasons, Mexico continues to be one of the top destinations for persons looking for these types of medicinal experiences within an authentic ceremonial context.

Each of our events is a healing ceremony designed to put the participants in touch with the hidden aspects of their consciousness, as well as direct guidance into an awakening from the default state of mind, into a self aware person who is ready to face the challenges ahead of those who are ready to lift the veil into a new reality, and a new evolution. Our group focuses upon the spiritual connection to be discovered via the appropriate ceremonial application of traditional sacraments, and provides a safe and respectful framework to explore these hidden realms of consciousness.

Magical Mystery tours of Mexico is pleased to present the following sacred medicinal experiences:

Tour Schedule for 2019

*The only guided tour we will be doing in 2019 is the Huautla de Jiménez Mushroom Ceremony


Huautla de Jiménez Mushroom Ceremony: This Oaxaca tour consists of 2 day tours from Oaxaca City and an encounter with the sacred mushroom as we take you for 2 days and nights into the village of Huautla de Jiménez, birthplace of María Sabina. This tiny Mazatec community was first re-discovered by by American ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes who wrote a paper discussing the ritual use of mushrooms by Mesoamericans in the 16th century. Since then many people including Gordon Wason, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon have made pilgrimages to this sacred spot high in the mountains of the Sierra Madre.
Real de Catorce Peyote Ceremony: This excursion consists of 2 peyote ceremonies in the historic region of the Huichol in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. If you are a fan of Carlos Castaneda in search of your very own Real experience with the sacred peyote cactus, then this will be just the tour for you! Learn about the ancient traditions from a skilled medicine man and woman who will guide your journey through this sacred experience, and discover the true source of the inspiration of the artwork and legends of the ancient Huichol tribe.
Puerto Vallarta Temazcal Ceremony: This ceremony consists of a traditional temazcal ceremony with local Temazcalero Raul. This type of ceremony is very similar to the North American Indian sweat lodge. If one were to make their own tobacco ties and bring their buffalo horn with them, it would be identical to the sweat lodge. Raul is a collector of traditions and songs from many different native tribes of North America, and he plays his drum while he sings many traditional songs during the temazcal ceremony in a variety of ancestral tribal languages bringing the rhythms of the night to life.