This chapter explains well over 1000 words and scientific terms with their Hebrew origins, Webster’s origins, and the Hebrew origin of Webster’s.

         By linguist’s own criteria, this research proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Hebrew is the origin of English.



         Chomsky received the Nobel prize for demonstrating language is innate. No doubt because Semantics are observably very different in different languages he then concluded erroneously Syntax must be innate.

         Because it is impossible to program syntax without semantics Syntax can’t be innate. One needs a large dictionary before one understands syntax.  How would one explain noun, pronoun and verb without first possessing a large vocabulary that contains a sampling of those words? Actually the need for syntax only arises after a large dictionary has already been acquired.  Since syntax can’t be innate, semantics must be innate.

         In order to prove that a god or at least a very high intelligence inserted language we First need to change linguist’s present methodology which is based on the assumption that language was created one word at a time, that the building blocks of language are words. We ought to look for forethought, we ought to follow the religious writing and look for individual letters as building block.

         Simply stated instead of comparing words we need to compare letters. I am suggesting that it is like assuming that the atom is the smallest particle of Water is H2O instead to find out Water,  H2O is one not indivisible element, but is made up of smaller parts Atoms. This is just as true about a word, its made up of smaller parts, letters.…

         NYU Professor Alec Marantz has shown that the brain looks at each word as a sentence; He looked to the MEG to demonstrate this, he said, “We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time.” 

         Another supporting fact is that blind and sighted people look for language in the same place in the brain. One would expect blind and sighted people who experience words differently to record them differently, looking for words in the same place suggest words are Innate.

          Aphiasics are still able to communicate jibrish like a monkey…suggesting their ability to communicate is in tact but they lost their ability to understand and transmit picture-words.

         Far from proving divine creation doesn’t work Evolutionist’s research actually confirm the likelihood that life and language were programmed with a lot of forethought. The ability to create new words by recombining letters from a narrow selection of letters is the universal.

          God seems to use the same method of creation as that used to create life. He first creates letters. The rules of creation are the same above as they are below.

         With the assumptions that Hebrew is proto language and that Hebrew letters are the building blocks, we are ready to test the theory of intelligent divine creation.

         The Hebrew meaning of Consonant says they are the only important Semantics, it is from the Hebrew can sinant or can shinant meaning Here repeat and memorize. Weshinantam yomam walayla, and you repeat them diligently day and night.


         Let’s take the letter Dalet meaning door to knowledge, or just knowledge –  I am suggesting only consonants are building blocks which means we should ignore vowels, they are there to produce different music thus hide the sameness in consonants.  Let’s then explore the possibility that the meaning of the sound D is the same in Hebrew and other languages. 

         De-a means an opinion or Idea. Yeda means knowledge which reside in the Head, I know that yeda and head don’t sound alike, but Head and Yeda are made up of the same building block, the consonant D meaning knowledge. Ed means Witness, Ed is used as a suffix in English “happened” witnessed.

          Od means to Ad. Dyo a Die or ink and to Die means Enough, stop. The English to Do means to know.  The English word Aid meaning, giving a hand, is from the Hebrew Yad- meaning hand. Da means Yes in Russian but know in Hebrew.

         Of course there is the hyoid bone also known as the lingual bone. A unique bone that is held by muscles but not attached to any bone. Its name is the letter Yod that stand for god. Could the language secrets be hidden there?

         Moving up to two letters the word Idiot, or yad ot meaning hand signals, in other words unable to speak. The word to Bid would then decipher as Bayad in hand.

         Dame would then be Da-em meaning know A Mother. It follows that a Date then would mean Da et, Know assigned-Time. The Spanish Nada which means nothing, means no- Da or no-knowledge in Hebrew…and Buddha would mean bo-da in him the Knowledge, so on and on and on. B pronounced Byte means a house or a housing as in the computereese word – Byte.

         The word Semantics is made of 2 Hebrew words shem tic meaning Name File while Syntax is made up of Syn Tekes meaning word arrangement. Shin and Shem mean the same thing, one spells out the word Shem the other Shin spells out, the first letter for Shem Shin which is accepted to mean Shem-the word. Tax is from the Hebrew Tekes meaning to set in order, in short a Text. Syntax then is word arrangement and semantics means name file. I have 2600 words like these.

         Chomsky named the innate ability to speak, Language Acquisition Device, very sophisticated and scholarly sounding, he then abbreviated it as LAD. Lad means boy and At-Birthed-Innate, in Hebrew, in English it appears as Yield which really means birthed. 

         Though Chomsky is Jewish and speaks Hebrew, I am not suggesting Chomsky meant to name it in Hebrew, I am suggesting that some other unseen power is at work. Simply stated…someone has access to our mind and is likely whispering each new name otherwise they couldn’t all be correct in Hebrew. 

         Innate, without the vowel it reads as  NT or Nata meaning planted, sounds different but have the same consonants, while Shatal is another Hebrew word meaning planted, in shatal would then be Instil or  install meaning in planted. DNA means din a Verdicts god. RNA transmit information and its meaning is ran a, song god.

         The recently discovered super continent was named ELBABARA a name they created by taking the last part of the previously discovered 2 super continents. They could have used many names but somehow decided on a name that means in Hebrew EL-God Ba-In It Bara – Created

         This is the real Esperanto, Would you not want your children learning this way?

         It seems regardless of which language we speak we are all speaking Hebrew with funny accents and awkward expressions. This is not the handy work of evolution but of a god or Aliens. Alien, el an means GOD I AM.

         Each letter is used as building blocks, like atoms in a formula, to create a word which is but combination of letters-pictures-a short sentence. Take the word Adam or as written in Hebrew A-D-M, made up of 3 letters that we encountered earlier. As a three letter word it’s a name.

         Using a one letter meaning:

         A= aleph = el Peh=God speech/thought.

         D = de-a = idea, knowledge/information.

         M = mem = water, mother, from.

         Using the one letter picture word Adam means:    Thought with knowledge in water…sound almost anecdotal…

         Using the two letters source system produces clearer results.

         A-Dam = God blood,               Adama = earth.

         Adam = earthling with god’s blood.

         Thought and information in water- as description of our blood begins to make more sense only after the 2 letter source is introduced.

         God is saying in the word ADAM Cro-Magnon was birthed with blood of god and an earthling, two races that became one. Indeed the word Blood =bo lad = in it birthed. The Hebrew word Br meaning to Birth is clearly hidden within the word Bir-th but confounded by adding the TH. And the word Create describes how he made the world, God Cara Et, meaning called-out everything.

         This has gone unnoticed in Israel because the teaching of Hebrew is based on a 3 letter Shoresh (source = root) which hides the fact that Hebrew is a computerized language. In other words what seems hazy with one letter, obvious using 2 letter root words, disappears when a 3 letter root is assumed, resulting in that A-dam meaning as god.blood is not taught in any public school in Israel.  


         Language is where most of us encounter spirituality in our everyday lives.  Words fill our lives, yet are not real.  The spoken word is all around us yet can’t be seen.  It is easier to capture the wind than it is to capture a word.  Language is the creation impetuous, the magic of God that we humans practice on a daily basis.  The ability to create pictures in our mind to imagine what is not yet is actually what thought is, and it is the legacy of our ancestors.

         We must realise that there is nothing real about a word.  A word is always a symbolic representation of an imagined picture. When we choose specific words we have actually made a series of judgements.  We select words based on our own personal experience. The receiver of those words, pictures then assign his own ideas. This means that language, the act of transmitting pictures is a broken telephone method, a situation where the picture received is always different from the one sent.  This suggests the more exact the narrower the definition of the agreed upon meaning of the words the less distorted is the communication.

For example: What is a patient person? We each might have a different definition of it. In Hebrew word for Patient is Savlan meaning A Sufferer…no more no less, it means a sufferer in English as well, but we don’t notice. A Doctor’s patient, is his sufferer.

Advice would transliterate as de-a Be Yesh meaning opinion.It-has. But when one says Advice in Hebrew the word is Etzah made up of Ayin meaning See and Tzadi meaning Righteous. At least subconsciously the Hebrew speaker is also saying tzadic ayin, From Eye Righteous which is the right point of view one ought to take when giving advice…

      No it’s not taught this way in Israeli schools….the Israeli educators are in the main evolutionists. They teach language evolved and peg Hebrew as another Semitic language.


         The meaning of the Hebrew word, SHEMAשמע  meaning LISTEN. As in “Shema Yisrael”.  One can clearly see, or rather hear, in the word SHEMA שמע , the word SHEM meaning  THE NAME or THE WORD, accompanied by the letter/word AYIN meaning TO SEE. This decipher suggests that to listen is actually to WORD SEE or, in other words to create a mental picture this is suggested at least subconsciously every time one says Listen Shemeh in Hebrew.  

         The Taoist Sanskrit term SAMSKARA also provides us with an excellent and similar definition of what a word is.  This ancient term explains that a word is a “specific picture frozen in time and space.” This understanding can help us define LANGUAGE as the creation of pictures in one mind and then framing then in order to move them around, while communication is the transmission of pictures from the mind of one person to another, using sound or other means.  The sounds, letters, or hand gestures are a symbolic numbering system, a caption, for each word creating a mental picture. It can be sometimes expressed as a letter other times as a word and other time still as a sentence a paragraph or even a whole story can sometimes be summarized in one word.

         The deciphered meaning of this ancient Taoist term confirms their definition of language.  SAMSKARA deciphers into Hebrew as SHEM SH-KARA שם ש קרא meaning NAME THAT HAPPENED.  This term clearly and beautifully defines language as giving a name to something that happened as a picture frozen in time and space.  The Hebrew decipher provides us with a very accurate understanding for this Taoist term.  Could this be an accidental play on words that has gone unnoticed?  The Hebrew SKARA meaning THAT HAPPENED when used as one word means MEMORY…computer or mere accident?



         2. AN ENGLISH WORD IS A HEBREW SENTENCE – using the zero, the space adding or subtracting it in creating new words, fusing several small Hebrew words together into one word and vice versa.

         3. DESCRIBE THE SAME THINGS DIFFERENTLY – Creating many languages from one requires a crossword puzzle system.

         4. ADD HEBREW CONSONANTS – AYIN and HAIT that became English vowels.

         5. COMBINE OF ALL THE ABOVE – The method of confounding used for each word often employs the simultaneous combination of methods 1-4. The combined results create what appears to be a non-linear method of confounding, making the accidental discovery of the relationship between Hebrew and other Indo-European languages almost impossible.

         Below is a section from the longer 3000 word dictionary

         The 16 words below are made up of two Hebrew words which are really one. The Hebrew Gal means WAVE while GIL means HAPPY. The words differ in that the letter YOD is used in GIL. This suggests when god enters a wave (light or water) the receiver is happy. Haga EL or Thoughts.god are the meaning of the two letters that make up G.L. this like other words which we will review later indicate that there is information in water.


         Hebrew – GAL NAD = MOVING WAVE   גל נד

         Latin – GLANDULA = AN ACORN.


         Hebrew – GAL M’OR = WAVE LIGHT   גל מאור

         Scottish variation of GRAMMAR in sense of GRAMARYE = MAGIC.


         Hebrew – GAL OR = WAVE LIGHT    גל אור

         Anglo Saxon – GLAER = AMBER.


         Hebrew – GAL AYIN = SEE WAVE    גל עין

         Late Latin – GLENARE = TO GLEAN.


         Hebrew – GILA = HAPPINESS (GALA)   גילה

         Anglo Saxon – GLEOW, GLEO = JOY, MIRTH.


         Hebrew – GAL BO = WAVE LIKE    גל בו



         Hebrew – GALIM OR = WAVES OF LIGHT   גלים אור

         Anglo Saxon – GLEOMU = BRIGHTNESS.


         Hebrew – GALIM PASOU = PASSED WAVE LIKE  גלים פסו

         Anglo Saxon – GLEOMU = BRIGHTNESS.


         Hebrew – GALASH = SLID     גלש

         German colloq. – GLITSCHE = A SLIP from GLITSCHEN = TO SLIP, SLIDE.


         Hebrew – GALIT OR = WAVE LIGHTS   גלית אור

         Middle English – GLITEREN.


         Hebrew AGOL BO = ROUND    עגול בו 

         Latin – GLOBUS = A BALL, SPHERE.


         Hebrew – GOLEM = LIKE DUMB    גולם

         Anglo Saxon – GLOM = TWILIGHT.


         Hebrew – GALO ORY = DISCOVER MY LIGHT  גלו אורי



         Hebrew – GAL OT YESH = WAVE OF LETTER THERE IS גל אות יש 

         Greek – GLOTTA = THE TONGUE.


         Hebrew – GAL = HIS WAVE     גלו

         Anglo Saxon – GLOWAN = TO GLOW.


         An obvious difference between these two languages is that Hebrew is read from right to left while English is read from left to right.  This implies a left handed God… But the real difference is each Hebrew letter is a word has a picture meaning not just a sound. This means it is theoretically possible that each letter is a word and each word is a sentence.

         Some Hebrew letter/sounds are missing in English and vice-a-versa.  For example, there is no X letter/sound (eks) in Hebrew.  There is no J or Gee sound either. There is no Heth   ח  letter/sound in English (a hard H as in the Spanish Jose). The Hebrew letter Ayin ע, is a guttural A sound but turns to a vowel.  The Hebrew TIAT  has a guttural T sound and therefore is lumped with T. There is no equivalent letter/sound in English. And the letter K of meaning monkey is pronounced with a guttural K.

         Another example of the difference between these languages is the letter SHIN the sounds SH, CH, is not a letter in English.  We add the letter H to the S to create SH. CH. And even TH.

         Due to the different ways we pronounce the English letters S, Z, C including the SH, CH sound, (which correspond to the Hebrew letters Samekh ס, Shin ש, Zayin ז, and Tsade (צ, become interchangeable when deciphering. The letters V and B are also interchangeable when deciphering because both are represented by only one Hebrew letter, Beth ב . and F and P are the same Hebrew letter. All of which means we reduced the 22 Hebrew letters to about 13, this is one of the confounding tools used.

         English is a syllabic language combining vowels and consonants to create a unit of pronunciation.  Whereas Hebrew is a consonantal language using only diacritical marks — the dots and dashes under, over and beside each Hebrew consonant to represent the vowel sounds within each word, with a few exceptions.

         The diacritical marks are really only there for easy reading, they are not generally used in Hebrew books or newspapers, nor are they used in the writing of the official Torahs. DIACRITICAL (DA KARARI KA) דע קראתי קל deciphers to mean KNOW FOR EASY READING. The dictionary traces this word back to the Greek word DIAKRITICUS meaning distinguishing marks 


         God CREATED the world by CALLING everything into being,  KOL means VOICE in Hebrew.  “And God said; let there be light; and there was light.” Genesis (1-3). The dictionary gives the origin of the word CREA-ATE as Latin CREARE meaning to make.  In the Hebrew version of the bible it says instead of “And God said” wayomer” which can also be said as “YIKRA-ET” יקרא את thus, CREA-ATE. God Created by manifesting the word, like a computer program would do but for real. Magic is just a science we don’t understand

         The dictionary suggests other origins: such as the German word KRAINEIN meaning to accomplish and even a Sanskrit origin KAR meaning to make or act is suggested.  The Hebrew word KARA is as I have shown earlier means HAPPENED and CALLED OUT, but of course the Hebrew origin of all these words is clear KARA-ATE קרא את.

         The suggestion that the word existed and then god inserted himself into the word thus creating the world sound ridiculous, foreign to us.  The designer of language seems to further corroborate this method of creation.  The letter L or EL means GOD, ALLAH in Arabic.  Once the letter L = GOD is inserted into the word, WORD, a new word is created—WOR(L)D. 

         The decipher of the word, WOR-D  אור דע  is KNOW LIGHT, or RE DA = SEE KNOWLEDGE, while the decipher for WOR-LD   אור לד is Lad we know is birthed LIGHT BIRTHED.  The HebrewLAD or YALAD means birthed.  It is appears in LAD-Y meaning THE ONE THAT BIRTHED ME (mother).

         The dictionary states that the word WORD, just like the word WORLD, finds its origin in Anglo-Saxon.  WORLD is made up of two Anglo-Saxon words, WER meaning man and YELDO meaning an age, thus age of man.  AGE = YELDO in the Anglo-Saxon language has its obvious roots in the Hebrew word YELAD meaning BIRTH?

         The English letter EL is L.-M.D, Lamed means GOD MEASURES. Delving into LMD atomic structure tells us that L –god M-water balance/Torah,  Dalet- knowledge, god.knowledge.water/Torah. Or with a two letter base it then reads  L- M.D meaning God Measures suggesting that learning is measuring. LMD read backward as Dam-El meaning Blood God, suggesting that a learning ability is due to god’s blood coursing in our veins.

         The word Read means then Rea- D meaning  See-Knowledge. The word Write means Re Ot , See-Letter.    


         The word ORIGIN  אור גן is made up of two Hebrew words and means LIGHT GARDEN.  As we all know the original act of God was creating that light.


         Hebrew – OR GAN = LIGHT GARDEN  אור גן

         Latin – ORIRI = TO RISE

         Hebrew – ORER = AWAKENED, AWARE (to rise)

         The origin of the Latin ORiRi is the Hebrew ORER meaning TO WAKE UP


         One would then expect that the word Organ transliterate as LIGHT GARDEN.  But the word ORGAN is derived from the Hebrew ERGOUN meaning Organ-ize …almost synonymous…the word Irgoun is itself from the Hebrew word Arag meaning Weaved. As in the English Rag , it also is hidden within Marriage pronounced in Hebrew as Meourag  meaning Weaved together…as one.


         Hebrew – BAGAN = IN THE GARDEN    בגן

         B = IN, and GAN = GARDEN, therefore IN THE GARDEN.


         Hebrew – PO-RESHIT = HERE BEGINNING פה ראשית 

         Anglo-Saxon – FYRST = THE FIRST

         It is also a classic example of how “deflating” the vowels so completely changes the sound of a word.


         This word bears a resemblance to the first word in the Torah, BE-RESHITבראשית =  IN THE BEGINNING or literally, THE FIRST, IN THE HEAD OF THINGS. Or better yet IN THE HEAD OF THO 



           Webster: Latin: ELECTUS= ELECT

         Joe:     Hebrew: LEKET  = TO CHOOSE                                             לקט


         Webster: Latin: ELECTUS = ELECT

         Joe:    Hebrew: ZE LIKET = THIS CHOSEN     זה ליקט


         Webster: Latin: ELECTUS = ELECT

         Joe:     Hebrew: CO LIKET = SO CHOSEN כה ליקט


         Webster: Latin: LECTURA = READ, LESSON

         Joe:     Hebrew: LEKET SHIOOR = CHOSEN LESSON   לקט שיעור 

         Please note that the consistency I offer in deciphering LECTURE using the root ELECT explains the origin of the Latin LECTURA. But since the word TURE, SHIOOR = LESSON is not to be found in Latin philologists could not connect the words ELECTUS and LECTURA.  The evidence again points directly to the conclusion that English and Latin words are closely connected to the Hebrew.  This doesn’t seem to be just another series of meaningless and interesting anomalies between Modern English and ancient Hebrew.  

         THE ONUS IS ON ME

         The onus is on me to prove my theory. 


         Webster:Latin = BURDENSOME TASK.                          

         Joe:    Hebrew: ONESH = PUNISH                    עונש  


         Webster: Latin PUNIR = PENALTY.

         Joe:    Hebrew = po ONESH =  HERE PUNISHMENT             עונש            


         Webster: Latin BONDIRE = TO PROCLAIM.

         Joe:    Hebrew= bo ONESH = IN IT PUNISHMENT             עונש    

         The Latin word BONDIRE can also be traced back to the Hebrew, BO-NEDER בו נדר  =  WITH IT VOWED, which is a pretty good way of describing the act of proclaiming, but not so good for defining banishment.


         Webster Latin – AD = TO and MONARE = WARN

         Joe:    Hebrew = ad ONESH =  OPINION PUNISHMENT             עונש       

         To word ADMONISH   Hebrew – DEA MEONESH = PUNISHING OPINION דעה  מענישה .  


         A scientific theory is speculation about reality, as yet unproven to be either true or false.  A theory consists of a set of terms and principles constructed and applied by the theorist.  The constructs must be interrelated so that the theory is logically consistent.

         The dictionary says the word


         Webster:Greek: Theoria = mental viewing or contemplation.

         Joe:    Hebrew: Tioor = DESCRIPTION 


         Webster:Latin: Historia = history

         Joe:    Hebrew: Se Tioor = THIS DESCRIPTION,

          The Hebrew TIOOR= DESCRITION is clearly the source of the older Latin and Greek words listed in the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary as well as the source of the English THEORY.

         A THEORY is a description, a STORY.  The two words share a similar sound and meaning. The word HISTORY is clearly more modern concept than STORY, therefore cannot beget a much older and simpler idea as telling a story. It follows then that the word HISTORY was adapted from the words THEORY and S-TORY, which in turn was borrowed from the Hebrew TIOOR = DESCRIPTION. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that philologists simply did not research so called Semitic languages because they are considered unrelated. In other words it would screw up their theory… 




         Another way of deciphering Esoteric is to understand it with the letter Sameh Tait Raish and read it as two Hebrew words SAT OR meaning DIVERTED LIGHT. The word SAT or Sata is the root for the word SATAN. 

         THE EVIL DEVIL named SATAN.



Webster: Hebrew – SATAN = ENEMY from SATAN = TO BE ADVERSE.

The Hebrew word doesn’t refer to an evil act. Harekev SATA mehakvish” means the car VEERED OFF the road. 


Hebrew – AVEL = EVIL (injustice, wrong doing) עוול  

Anglo Saxon – YFEL = EVIL. 


Hebrew – DA AVEL = KNOW EVIL    דע עוול


         SATAN is the suggestions given by others or by our subconscious that VEERS US OF THE PATH.

 MY PERSONAL OPINION is that the Satan who is supposedly fighting gods wishes, the one we are all looking for  is not separate from god…otherwise god isn’t much of a god…

 God teaches through mistakes…it is the only way to learn, this is true for each of us individually and it is true collectively.  


         Hebrew – TOAVA =  ABOMINATION, SACRED PROHIBITION   תועבה    

         Tonga tribe – TABU = SACRED PROHIBITION.

               The lexicographers of Webster’s Dictionary explain that the word TABU meaning sacred prohibition, was “borrowed” from a primitive African tribe by a British explorer. Whatever…The Bible uses the word TOAVA translated scores of times as ABOMINATION in the English text of the Bible. This then suggests that Hebrew is the source of that African language.

         I feel that a big part of my kabalistic experience has to do with taboos society has. Only after I dared crossed one I was given the challenge of another. It starts out small like saying Yehowh, or not wearing a scull cap when praying. It eventually progressed to believing that there is more than one god and that he is physical and that he is the Egyptian god Thoth. All of this is pretty scary, I couldn’t pretend to believed when I didn’t…whoever communicated with me knew how I felt better than I did. Crossing those treacherous taboo-rivers is like fighting “the windmills in your mind”.  



         The Hebrew word ANADענד   is spelled with three consonants, of which the AYIN ע becomes a vowel, and is the common sound and meaning in all 7 words listed below.


         Joe:   Hebrew – ANAD = TIED TOGETHER  ענד

         Webster: Old Norse – THEREUPON, NEXT, THEN.


         Joe:   Hebrew – ANAD = ALL TIED TOGETHER   ענד

         Webster: Sanskrit – ANTA – LIMIT,  BORDER.


         Joe:   Hebrew – bo ANAD = TO BIND  בו ענד

         Webster: Anglo-Saxon – BINDAN = BIND.


         Joe:   Hebrew – BO ANAD LO = TIED ALL TOGETHER  בו ענד לו

         Anglo-Saxon – BIYNDEL = TO BIND. 


         Joe:   Hebrew – BO ANAD DARY = TIED AROUND, MY RESIDENCE בו ענד דר

         Webster: Late-Latin – BONNARUIM = LIMITS.


         Joe:   Hebrew – CAN PE ANAD = HERE TIED UP MOUTH, SPEECH כאן פה ענד

         Webster: Latin – CONFUNDERE = TO POUR TOGETHER.

         Webster’s has provided us with five different sources for these 7 words.  I have used one Hebrew word to show their origins.



         LAW לא means NO in Hebrew. The Laws are the rules of what NOT TO DO.

         This genius like definition, is simple yet elegantly accurate way of defining the LAW.


         Joe:   Hebrew – LO = NO     לא

         Webster: Anglo-Saxon – LAGU = THAT WHICH IS LAID OR FIX from LICGAN = TO LIE.


         Joe:   Hebrew – LO YAIR = WILL NOT SHED LIGHT   לא יאיר

         I thought this was an interesting decipher.


         Joe:   Hebrew – LO YAIR = WILL NOT SHED LIGHT  לא יאיר

         Webster: Anglo-Saxon – LEOGAN = TO LIE.

         Hebrew – LO HOGEN =  NOT FAIR

         IN THE MIRROR

         Finding Hebrew picture/words inside English words is a difficult task requiring a very new kind of associative skill.  The basic technique is very similar to one used in a crossword puzzle, the added difficulty factor is the requirement for almost simultaneous thinking in two seemingly unrelated languages.  For example, the word:


         Joe: Hebrew RE-A = SEE MIRROR

         Webster : Rai, the Old French descendant of Latin radius ‘spoke of a wheel. 


         Joe:   Hebrew – MIRROR = MIRRORS LIGHT. מראה אור

         Webster: Latin – MIRARI = TO WONDER, TO LOOK AT.

          The Hebrew word MARA means MIRROR. מראה  


         Joe:   Hebrew – CA-MERA = LIKE A MIRROR,  כמראה

         which describes succinctly how a camera operates

         Webster: Greek  – KAMARA = VAULTED CHAMBER.

         Joe:   Hebrew – KE- MEARA = LIKE A CAVE.  כמערה

         The two words above are classic examples of the kind of deciphering that might confuse and even make the reader question this whole process. In one instance I seem to decipher the word MERA = MIRROR, I then turn around and claim that practically the same sound MEARA means CAVE.

         The Hebrew word MEARA מערה= CAVE is a whole word. The word MERA is made up from the word RE ראה = SEE combined with the prefix M that converts RE into MERA = MIRROR. The two words have different spelling and meaning in Hebrew


         The term ABRACADABRA is spoken by magicians and would be magicians.  The dictionary says this word is: “Any cabalistic word or formula supposed to have magic power; hence unmeaning language; jargon.” 

         This term is actually made up of two rather simple and clearly coherent Hebrew words.  AVRA KEDIBRA עברה כדברהare two words that mean IT HAPPENED AS SPOKEN.  



         The Torah says Er was Aware, his name means Aware but god found the fact that Er could see the future bad Ra which is Er backward, so god Kills him. GOD THEN KILLED HIS BROTHER WHO ALSO WAS ABLE TO SEE THE FUTURE.



         Webster: Latin: AIR

         Joe:   Hebrew: AWIR = AIR


         Webster: Anglo saxon = GEWEAR = AIR

         Joe:   Hebrew: ER = AWARE



         The dictionary points out that AIR originated from the Latin word AER.  Why wasn’t it associated with the Hebrew AWIR? 

         The word FILTER breaks down to FILT-EWIRפלט אוויר  meaning EMITS, ESCAPES AIR, which is what a filter actually does, it traps pollutants and lets air through.  The Latin origin is listed as FELTRUM meaning fulled wool.

         The word OR meaning LIGHT, sheds its light on many words that do not appear to have anything to do with light.  First the word AURA and AIR are claimed to have sprung from the Greek word AURA meaning AIR.  But AURA’s meaning is a person’s light.  Of course, the decipher’s rule of vowel usage allows us to understand the word AURA as AWIR.  This admittedly is confusing.  I therefore want to reiterate that the Hebrew word OR means LIGHT and the Hebrew word AWIR means AIR.  Yet, due to the fact that in English these two words are made up with one consonant, R, then any combination of vowels with the letter R can be deciphered as AWIR meaning AIR or OR meaning LIGHT…that’s how it was confounded but remained Hebrew.

         The other two words that can be added to this of words containing only the letter R, are the word RAY meaning SEE and MIRROR. This particular decipher displays a lot of scientific knowledge. The act of seeing is bouncing light from the object back to the eyes.

         Another R word is the Hebrew word YARA ירא = FEAR. This tells us that at time the English letter R will at time mean FEAR. Here are few examples:  

         EERIE = YARA = FEAR      ירא

         WORRY = YARA = FEAR      ירא

         F-EAR = PO YARA = HERE FEARED  פה ירא 

         The Hebrew word ARWA = NAKEDNESS ערווה , spelled with five letters, all  are reduced to the consonant sound of R.

         ERO-TIC is also an R word.

         Some with an exaggerated sense of “fairness” will cry foul. My premise is clearly non-linear and insult their sense of order. They want one Hebrew letter to match one English letter, one Hebrew word to match one English word. To those who can not accept the basic premise that one English letter can represent not just one but several Hebrew words, I direct this question: How else do you keep such secret dormant for thousands of years? Without such concealing and disguising methods, without the many “misdirect” created by the confounder, the relationship between Hebrew and other languages would have been discovered.

         Adding all the above mentioned examples of confounding is the fact that the Hebrew language hibernated for two thousand years, a period where no one but for few Rabies kept it alive. All this contributed to the Grand plan that resulted in a situation where no one even suspected a connection could exist. At the same time one must admit that the degree of accuracy still present in the English word when deciphered in Hebrew is nothing short of astonishing, if not miraculous. 



         Webster:Latin: CELARE = TO HIDE

         Joe:    Hebrew: COL OR = THE VOICE OF LIGHT 



         Joe:    Hebrew: OR COL = VOICE OF LIGHT


          Here again is what I call false logic. It is not likely that the verb TO COVER, TO HIDE which describes a much newer activity than just observing different colours, was formed prior to the word COLOR. The Hebrew explanation of COLOR is rather sophisticated and probably could not even be understood earlier than 100 years ago.  The words COL-OR  קול אורmeans VOICE LIGHT, a scientifically correct way of describing color.  My proposed origin of the word COLOR can be accepted as a reasonable explanation for the source of the word COLOR only if one can accept the possibility that a higher intelligence was involved in creating language. 

            If we reverse the two words within COLOR they would read ORCOL or ORACLE, which can also appropriately be deciphered as THE VOICE OF LIGHT.

         COVER as Cavour means Buried. Buried as Bore means A Hole. A Hole as Halal means Space, space as Se Ffes means This Zero, Zero means Ze oro , This his Light, Light means Lahat…raging fire…and fire means Po Or.

         Or means light and Aurah means His Light the soul that surrounds the body and is the light of Ra that lives forever. 

         HEART IS LOBBY – לב

         The Hebrew word LEV, spelled with the same two consonants L-B, means HEART.  Upon examining the 9 words LOVE, LIVE, BELIEVE(in heart) LOBBY INVOLVE, RELEVANTDELVE, CLEAVE(LIKE A HEART), we will see in later chapter why  EARLOBE is also part of this group. We find that all nine words incorporate the picture of A HEART within them.  In the case of LOBBY the picture refers to the heart (the centre) of a structure.  In the case of INVOLVE, DELVE, and RELEVANT the picture refers to the heart of the matter.


         If you check the dictionary you might be surprised as to diverse and unrelated sources cited by Webster. 


         Sometimes it is hard to see the connection between English words with the same consonantal sound, let alone to find their Hebrew source word.  This makes the deciphering much harder.  A case in point is in the five English words, PIECE, PEACE, PACE, FUSE, and PASS.  They sound remarkably similar and have the same consonantal sounds. 

         The word PEACE was one that I deciphered early on.  It is from the Hebrew word PI-YES פייס meaning TO APPEASE, which makes it the source of APPEASE as well.  From Latin PACIS meaning peace

         A much harder word to decipher phonetically speaking is the word SUFFICEזה פייס = THIS APPEASES.  The dictionary says it is from Latin – SUFFICES meaning to provide,

         The English PACIFY also breaks down to two Hebrew words.  PAC-IFY = פייס פה   APPEASE HERE, and indeed pacify means to calm one’s need; to appease it. From Latin PACIS meaning peace.

         SACRIFICE can be better understood when we split this long word into two smaller words.  It is made up of the words SACRI meaning MEMORY and the word FICE meaning TO APPEASE.  Thus, SACRIFICE = MEMORY APPEASES.  The dictionary cites the source from Latin – SACRIFICIUM meaning rendering sacred.

         The Hebrew word for PIECE is PISA פיסה, which is undoubtedly related to the Latin PACIA meaning piece. The word FUSE also suggests the picture of making something into A PIECE. It is the act of making two pieces into one.  It surprised me to discover that Webster went to a Latin origin with the word FUSUS meaning to pour out.

         PACE is from the Hebrew word PASA ע meaning STEP or WALK, which is the source and has the same meaning as the Latin PASSUS meaning step.  I contend that the English word PHASE also means A STEP but the dictionary tells us that it is from the Greek word PHAINOSTHIA meaning to open.

         PASS too, has the identical meaning in Hebrew, PASSOO פסו = PASS means to PASS. From the Latin PASSUS meaning to step, which is from the Hebrew PASAH = STEP פסע. 

The English REFUSE is derived from the Hebrew RE PASSAH פסחmeaning SEE PASS OVER. This word is better known as the name of a holiday. The dictionary lists the source as the Latin word REFINDERE meaning to pull back.  The word REFUSE(garbage) we are told comes from the Old French word REFUS meaning TO BE DENIED which is practically a synonym for the Hebrew meaning of TO PASSED OVER, thus defining REFUSE as something we PASS OVER.

  Hebrew –  RAFESH means, TRASH   רפש 

               The English word LAPSE verifies the Hebrew word PASS since it indicates time that has PASSED.  The authors of the dictionary do not seem to see the connection between the two words and cite the Latin LAPSUS meaning falling as the source.


         15 words from 3 different roots






         Joe:   Hebrew – CAN HATAR = HERE UNDERMINE, SUBVERT  כאן חתר

         Webster: Latin – CONTRARUIS = OPPOSE, AGAINST. 


         All the 6 words above are listed as having the same source, which is acceptable and reasonable for 5 of them. 

         CONTROL? Though this word sounds similar, its meaning suggests an entirely different picture. Webster’s lexicographers claim otherwise. 


         Joe: Hebrew – KENETER AL = LIKE STANDING GUARD OVER כ נטר על 

         Webster: Latin – CONTRA = AGAINST.

          It s rather obvious that the Hebrew NATAR meaning GUARD is missing in Latin, forcing them to go for the best sound alike.

          I then looked up a similar sounding word, with similar picture-meaning:


         Joe:   Hebrew – NOTAR = KEEP WATCH  נוטר

         Webster: Latin – NOTARIUS = CLERCK, NOTA = A NOTE. 



         Joe:   Hebrew – CARAT = CUT OFF  כרת

         Webster: Japanese – KARA THE = OPEN HAND.

         One must admit that when envisioning this word, the hand movement of cutting off comes to mind. It appears that regardless of how unrelated a word start out being to the Hebrew language it still somehow decipher correctly. 


         Joe:   Hebrew – CARAT = CUT OFF  כרת

         Webster: Latin – CURTUS = SHORTEN MUTILATED

               CURTAIN, CURTAIL, CRITICAL = CUT UP(with speech)



         Below are few examples containing the T-R  = TAR = TRAVEL


         Joe:   Hebrew – TIYOUR = TOUR, TRAVEL   תיור

         French – TOURNER = TURN.

         2-STRIDE = SE TAR DA = THIS TRAVEL KNOW  תר דע זה 


         4-TRAIL = TIER AL = TRAVELLED ON.  תייר על

         5-STREET = ZE TIYER AT = THIS TRAVELED AT  זה תייר את 

         6-TROLLEY = TIYER AL = TRAVELLED ON IT.  תייר על

         7-TRAM = TIER EM = TRAVELED WITH  תייר עם

         8-TREAD = TIER DA = TRAVEL KNOW  תייר דע

         9-TRAVEL = TIER LO = TOURED  TO  תייר אל

         10-TRAIN = TIER AYIN = TOURED SEE  C             תייר עין

         11-TRAFFIC = TIYER AFFIC = TRAVELED IN A LANE תייר אפיק

         12-TRIP = TAR PO = TRAVELLED HERE  תייר פה

         13-*TRIP  = TEROOF = CRAZINES   טרוף  

         I did not list the various origins listed by Webster. They can all be found in the dictionary in the back of the book.


         The dictionary explains that the word ASSASSIN is derived from the Arabic word HASHISH because hired killers used to smoke this drug before going on a “kill.”  As anyone who has smoked and inhaled knows, the last thing anyone would want to do after smoking a joint is to go on a murder spree, of course unless they mean the subject is Pizza with everything on it….  This demonstrates a mentality rather than a fact of life. I suggest that someone first recognised sound similarities between the words HASHISH and ASSASSIN and then rationalized an explanation.

               The Hebrew word SHASAAN meaning CUT THROAT שסע-ן  is the proper root for ASSASSIN rather than the Arabic HASHISH which is absurd and inappropriate. 


         The  word MACABRE came undoubtedly from the Hebrew word MIKEVER מקבר  meaning FROM THE GRAVE.  The dictionary tells us the MACABRE originated from the name of an Old French dance – MACABRE meaning dance of death.  Here is the suggestion that an English word was seemingly borrowed from a name of a French dance, and all that before T.V. Yet by some divine coincidence this name of the dance is made up of the Hebrew word FROM THE GRAVE.  Is this accident or the unseen hand of God? Or is it due to linguists misunderstanding of what language is?

         What is almost surreal about this and many other English words, is that they have been “borrowed” and used by Hebrew speakers, who accredit them to English. No one seems to notice the obvious Hebrew within those words. I looked this word up in my complete Hebrew-English dictionary by ELCALAY, it too explained that it is originally from the name of a French dance of death. 


         The word SILHOUETTE is cited as being from the French Minister of Finance De Silhouette (1759) who drew in this fashion.  The Hebrew words TZAL AT meaning SHADOW ALL or better yet TSLALIT צללית = SILHOUETTE are rather fitting pictorially and therefore a very appropriate decipher.  Or is it because the esteemed French Minister of Finance DE SILHOUETTE drew in this fashion? 

         MY UNCLE  OSCAR

         I thought that the coveted prize in film making, The OSCAR is named after someone named Oscar. Webster says that this is a slang name for the award. The prize is really called The Academy Award. Later, one of the early recipients commented jokingly that it reminded him of his uncle Oscar, and the name stuck.

         The Hebrew SACAR = MEMORY  זכר  as in the word SCORE, SECRETARY, SACREDSACRIFICE, all originating from the Hebrew MEMORY = ZACAR. 


         Joe:   Hebrew – KEN GOOR = NEST FOR THE YOUNG   קן גור

         Webster: It is listed by Webster as: Probably from native Australian name in Queensland.

         As we have seen earlier with the word TABOO, and other such words, regardless the origin of the language suggested by Webster, we end up finding perfect Hebrew-Picture-Words. In this instant the KANGAROO is named as “the one with a nest(pouch) for its young.


         The English prefix RE – ראי as in REDO has its origin in the Hebrew word RAY’E meaning MIRROR or REPEAT.

         The suffix ER – ער is from the Hebrew word AWARE making the meaning of carpenter as one who is AWARE, ABLE in carpentry. 

         The suffix ED – עד ,דע is then from the Hebrew word DA meaning TO KNOW, WITNESS (I find this is ironic given the American connotation for DAH).  It denotes past tense because it happened already, it is something we already know.

         The suffix OR -ער, אור  means LIGHT or AWARE, therefore TRANSLAT-OR is one who is AWARE, able to translate.

         The suffix ABLE -בעל  means ABLE, POSSESS, comfortable is one who possesses comfort.  

         The suffix SOME – שם means NAME and THERE, therefore TROUBLESOME means TROUBLE THERE.

         The prefix SUPER – שיפר from the Hebrew word SHIPER means IMPROVE therefore super glue means improved glue.

         The prefix HYPER – פרוע from the Hebrew word PARUA meaning WILD as in “acting hyper.”

         The suffix LESS – חילש is from the Hebrew word HALASH means WEAKENED therefore the word sugarless means that the amount of sugar is weakened.

         The prefix CONTRA – חתר from the Hebrew HATAR = UNDERMINE 


         After a time this kind of understanding of the word created EUPHORIA יפה אור יה= PRETTY LIGHT OF GOD, in me.  The dictionary cites the Greek EUPHORUS meaning bearing well as the source.

         The Hebrew decipher succeeds almost magically in providing picture/words for non-pictorial English words.  The word EUPHEMISM is used to describe a less offensive way of saying something, it is an auspicious term for an inauspicious term.  For example, a euphemism for terrorist is “freedom fighter”.  The dictionary explains that it is a result of combining two Greek words EU meaning good and PHEME meaning voice.  The word deciphers in Hebrew to EUPHE MI SM יפה משם= PRETTIER THAN NAME, which provides a better definition than the Greek good voice.  In this case an esoteric English terms becomes two Hebrew words which perfectly explain (create a good picture of) otherwise non-pictorial English word.